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Outreach Strategies That Work. Nancy Jo Bleier, LCSW, C-ASWCM WISEWOMAN Women's Health Program Coordinator Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium. Who we are.

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Outreach strategies that work

Outreach Strategies That Work

Nancy Jo Bleier, LCSW, C-ASWCM

WISEWOMAN Women's Health Program Coordinator

Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium

Who we are
Who we are

  • The SEARHC BCHP program is federally funded through a Cooperative Agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • The program also receives additional support from the SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium

Who we serve all women native or non native who
Who we serve All women, Native or Non-Native, who:

  • Are SEARHC beneficiaries

  • Live in Southeast Alaska

  • Are 18-64 for BCHP

  • Are 30-64 for WISEWOMAN

  • Have a limited income

  • Have insurance that does not fully cover women’s preventive or diagnostic services

  • If age 65+, are without Medicare Part B

Reach since 1998
Reach - Since 1998:

  • Screened a total of 9,096 women.

  • Provided 16,536 breast cancer screenings.

  • Provided 30,276 cervical cancer screenings.

  • Diagnosed 101 breast cancers.

  • Diagnosed 156 HSIL, CIN2, CIN3/CIS and invasive cervical cancers.

    source of data - WHTP Minimum Data Element file 1/1/98 - 12/31/11

Services we provide
Services we provide:

  • Pap tests

  • Clinical breast exams

  • Screening & diagnostic mammograms

  • Breast biopsies, breast ultrasounds

  • Surgical consultations

  • Colposcopies and colposcopy-directed biopsies, LEEP, cryotherapy

  • Integrated cardiovascular screening and healthy lifestyle support services through WISEWOMAN

Searhc women s health program goal
SEARHC Women’s Health Program Goal

Reduce morbidity, mortality and health disparities in breast and cervical cancer

Dp12 1205 public education and targeted outreach
DP12-1205 Public Education and Targeted Outreach

  • Promote population-based screening

  • Promote screening among disparate and other

  • population subgroups

  • Use program planning approaches to prioritize

  • populations and activities

  • Develop and cultivate partnerships to maximize reach

  • Implement evidence-based strategies for public education and targeted outreach

What s worked so far
What’s worked so far:

  • “Captive audience” RPMS Clinic User Population

  • Clinic connections

  • Door-to-door, face-to-face

  • Integrated programming

  • Special Women’s Health Clinic events

  • Provider champions

  • Unique partnerships

  • Patience!

Captive audience
Captive Audience

  • RPMS Clinic User Population in a centralized service system

    • “ever seen at a SEARHC clinic”

  • Women’s Health Tracking Package

  • Breast & cervical cancer screening status reports

  • Targeted calling and mailing lists

Clinic connections
Clinic Connections

  • RPMS-generated outreach lists reviewed by local clinic staff on a per-community basis

  • Remove “moved, deceased, otherwise unavailable”

  • Update RPMS Registration for system-wide use

Door to door face to face
Door-to-door, face-to-face

  • Women’s Health Program staff often go door-to-door during scheduled special clinic events and mobile mammography clinics

  • Contact with women outside of work (grocery store, ball games, etc) leveraged into clinic appts

Integrated programming
Integrated Programming

  • Leverage interest in WISEWOMAN as a “club”

  • Merge outreach or “due now” lists from RPMS-based tracking packages (BCHP, CRC, WW)

  • Compare other databases and registry data (DPP and LBP, Health Promotion)

  • Support from primary care staff to review “due now” status in clinic

Special women s health clinic events
Special Women’s Health Clinic Events

  • Evening and Saturday Clinics

  • “Specialty Clinic” model

  • “Pre-mobile” mammogram events

  • CHAPs training clinic

Provider champions
Provider Champions

  • Provider recommendation still a strong strategy

  • Identify and support a provider champion in each primary care facility

  • Streamline referral system (how many hoops?)

Unique partnerships
Unique Partnerships

  • Alaska Breast & Cervical Health Partnership

    • Joint outreach, public education, provider education projects designed to maximize geographic reach of funded programs

  • State of Alaska-WISEWOMAN-BCHP partnership in Wrangell


  • Takes time to develop relationships:

    • In villages and larger communities

    • Within clinics (high turnover in rural areas)

    • Within the care team setting

    • In ever-changing systems

    • Moving targets for multiple stakeholders

    • With patients

Select dp12 1205 focus areas
Select DP12-1205 focus areas

  • Increase employer/corporate outreach

  • Refine public education messages

  • Explore policy approach to highest-risk patients (similar to CRC)

  • Provider education re: current screening recommendations (just when you think you have it figured out…)

  • Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate


Thank you!

Nancy Jo Bleier, LCSW, C-ASWCM

WISEWOMAN Women's Health Program Coordinator

Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium