watpal tablet pcs and group work l.
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WatPAL: Tablet PCs and Group Work

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WatPAL: Tablet PCs and Group Work - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WatPAL: Tablet PCs and Group Work. Mathias Schulze Germanic and Slavic Studies http://germanicandslavic.uwaterloo.ca/~mschulze. How things got started. Geroline Tablet PCs, wireless environment Learning Initiatives Fund WatPAL. SWOT. Development team Course development

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watpal tablet pcs and group work

WatPAL: Tablet PCs and Group Work

Mathias Schulze

Germanic and Slavic Studies


how things got started
How things got started
  • Geroline
    • Tablet PCs, wireless environment
      • Learning Initiatives Fund
        • WatPAL
  • Development team
  • Course development
  • Learning, instruction and assessment
  • Tablet PCs, UW-ACE, Silicon Chalk
  • a set of learning designs which can be further developed with new content at a significantly lower cost than developing new learning designs 'from scratch';
  • a set of learning objects and other learning resources to facilitate individualized learning in GER 203 and other courses;
even watpaler
Even WatPALer
  • outcomes from a pilot of the use of the learning designs and tablet computers in GER 203, which are relevant to the context of this University;
  • evaluation of the learning design and the use of tablet computers in GER 203 and applicability of the approach to other courses (language and culture courses, but also courses in many other disciplines due to the evaluation of general learning approaches);
  • results of a learning impact study which will provide new insights into instructed language acquisition with new media.
Angel by Cyberlearning Labs (from Indiana University) http://www.cyberlearninglabs.com

Rankin, Jamie and Wells, Larry D (2004) Handbuch zur deutschen Grammatik. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company.

HotPotatoes http://web.uvic.ca/hrd/halfbaked

MaxAuthor http://cali.arizona.edu/docs/wmaxa/

Study materials




Practice materials





Test materials

diagnostic test

submission tools

learning design
Learning Design
  • Task-based, group work, grammar-oriented
  • Three grammar projects (3x4 weeks): verb group, nominal group, sentence and its parts
  • For each project (25 points):
    • Grammar card: personally relevant notes on grammatical phenomenon (1 page) = 5 points
    • Portfolio: record your learning activities (summary) = 5 points
    • Essay: 5 points for adequacy of project’s grammar points, 3 points for structure and style, 3 points for general orthographic and grammatical adequacy = 11 points
  • Final examination: Essay = 25 points
Data capture: Silicon Chalk – recording


Logs in Angel: discussion boards, quizzes, general usage

Questionnaires and interviews

Video recording in class

Time logging events

Learning impact study through comparative analysis of exercises and texts produced over time analysis of processes

Use and perception of language learning strategies

Perception of technology through questionnaires and interviews