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Spoken English

Spoken English. On your desk:. Name tag Notebook Pen. Are you sitting in the correct seat?. Team Points. VAMPIRES. MUMMIES. ZOMBIES. WEREWOLVES. Highest Class Score. Class: 12. Average team score: 7.5. 俚语. slang. informal , casual speech. 非正式的. 屌丝. When should you use slang?.

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Spoken English

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  1. Spoken English

  2. On your desk: • Name tag • Notebook • Pen Are you sitting in the correct seat?


  4. Highest Class Score Class: 12 Average team score: 7.5

  5. 俚语 slang informal, casual speech 非正式的

  6. 屌丝

  7. When should you use slang? whenever you are with peers in an informal place 非正式的 Examples?

  8. QUIZ! • What is slang? • Should you use slang when you are eating lunch with your friends? • Should you use slang with your teachers? • Give me an example of slang.

  9. Yo! Hi! Ugly!

  10. What’s good? What’s up? What’s the matter? What are you doing?

  11. bro loser friend

  12. Yeah right! You are smart! I don’t believe it!

  13. the bomb something smelly something great

  14. chill relax with friends run quickly

  15. wacko crazy person tall person

  16. Let’s practice Yeah right! I don’t believe it!

  17. Yo! Hi!

  18. the bomb something great

  19. What’s good? What’s up? What are you doing?

  20. chill relax with friends

  21. bro friend

  22. wacko crazy person

  23. My slang • Create one slang word • What does it mean? • Use it in a sentence bed-bed tired Your slang

  24. You are Dr. Cool! • Get one partner • Decide where you are (choose an informal place) • Have a cool conversation: • Use at least 4 slang words • that we talked about • Use 1 new slang word • that you created

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