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CELF Project and Conference Information. Tim Bird CELF Architecture Group Chair. Agenda. Previous projects New Project List for 2010 Contract work update Conferences. 2. Previous Contract Work. Previous Contract Work. Function-sections work. Function-sections.

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Celf project and conference information l.jpg

CELF Project and Conference


Tim Bird

CELF Architecture Group Chair

Agenda l.jpg

Previous projects

New Project List for 2010

Contract work update



Previous contract work4 l.jpg
Previous Contract Work

Function-sections work

Function sections l.jpg

Add support for compiler flag -ffunction-sections to Linux kernel

Goal is to shrink the size of the Linux kernel image by up to 10%

Contractor: Denys Vlasenko

Status: patches for linker section renaming are mainlined in 2.6.35

Remaining work is to fix missing dependencies at link time

See http://elinux.org/images/2/2d/ELC2010-gc-sections_Denys_Vlasenko.pdf

New 2010 projects l.jpg
New 2010 Projects

Have final result of CELF Open Project Proposals

Essentially ends the process that began in December 2009, to solicit project ideas from the public

Now have:

List of approved projects for 2010

Funding approved by CELF Architecture Group and Board of Directors

Approval was done in April at CELF meetings in San Francisco

Approved new project list l.jpg
Approved New Project List

  • LZO compression in SquashFS

  • Mainline PramFS filesystem

  • Investigate UBIFS mount time problems

  • Mainline the YAFFS2 filesystem

  • Create a trace data format standard

  • Online training for using RT-Preempt

  • Add bootchart logging support to busybox

  • Enhance ARM processor support in U-Boot

  • Improve kexecboot program

Lzo compression in squashfs l.jpg
LZO compression in SquashFS

  • Project to add support for LZO compression to SquashFS

    • LZO is faster than zlib, but slower than LZMA

    • LZO is smaller than zlib, but larger than LZMA

  • LGE provided patches for LZO support

    • They should get submitted In 2.6.36 merge window

  • CELF may pay Phillip a small amount for work related to pushing this upstream

Mainline pramfs l.jpg
Mainline PramFS

Add PramFS (protected RAM filesystem) to the mainline kernel

Purpose: Support a protected region of memory where applications or kernel can store data between reboots

Contractor: Marco Stornelli

Status: Still working on contract

Need to see if recent RAMoops work makes this obsolete

Investigate ubifs mount time problems l.jpg
Investigate UBIFS mount time problems

UBIFS has poor mount time performance

Scales linearly with size of flash

Project is to measure times and identify problem area

Contractor: Free Electrons

Status: Contract signed, work has begun

Should have report by end of summer

Expect report at ELC Europe

Mainline yaffs2 l.jpg
Mainline YAFFS2

YAFFS2 is a popular flash filesystem, but it is out-of-tree.

Goal is to mainline the filesystem

Contractor: Aleph One

Status: Contract signed, work has begun

Co-funded by Google and CELF

There are issues with YAFFS2 supporting more than just Linux

Out-of-tree version of YAFFS2 needs to be maintained for WinCE and other embedded OSes

Trace data format standard l.jpg
Trace data format standard

Work to create a single, standard file format for trace data

Goal is ability for any viewer to run on the data from any tracer

Don’t plan to have every tracer produce file as their native format

Instead, write converters for each tracers to the standard format

Contractor: EfficiOS

Status: Contract signed

Online rt preempt training l.jpg
Online RT-preempt training

Create tutorial and training materials to help developers use RT-preempt effectively

Work will be placed on elinux wiki

Contractor: K Computing

Status: Contract Signed

Bootchartd in busybox l.jpg
bootchartd in busybox

  • Adds 'bootchartd' support to busybox, so that user-space bootup can be recorded and then converted to nice chart

  • Contractor: Denys Vlasenko

  • Status: Work is completed

    • Now awaiting test results

    • Toshiba has a test report in this Jamboree!! (Thanks!)

U boot arm enhancements l.jpg
U-Boot ARM Enhancements

  • Improve U-Boot on ARM

    • Support for turning on caches during boot

      • Should significantly improve boot time

    • Ability to relocate kernel

    • Support for multi-stage boot

  • Contractor: Denx Software

  • Status: Contract still in progress

Kexecboot improvements l.jpg
kexecboot improvements

  • Kexecboot is a UI when using Linux kernel as a bootloader

  • Improve kexecboot in a number of ways

    • Add MIPS architecture and UBIFS support

    • Implement text user interface

    • Improve graphical user interface

    • Write users and developers guides

  • Contractor: Yuri Bushmelev

  • Status: Contract signed, work not started yet

Past conferences l.jpg
Past Conferences

ELC 2010 – April 12-14, San Francisco

Report at Jamboree after lunch

Conferences coming up l.jpg
Conferences coming up...

LinuxCon (US) – August 10-12, Boston

LinuxCon Japan – September 27-29, Tokyo

ELC Europe 2010 – October 27-28, Cambridge, UK

Kernel Summit – November 1-2, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Embedded linux conference l.jpg
Embedded Linux Conference

  • Information available at:

    • http://www.embeddedlinuxconference.com/

Linuxcon japan l.jpg
LinuxCon Japan

  • September 27-29 in Tokyo, Japan

    • In Roppongi Hills

  • CELF is a sponsor and is helping to organize the embedded track

  • Embedded Linux Summit planned for September 30

Elc europe 2010 l.jpg
ELC Europe 2010

  • Location: Cambridge, UK

  • Date: October 27-28

  • Proposals accepted through June 30

  • Tentative joint events

    • Open Source DLNA summit

    • Gstreamer conference