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  1. Uniforms Are a bad idea

  2. What do kids have to say about uniforms? Kids have said uniforms will take away their individuality and rights. Some say it takes away their freedom and creativity. Many kids don’t like or want uniforms so why make them suffer to make them learn?

  3. How many students actually want uniforms in Lakeside Middle School? Yes: 101 students No: 577 students We SHOULD Have The Right To Wear Our Own Clothes!!!

  4. How can an object change a student? Doesn't the student have to want to change? “Uniforms themselves will not make you smarter”- Dr. Schneider “ The environment won’t be changed by uniforms, we have to want it” – Dr. Laughlin “Uniforms won’t stop problems”-8th grader.

  5. Even adults say it would take away individuality! • “ It would take away individuality, to an extent.” -Carmen Gomez, mother with a child in 7th grade • “ By instituting uniforms, they are taking away what little freedoms they have” – Edward Williams, former sailor in the Navy. How can we be individuals when we are dressed like everyone else? When we dress different, we express ourselves.

  6. Some opinions • Dr. Schneider says that if we do start wearing uniforms then it will take time for everything to improve in the school. • The students say that uniforms will only make things sad and miserable.

  7. What Do The Other Schools Think? • Maryloo Tousignant, staff writer for Washington Post reported that Forestville High School rebelled against uniforms. It was going to take away their individuality. • Dr. Hilfer, Adolescent Unit at Maimonide Center in Brooklyn says “It takes away a form of expression.” He also said that “By instituting a uniform policy, schools are taking away individuality-schools need to decide if that sacrifice is worth making.”

  8. 6.1 uniform results

  9. 7th Grade Results

  10. 8th Grade Results!

  11. Say NO to Uniforms!!! “ I want you to say no to uniforms!”