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Putting FUN into the Program

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Putting FUN into the Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Putting FUN into the Program
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  1. Putting FUN into the Program

  2. “Training boy leaders to run their troop is the Scoutmaster's most important job.” “Train Scouts to do a job, then let them do it.” “Never do anything a boy can do.” —Robert S. S. Baden-Powell

  3. Mission Statement The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

  4. Are You Delivering the Promise? • Scouting Promises you: • The great outdoors • Friendship • Opportunities to work toward Eagle Scout • Tools to help you make the most of your family, community, and nation • Experiences and duties that will help you mature into a strong, wise adult.

  5. Promise of Scouting • Adventure • Learning • Challenge • Responsibility  Are you ready for the adventure to begin?

  6. Creating FUN SONG: I like BANANAS

  7. Sell the Sizzle "I learned decades ago to sell the steak you've got to sell the sizzle.“ - founder of Ruth's Chris Steakhouses

  8. Sell the Sizzle • The phrase "don't sell the steak, sell the sizzle" first appeared in 1936 when according to Elmer Wheeler it was deemed to be principle on of salesmanship. • "It is the sizzle that sells the steak and not the cow, although the cow is, of course, mighty important".

  9. Sell the Sizzle • A program is and can be an amplification of that process of packaging the Ohh! Ahh! Wow!

  10. Sell the Sizzle • In the boy and girl scouts, the steak is the character development and leadership skills that kids learn. • The sizzle is the outdoor programs and associated adventures that kids want.

  11. Sell the Sizzle FIRST: people buy IDEAS not products.

  12. Activity - Relax & Have Fun • Let’s see how well you can laugh together. • Toss a handkerchief into the air • Everyone laughs until it is caught • Do this several times very quickly • Compliment them.

  13. Sell the Sizzle A person at K-Mart buying a seed package of those nice green flowers that Martha Stewart sells isn't buying seed. • He or she is buying the idea of the flowers on front. • The purchase decision maybe based the mood that Stewart creates of a studied perfectionism and whimsy. • The person may not be buying the flowers as much as buying a future bouquet. • Or maybe they are purchasing a moment when they have company and someone marvels over those off beat, lovely mint green flowers. • They are buying the Ohh! Ahh! Wow! • In short, the sell isn't the seeds it is what the seeds can do. • It is the "So what" of the seeds, the "what is in it for me of the seeds.

  14. Sell the Sizzle SECOND: A product service has a feature and a benefit. It's the benefit you use to sell and promote the product. • People buy ideas not products. • Benefits trigger emotions and the "what is in it for me" factor. • A benefit is a positive outcome the patron will enjoy from the feature or features of your product/service. • Many features have more than one benefit.

  15. Sell the Sizzle THIRD: Narrow down these benefits into a Unique Selling Proposition. (USP) • A statement or claim that differentiates like things one from the other.

  16. Sell the Sizzle How is your scouting unit different than the local sports team, 4H, dance company or other organizations? In Scouting, we are selling a dream to these young boys – the dream of a fun, outdoor adventure and friendship.

  17. Sell the Sizzle Remember – it’s not important that you be right. It’s important that the boys have fun doing what THEY want to do. “Train Scouts to do a job, then let THEM do it.” —Robert S. S. Baden-Powell

  18. Best Practices for Success • “Never do what a scout can do.” • Each Scout and leader has a position and a clear job description. • Establish clear written processes for: • Adults training older youth • Older youth training younger scouts • Use Den Chief position to train new leaders • Utilize Troop Guides to teach new scouts • Mentor your PLC • Make the Patrol Method a reality, not an idea

  19. And we’ll have fun, fun, fun … Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!!

  20. Songs • My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean • Boom Chick a Rocka

  21. How do you begin to add fun to your Cub Scout Pack? Constantly seek new ideas – Sharpen the Sword • Attend Cub Scout Pow-Wow & Scouting University for ideas • Attend Wood Badge Create Pizzazz • Kickoff events with a celebration with fun music, balloons, candy • create newsletters & event flyers - build excitement; create suspense • Cool names for your events (i.e. Search for hidden treasure) • Always have a song or activity in your hip pocket (your Plan B) • hands-on crafts – give the boys something to do with their hands Pack Outings: • Incorporate local community events into your plan; • minimizes your planning & lowers your cost • Have a monthly outing – different leader each time

  22. Practice Leading Games • FIND THE LEADER – quiet indoor den game • SHOESTRING RELAY – active indoor game • ASTRONAUT’S TEST – active pack game • NAIL-DRIVING CONTEST • CIRCLE KNOT RACE • CATCH & THROW RACE • ZIP-ZAP • Teach the Grand Howl

  23. How do you begin to add fun to your Cub Scout Pack? Build partnerships • with other district packs to create event list • With other packs for joint outings • With troops to gain their expertise • Utilize Den Chiefs - lead song, activity, remove pressure from leader Summer Time • work to earn National Pack Summertime Award; • one event/month Meetings: • Separate breakouts for Webelos, and younger cubs • Don't get caught in doing the same thing over and over at meetings • Boy should leave the meeting wanting more, so they’re not bored

  24. How do you begin to add fun to your Boy Scout Troop? Sell the Sizzle – Deliver the Promise • Boys join Scouting for the challenge, the excitement, & the fun. • Outdoor activities put the sizzle into Scouting. Hands-On Activities • one handed rope exercise Tools: • Boy Scout Songbook • Boy Scout Songbook CD • play version of Boom Chick a Boom

  25. How do you begin to add fun to your Boy Scout Troop? Build partnerships • Rapell-O-Ree; Freeze-O-Ree; Weirs Valley Ranch; Morrison Hill Games • Always have a game during the troop meeting • McScouter book of games for young and old • Select 5 games the boys enjoy, ask PLC to schedule • Select 5 songs the boys enjoy, work with PLC • Build partnerships with other troops; joint outings • Learn to ask questions Summer: continue in summer with fun monthly outings

  26. How do you begin to add fun to your Boy Scout Troop? Clear Meeting Plan • Program Patrol, Service Patrol (boys leading) • Skill Instruction for younger boys, older boys • Song, Game – during PLC, ask boys to choose • Fun closing

  27. How do you begin to add fun to your Boy Scout Troop? Clear Job Description • Every boy has a position • Every boy receives position training • Every boy knows his his role in the troop • Minimizes confusion • encourages buy-in from scouts • Helps foster fun, safe environment

  28. How do you begin to add fun to your Boy Scout Troop? Fun & Exciting Outings • Establish troop traditions • Hold annual planning sessions with PLC • Adults provide input • Boys make decision on type of outing • Adults support the scouts • Monthly PLC meetings - let the boys plan

  29. How do you begin to add fun to your Boy Scout Troop? Training • Every boy & adult trained • Every boy paired with an adult as mentor • Older boys teaching younger boys Trained scouts & scouters + good infrastructure & planning = fun outings

  30. How do you begin to add fun? Sell the Sizzle • You must always be ‘selling the sizzle’ • Always be thinking of new ways to improve • Regular times of ‘Reflection’ to ask the scouts what they’d like to do differently • Each unit and group of boys is different Song: Scoutin’ USA

  31. Thank you for giving your heart to the boys of Unaka! I DARE YOUto have FUN!

  32. Sell the Sizzle !

  33. Online Resources • How to teach the new TLT • http://www.scouting.org/boyscouts/trainingmodules/youth%20leadership%20training%20continuum.aspx • BSA Online Resources (this TLT PPT deck) • http://olc.scouting.org/resources/Troop • BSA Mentoring • http://www.scouting.org/boyscouts/trainingmodules/mentoring.aspx • Youth Training Continuum • http://www.scouting.org/boyscouts/trainingmodules/youth%20leadership%20training%20continuum.aspx

  34. Additional Links • The Dump (www.thedump.scoutscan.com) • Macscouter (www.macscouter.com) • Troop 116 (www.troop116.info/forms.htm) • www.scoutmaster.org and www.usscouts.org • White Stag (originator of Wood Badge)(www.whitestag.org) • Scout Leader Lists: • Scouts-L (off usscouts.org) • JLT http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JLT_training/