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Enterprise mOBILITY. IT consumerization. Social Media. Mobile Devices. Cloud Services. The Big Idea. One will be able to communicate, collaborate with business colleagues, agents and clients, As well as access corporate computing and data resources securely on a mobile device with

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Enterprise mobility

Enterprise mOBILITY

It consumerization
IT consumerization

Social Media

Mobile Devices



The big idea
The Big Idea

One will be able to communicate, collaborate with business colleagues, agents and clients,

As well as access corporate computing and data resources securely on a mobile device with

a seamless user experience

Enterprise Mobility

Mobile Office Architecture



Content Management

Mobile business Objects

Emails, Calendar, CRM, Project

BI/Analytics, Video/Audio







Major os marketshare
Major OS MarketShare

Office on the go



Design solution
Design Solution

  • A multi-layered approach

  • Outer ideals are built upon inner requirements






Why byod


  • $avings

  • Leverage the power of consumerization in mobile tech

  • Convenience and Productivity of Employees

  • Increasing pace of innovation

    • Hardware becomes obsolete at a faster pace

    • New capabilities added often

Mobile virtualization an enabling technology
Mobile Virtualization-An enabling technology

Mobile Virtualization

  • Standard platform on heterogeneous devices

  • Secure employee-owned devices connecting to company network. and accessing corporate resources.

  • Manage and provision all mobile end-points and desktop from a single interface.

Mobile virtualization advantages
Mobile Virtualization Advantages

  • Integrate with Your Infrastructure

    • Broad Hardware Support

    • Broad Application Support

  • Lowest Total Cost of Development

    • Use existing applications

    • Develop future apps for a single environment

      • An ever-increasing concern with the pace of technological innovation and fragmentation

  • Lowest Total Cost of Management

    • Heterogeneous devices centrally managed as a single platform

Mobile administration
Mobile Administration

  • Any mobile solution must address these core requirements of mobile administration:





  • Mobile Device Management

    • Policy enforcement and management

      • Access control policies specify rules about which users can authenticate to a device and perform operations on that device

        • Password requirements on devices

    • Inventory management

      • Registering devices, assigning devices to groups, centralized dashboard reporting and billing tracking





  • Mobile Information Management

    • Security management

      • Creates a secure sandbox around sensitive data

        • Data exists separately from private information and apps

        • Data is protected at rest with encryption, data is protected in transit, and data access is controlled so only work apps can access enterprise data.

      • Allows only approved applications to access or transmit data





  • Mobile Application Management

    • Controls which users can access which applications on which devices

    • Maintain security and infrastructure integrity through application blacklisting and whitelisting

    • All applications selected and managed centrally

      • Security and consistency is ensured




Tying it all together
Tying it all together

  • VMWare Horizon Mobile Manager & Windows Ecosystem

    • An MDM approach to BYOD that goes BeYOnD MDM

    • Extends naturally to MAM & MIM, provided by virtualized platform (Mobile OS) of choice

Horizon mobile manager a user s perspective
Horizon Mobile ManagerA User’s Perspective

  • Running VMware MVP makes subtle changes to the Android OS interface.

    • Android phone’s notification bar: you’ll see events for two mobile virtualization partitions – both the work and personal data.

    • Appear in different colors to differentiate between the events that occur in each partition.

    • When you respond to a notification, the Mobile Virtualization Platform hypervisor intelligently switches the phone to the appropriate partition and application.

Horizon mobile manager
Horizon Mobile Manager

  • Initially Android-only, now on iOS

    • IT administrators will be able to create an iOS workspace, which is a collection of applications and data and services, set policies on that workspace and be able to secure and manage it

    • Unmodified native iOS apps can be added to the workspace and they will automatically inherit the security policies defined by IT

  • Android and iOS powered 85% of all smartphones shipped in the second quarter of 2012 (2Q12) (IDC)

Windows ecosystem
Windows Ecosystem

  • In the businessworld, Microsoft is a mature and proven technology.

Communication features
Communication Features

  • Email, contacts, calendar, and tasks

  • Outlook

  • Lync

  • Calendar

Social collaboration
Social Collaboration

  • As of September 2012, Facebook has over one billion active users,

  • more than half of them using Facebook on a mobile device.

Content management
Content Management

  • Sharepoint (inhouse)

  • Office 365 + Skydrive (off-premise/cloud options)

Mobile administration1
Mobile Administration

  • MDM

    • Several ways to wiping or locking a phone in the case of security breach

    • InTune + System Center 2012

  • MAM

    • Company Hub

    • Blacklist and Whitelisting of applications

    • Sideloading*** of preselected apps

  • MIM

    • IRM (Information Rights Management)

Customer relationship management
Customer Relationship Management

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM


  • User Experience

  • Scalability

  • Security

  • Speed to Market

  • Cost

  • Productivity

Comparison with citrix
Comparison with Citrix

  • In the Citrix approach your business apps will sit side by side with your personal apps.(MAM)

    • could be legal issues for companies that want to remote wipe a device

  • In the VMware approach they are completely separate environments.(MDM)

    • Businesses could also play for a phone/data plan that is only used if you are on the business side thus allowing a separate phone/data plan for the personal side


  • external costs are the more obvious, but enterprises that let employees expense their service plans need to factor in the loss of bulk buying plans from the carriers. The internal costs are more opaque and can include: mobile device management and security software, wireless networks and access control systems, help desk and IT operations, and general IT, administration and training. BoxTone estimates that these costs total $1,500 per user per year.


  • Productivity

    • employees tend to work more hours when a BYOD policy is implemented. Good Technology estimates that the average employee works seven more hours per week

    • social media tools could add as much as $1.3 trillion to the U.S economy if fully embraced, increasing knowledge worker productivity by an average of 20 to 25 percent

      • improved communication and collaboration benefits cited in the report can be powerfully driven by mobility

Tco physical vs virtual can we create a mobile device analog to this
TCO - Physical vs. VirtualCan we create a mobile device analog to this?