what would you do with one million dollars l.
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What Would You Do With One Million Dollars? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Would You Do With One Million Dollars?

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What Would You Do With One Million Dollars? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What Would You Do With One Million Dollars?. By: Ashley Goss. I dread Wednesdays with Mrs. Dressel. I wish she would be more like Mrs. Fitzgerald. Mrs. Dressel’s class is never any fun. All we do is work and more work. COMMUNITY.

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I dread Wednesdays with Mrs. Dressel. I wish she would be more like Mrs. Fitzgerald. Mrs. Dressel’s class is never any fun. All we do is work and more work.



It’s time for Mrs. Dressel’s group of students to leave. Have a great time and I’ll see you all later.


What we always do, answer problems and listen to her explain why our answers are wrong.

Man, I wish that we didn’t have to go.

I wonder what we’re going to do today.

I know, I bet Mrs. Fitzgerald is doing something really fun with our class while we’re gone.






I am going to talk to you all about a project that will be due one week from today.

I am going to give you all one million dollars.

Good afternoon class. Today we are going to do something slightly different.

You can spend it on whatever you wish to.

I bet it involves calculations and numbers.


You have to pay the taxes on your one million dollars. You also have to turn in records of exactly how you spent your money.

Finally, you have to spend the entire sum of money and present your purchases to the entire class the next time we meet.

Yes, Ben, on whatever you want. There are some rules however.

I can’ wait to spend my money. If only it were real, that would be really cool.



I can’t believe that she actually gave us something fun to do.

On whatever we like, Mrs. Dressel?


We’re going to go through them all and then I want you to try some on your own.

Look on the board, I’ve written down some problems.

Well in the meantime we’re going to work on a new property, it’s called the distributive property.

Distributive Property

Here we go again!

I knew this was too good to be true.



I know that you all bought some great items.

Today we are going to share our projects with the class.




Mrs. Dressel, I want to go first.

I also invested one-hundred thousand dollars in the stock market.

With my money I bought a house, soccer balls, goals, and nets, and two Ferraris.





I purchased a share in the Chicago Cubs, a house, Mercedes, jerseys, and baseball bats and balls.






I also invested two-hundred thousand dollars in the bank in a CD.

With my one million dollars I bought a jaguar, lion, Range Rover, mansion, and American Girl clothing.




I gave a considerable amount of money away. I shared one-hundred thousand with my church, twenty-five thousand with my great-grandmother, and thirty thousand with my grandmother.

Finally, I also purchased a palace, American Girl dolls and clothing, and a Lexus.



The Big Picture

Yes, everyone bought homes, toys/clothing of all kinds and sorts, and cars.

You both are correct. Did anyone have to do a lot of research for their project?

Now that everyone has presented, did anyone recognize any similarities among the purchases presented in class today?

Was it hard spending that amount of money at once?

Mrs. Dressel, a lot of people also invested their money so that they could have some left over for the future.


They are the things that bring about genuine happiness and satisfaction in life.


Like the purchases that you all acquired, homes, churches, cars, loved ones, and long-term investments are of the utmost importance.

Well class, you can hold on to these skills for the remainder of your life. We all must know how to budget, spend, and invest money.