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Innovapptive Enterprise Mobility Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Innovapptive Enterprise Mobility Solutions

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Innovapptive Enterprise Mobility Solutions
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Innovapptive Enterprise Mobility Solutions

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  1. Innovapptive Enterprise Mobility Solutions Presented to Acumed – April 29th, 2014

  2. Introductions • Innovapptive Inc. • Sri Karthik –Senior VP for Sales & Marketing • SundeepRavande – Client Relations / Co-Founder • Dennis Pearman • Acumed

  3. Agenda • About Innovapptive’s End-to-end Mobile Solutions • Innovapptive mPower™ AppSuite Portfolio • mPower™ MAM • Mobile Confirm App (Goods Receiving and Service Confirmation) • Mobile Stock Movement (Warehouse, manufacturing facility and shop floor app) • Innovapptive Quality Notification App • Engagement Model • Rapid Deployment Services • Q & A and Next Steps

  4. What We Do? Innovapptive’s Mobile Solutions Framework Industry’s most comprehensive mobile solutions portfolio... Support for All Popular Devices mPower™ App Store Instant Mobilization mPower™ AppSuite LOB Business Apps SAP Mobile Apps Industry Mobile Apps Innovapptive’s Mobile Platform Full-Service Platform Implementation and Hosting Services Cross Platform Native UI Application Platform (MEAP) Mobile Device & Application Management (MDM & MAM) Enterprise Branded App Store Innovapptive’s Mobile Professional Services Professional Services to support your enterprise mobility initiatives SAP Qualified Rapid Deployment Solutions Custom Mobile Application Development Services Enterprise Mobility Strategy

  5. mPower™ Apps Suite Across Lines of Business that can be quickly leveraged by Acumed • Mobile Field Service • SAP Work Manager • Mobile Employee Self-Services • Mobile Manager Self-Services • Mobile Universal Approvals • Mobile Travel Expense Management • Mobile Substitution Manager • SAP Employee Lookup • SAP HR Approvals • SAP Interview Assistant • SAP Learning Assistant • SAP Leave Request • SAP Manager Insight • SAP Timesheet • SAP Fiori Field Service HumanResources • Mobile Confirm (GR & SES) • Mobile Stock Requirements • Mobile Stock Overview • Mobile Stock Movements • Mobile Shop • Mobile Release (PR & PO) • Mobile Payment Status • Mobile Quality • Mobile Work Order • SAP Payment Approvals • SAP RealSpend • SAP Fiori Supply Chain • Mobile Campaign Management • Mobile Customer and Contacts • Mobile Sales Order • SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet • SAP ERP Order Status • SAP Sales Diary • SAP Sales Order Notification • SAP Sales Companion • SAP Fiori Sales Finance • Mobile Budget Manager • Mobile Asset Tagging • Mobile Spend Analytics • SAP Fiori

  6. ACUMED Mobile Use-cases and Demo

  7. mPower™ MAM – Mobile Application Management with Enterprise App Store • mPower™ App Store is customizable to your brand • Self-enrollment with user authentication • Configurable groups to push specific apps to employees by job function and designation • Customizable, web-based method of enrolling users into your mobile application management tool • iOS apps can be signed with client’s Enterprise distribution certificate for a native app catalog • Authorized employees can access the full catalog of Enterprise Mobile Apps • Over-the-Air app installation and configuration • Over-the-Air app updates • Administration portal to manage end user devices, security policies and usage reporting • Administration portal to generate device and app usage reports by region/geography • Remote mobile functionality for seamless collaboration and troubleshooting

  8. mPower™ Mobile App Security - Features mPower™ AppSuite with SDK-free security for individual apps utilizing app wrapping • Corporate Authentication • Data-at-Rest (DAR) protection • Data-in-motion (DIM) protection • Data-in-action (DIA) protection • Seamless VPN auto-reconnect • Single authentication to all protected apps on a device • Prevent Cut / Copy • Geo-fencing • App Disablement • Jailbreak and Root protection

  9. Mobile Goods Receipt and Service Entry • Key Features and Value Drivers • Search PO's and perform a goods receipt or a service entry sheet • Mobile OCR to capture unplanned service lines from an Invoice/delivery ticket • Bar code read capability to support receiving of inventory and transfer order posting • Pro-active push notification of invoice exceptions to process goods receipts • Reduce 20-25% of Invoice exception situations • Improve supplier relationships with timely payments. Reduce error processing of GR/IR resolutions • Availability of accurate and timely inventory and financial information • Improve overall service procurement reconciliation to reduce operational costs.

  10. mPower™ Mobile Inventory Management App (mInventory) Solution Overview Solution Environment • The use of mobile devices in Warehouse and Inventory Management results in improved data accuracy, increased mobility, and convenience, thereby streamlining movement, counts, and inquiries while reducing human errors. • mInventory - Mobile Inventory Management is part of the mPower™ Supply Chain Portfolio, which is a fully integrated mobile solution that streamlines planning, manufacturing, and fulfillment. • SUP 2.2; 2. 3 and SMP 3.0 OR • SAP NetWeaver Gateway 7.3 & 7.4 • ECC 6.0, EHP 5.0 or higher • iPhone and iPad • Android Smartphones & Tablets • Web Enabled for all browsers Implementation • One-time per user licensing • Annual Support Contract • 6 – 8 weeks of Rapid Deployment Services (RDS) • Fixed cost and fixed time implementation. • SAP Platform Runtime Licensing Solution Innovation • Real-time native iOS or Android mobile transaction user interfaces • Reduction of data entry errors through barcode scanning • Support for transactions and inquiries in receiving and inventory • Rapid deployment leveraging existing SAP Warehouse Management, Inventory Management and Purchasing business processes • Security enabled by Role and UserID • Leveraging of existing SAP Security set-up Value Drivers • Better, quicker decision-making • Improved recordkeeping • Increased efficiency • Higher productivity • Time and cost reduction

  11. mPower™ Mobile Inventory Management App (mInventory) Key Features Stock Overview     - Barcode/QR-Code and RFID scanning using Camera function and Peripheral     - Material stock availability check at a Plant and/or Storage Location levels     - Batch details and Batch level inventory details for a Material Goods Receiving     - Barcode/QRCode and RFID scanning using Camera function and Peripheral     - Goods Receiving against a Purchase Order     - Goods Receiving against a Stock Transport Order     - Goods Receiving against an Inbound Delivery     - Goods Receiving for others (without a document reference) Goods Issue     - Barcode/QRCode and RFID scanning using Camera function and Peripheral     - Goods Issue against a Stock Transport Order     - Goods Issue against an Outbound Delivery     - Goods Issue for Others (without a document reference)     - Packing Slip and Bill of Lading printing over the air Inventory Cycle Counting     - Physical Inventory Document display and status checks     - Inventory Counting     - Inventory Adjustments with reason codes Shipping and Receiving     - Picking     - Packing     - Unpacking     - Put-away

  12. mPower™ Mobile Inventory Management App (mInventory) Solution Overview Improve Inventory Accuracy Reduce Data Entry Errors with Barcode scanning - Using barcode scanning rather than manual data entry to record transaction data improves data accuracy and reduces data entry time. Mobile devices increase productivity through reduced data entry and streamlined user time-motion activities, and they enable process automation, which increases throughput and decreases material cycle times. Improve Transaction Accuracy with Real-Time Data Validation - Inventory accuracy improves two-fold through the reduction of data entry errors as well as the capability to identify inventory inaccuracies faster. Inventory accuracy techniques such as cycle counting are more efficient when performed with real-time barcode scanning capabilities. The benefits of improved inventory accuracy include having the right material on hand when needed, optimizing replenishment and fulfillment plans, and decreasing the carrying costs of excess materials. Reduce Latency Using Mobile Devices- Mobile devices allow users to enter transactions and perform queries in real time at the point of use. Transaction validation takes place online, identifying valid data immediately. Real-time inventory information improves the quality of supply chain collaboration, enables accurate requests for replenishment orders, and optimizes warehouse and supply site scheduling activities and resources. Users have access to current and accurate information for resolving

  13. Quality Management and Inspection Mobile App "mQuality mobile app accelerates the inspection and SAP processes up to 50%. It provides automation within SAP QM and reduces SAP quality notification and inspection costs by approximately $750,000. The mobile app assists in ISO, GMP, and legal compliance efforts." Situation and Challenges • Quality inspection planning and communication • Timely reach of quality notifications • Ensure better visibility into operations • Improve data availability • Immediate resolution and action on inspection issues Solution Innovation and Value Drivers • Perform a source inspection at the vendor’s site • Supports the management of the certificate receipt process and send reminders if necessary • Fully integrated with with the Goods receipt mobile app to create inspection lot records • Recording inspection results and defects • For quality issues during goods receipt inspection, a quality notification can be created automatically • Automatic recording and integration of inspection results • Batch management and Batch Tracking • Creating and managing task lists as the basis for quality inspections.

  14. How Can You Engage Innovapptive? • Mobile Strategy Workshops – Would you like to see what Mobility can do for your enterprise? Engage us to run a mobility workshop for a complete Mobility Assessment and use case analysis. We will create a complete roadmap for maximum ROI and productivity. • Pilot Project – Do you have an idea or use case for a mobile app? You can use our services to build and deploy the app. We will use our proven methodology to make your idea a reality. • SAP Certified Apps Rapid Deployment – Do you like one of our pre-packaged SAP Certified app already available on the SAP Store? We can deploy the app at your enterprise using our Rapid Deployment methodology in 4 to 6 weeks. • Custom Mobile App Development – If you already have use cases defined and a pre-packaged mobile application does not fit your need, you can engage Innovapptive to build your custom mobile application. We will meticulously work through all the business requirements, create eye pleasing designs and prototype, build the custom mobile app and assist in your deployment process. • Enterprise Mobility Staffing – Does your IT team need Enterprise Mobility experts? Innovapptive offers the highest quality consultants in Enterprise Mobility to drive or execute your internal projects.

  15. How Can You Engage Innovapptive? Operational and Financial Framework Innovapptive Recommended Use Case Prioritization by Industry + Customer and Innovapptive YES NO Can Use Case be Included in mPower Apps Suite? • Fixed Cost Pricing • Fixed Time Implementation • Deployment in 4-6 weeks. • App/User Licensing • One Time Fee • Annual Support Contract • Support Contract by Device Types Does use case exist in Innovapptive Portfolio? Evaluate App and Identify GAPS for Customization Innovapptive Certified Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) Innovapptive Custom Mobile App Development YES Custom Use Case for Customer NO NO Does use case exist in SAP Portfolio? YES Innovapptive Certified Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) for SAP Mobile Apps

  16. SAP Qualified Partner for Rapid Deployment Solutions Speed to Value for Customers # of days: 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Prep Business blueprint Realization Testing Go live Traditional project Savings up to… 95% 50% 30% At least 40% time and effort reduction compared to similar scope of traditional project Rapid- deployment solution Start Deploy Run • Blueprint – up to 95%savings • Prescriptive scope • Business blueprint ready to use • Best-practice processes modeled and described • Realization – up to 50%savings • Best practice processes already configured and documented • Delivery through transports and business configuration (BC) sets • Operational support documents available • Testing – up to 30%savings • Test-case template supplied • Operations-support template available

  17. Q&A and Next Steps

  18. Appendix

  19. Innovapptive Awards And Recognition • Innovapptive finished runners up in two categories of the SAP Mobile Apps Challenge 2013. • Finalist for SAP Pinnacle Awards 2014 in the Application Development Partner of the Year category. • Innovapptive featured among 135 leading enterprise mobile companies within the “Global Strategic Business Report – Enterprise Mobility” published by Independent Global Industry

  20. Innovapptive mPowerAppSuite Roadmap

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