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Skyward Purchasing

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Skyward Purchasing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Skyward Purchasing. Who What When Where Proof of Co-op status: Region 7 TCPN Buyboard TXMAS (State) Term Contracts (State) DIR (State) Other: Sole Source Bid (Minimum of 3 quotes from non co-op vendors). Requirements for a Purchase Order. Proper Documentation to attach to Request.

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  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Proof of Co-op status:
    • Region 7
    • TCPN
    • Buyboard
    • TXMAS (State)
    • Term Contracts (State)
    • DIR (State)
  • Other:
    • Sole Source
    • Bid (Minimum of 3 quotes from non co-op vendors)

Requirements for a Purchase Order

proper documentation to attach to request
Proper Documentation to attach to Request
  • Registration Form
  • Mileage (Mapquest)
  • Quote from vendors
  • Travel Request Form
    • Hotel/Auto/Flight Confirmations
  • Minutes for Student Activity Acct (865)
  • Any type of backup that shows the (4) W’s and why you are doing a request in the first place.
    • Emails
    • Web printouts
five important things to remember
  •  The district will not be financially responsible for a purchase that was made without an authorized purchase order in place before the order for goods or services is conducted.  This applies to every service and all materials and goods that the district will acquire.
  • The district has many purchasing cooperatives we are members with.  We will need to use the vendors associated with these purchasing cooperatives unless it is a professional service or sole source.  Please see the legal policy concerning sole source purchases. SEE BUSINESS OFFICE WEBSITE.
  • We require all purchase orders to be properly received into the Skyward receiving system.  Effective, September 1 we will not accept emails as confirmation of goods and services.
  •  District purchases will not be shipped to any address except the district. 
  • Only district personnel are authorized to place orders for goods and services with an authorized purchase order executed through the Skyward purchasing system.




Line Number begins with 100 and you can have as many as you needIf there is a line number for each item; we can verify that we received the entire order

Line Type: Narrative if you need further explanation; there is NO Qty or Unit Cost associated with Narrative
unit cost how much each item costs total amount is automatically calculated by skyward
Unit Cost: How much each item costsTotal Amount: Is automatically calculated by Skyward
Choose the appropriate account and click on the Selected BoxThe amount remaining has to be 0 before you can click Save Account Distrib

Click Note Category pull down arrow and choose the appropriate item; ex Region 7 Coop Expiration DateIn the Note box put the expiration date; ex 8/18/12


Click on the Attached File and find the location where you scanned the backup for the request and choose the file; click on Open and the item will be attached in SkywardClick on the Save button to finish the attachment process


Here you can click on the Submit For Approval to begin the process of obtaining an authorized purchase order.If you are not ready to submit then click on Save and Finish Later and the request will go into your WIP (Work in Progress) status, and will not affect your budget.


You have now concluded the Purchasing aspect of Skyward and you will receive an email when the request is approved and the Purchase Order can be printed.Click the back Button to be taken to the Main Screen

Step 5: The Print Queue will run and once the status has completed you just need to hit the Display Report
Step 6: Your Purchase Order will be ready to print and send to the vendor because you will see Judy Downing’s signature on the bottom.