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Personalization in Business & Consumer Markets

Personalization in Business & Consumer Markets. Managing IT & E-Business EMBA – Spring 2001 Group 0222. Harri’s Pools Business Overview. Brick and Mortar No Web Presence Large operation w/ existing database High Touch / Feel Service Very Personal. IT Business Problem. Web Presence

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Personalization in Business & Consumer Markets

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  1. Personalization in Business & Consumer Markets Managing IT & E-Business EMBA – Spring 2001 Group 0222

  2. Harri’s Pools Business Overview • Brick and Mortar • No Web Presence • Large operation w/ existing database • High Touch / Feel Service • Very Personal

  3. IT Business Problem • Web Presence • Personal on the Internet • Increased Competition • Price Competitive • Growing business • Product differentiation

  4. IT Business Problem

  5. Web Personalization Tactics • Data Mining/Warehousing • Customer Privacy • Interactive Surveys • Targeted Email Marketing • Targeted Email Newsletters • Intelligent Product Packaging • Online Communities/Message Boards/Chat • Building Loyal • Incentives/Referrals • Customer Customization

  6. Data Mining & Warehousing Cookies Customer Portal Web Servers Database Personalized Information Surveys Inventories

  7. Data Mining & Warehousing • Capture and retain relevant information • Track changes in customer preferences • Track customer navigation • Use cookies for identification

  8. Customer Privacy • Take responsibility for customer specific information • Do not sell mailing lists • Personalization Consortium

  9. Interactive Surveys • Information gathering technique • Used to enhance the e-experience of our customers • Identify buying preferences and target advertising

  10. Example Survey z Pools Survey When you were here last, you purchased Brand X chlorine tablets. Did they work as well as expected? Next Question

  11. Targeted Advertising • Email newsletter (customized by customer) • Email product notification • Concerns • Need to gather continuous feedback to avoid acting on outdated or irrelevant information • Capturing information on existing customers to allow immediate personalization

  12. Intelligent Packaging • Tracking purchase patterns of customer groups • If buying patterns appear, quickly promote products to see if a larger market exists • Identify “Power Buyers” • Use them to test new products • Post testimonials • On web site • Display to customers with similar preferences or buying habits

  13. Online Communities/Message Boards • Create knowledge areas • Pool maintenance • Product discussions • Used pool equipment (buying and selling) • New pool owners • Considering buying a new pool? • Ask Harri the pool man • Excellent way to gather customer preferences

  14. Message Boards z Pools Message Board Pool Maintenance We just had a dust storm blow through and my pool is full of mud. What is the best way to clean it? 8 responses I have a 15000 gallon pool, how often should I change my pool’s filter? 2 responses 1. Check your maintenance manual 2. Wow I did not know you were supposed to change it!

  15. Ask Harri the Pool man Pools Ask Harri the Pool Man Scheduled Times Every odd Monday 4 – 6 pm EST Username Password Enter Chat room

  16. Building Loyalty • Unsurpassed customer service • Even if competitor has a lower price, the customer will know that the after sales service is worth it. • Being able to recall customer preferences • Recalling last purchase and credit card used • Recalling delivery preferences from past purchases • Link existing help desk with web database

  17. Switching Costs • Rewards program • Similar to airline frequent flyer programs • Instead of lower prices to get sales, reward the customer for repeat buying • Sign up with existing rewards company • Create our own rewards program

  18. Switching CostsExisting Rewards Companies

  19. Switching Cost Referral Program Implement a referral program designed to reward those who send business our way! The incentive program and referral programs are not mutually exclusive.

  20. Customer Customization • Pool tips of the day • Specific product information (based on customer request) • Order status and order history • Reminder messages • Maintenance schedules • Personal reminders • Local weather • Stock information

  21. Benefits • More personalization = more actionable data = reduced marketing costs • Create repeat business through targeted and up to date customer preferences • Higher customer retention • Easier to sell to repeat customers • Increase revenue per customer with effective implementation of personalization

  22. Implementation Considerations • Application Service Providers • Our expertise is pools not IT • Resources required (capital and personnel) • Time to market

  23. Implementation Considerations • Data storage/data warehousing • IT infrastructure and integration • Web strategies • Process design and process rule creation • Training of employees • Legal considerations • Logistics

  24. Support Activities Primary Activities Organization concerns Training and Legal Considerations ASPs,Data Storage, Cookies, Data mining/warehousing, IT Infrastructure Purchasing concerns Suppliers Organization Recall Prefs Distribution Banner Ads Screen Design Online Promo Email Coupons E-Newsletter Pricing Linking Help Desk w/ web DB Order status/history Message Boards Reminders Loyalty

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