multilingual education from traditional to e learning l.
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Multilingual Education from Traditional to e-Learning PowerPoint Presentation
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Multilingual Education from Traditional to e-Learning

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Multilingual Education from Traditional to e-Learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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APAN Meeting, Busan, Korea, 24-30 August 2003 Multilingual Education from Traditional to e-Learning ZuoRui SHEN China Agricultural University Beijing 100094, China E-mail: 1. Bilingual Learning in China

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Multilingual Education from Traditional to e-Learning

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multilingual education from traditional to e learning

APAN Meeting, Busan, Korea, 24-30 August 2003

Multilingual Education from Traditional to e-Learning


China Agricultural University

Beijing 100094, China


1 bilingual learning in china
1. Bilingual Learning in China

In 2001, Ministry of Education of China (MOE) issued a document to stipulate that 5-10% of universitie courses should become bilingual in three years by introducing original textbooks from developed countries and enhancing professional skill of teachers.


China is a country of 56 nationalities with Han as a majority and others as minorities. So, for the minorities they have to need bilingual education with Mandarin Chinese and their native language.

  • But here, bilingual learning means to use Mandarin Chinese and English in teaching non-language courses, such as chemistry or ecology.

The government and people of China recognize English as a common language, stimulatedly since the advent of Internet.

  • Being good at English and computer operation is regarded as the passport for people to enter into the 21 century.
  • National classification examinations of English and computer knowledge are organized respectively every year.

Urban children start their English study since the fifth year in primer schools. The English study is obligatory until college years.

  • But most of the learners are English-mute and/or English-deaf, largely because they lack the English atmosphere, only taking English course in classroom.

Now it implies a progress that teaching English as a foreign language or second language is turning to bilingual learning.

  • In Shanghai, more then 40 primer or high schools have opened courses with bilingual teaching in music, fine arts, physical training, biology, and working skill, although just 10% of schools do so.
2 bilingual or multilingual atmosphere for e learning
2. Bilingual or Multilingual Atmosphere for e-Learning
  • Internet provides the learning atmosphere not only for English but also for other languages.
  • Students can learn any language, mainly English, via PC or laptop, from the Internet.

Especially Over a campus LAN students can learn English any time and any place in diverse ways, such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

  • There are a multimedia atmosphere for English study, availing VOD order program, Web Salon, or on-line solution of English problems.

cyberspace model of teaching: Students embedded e-learning.

Traditional model of teaching: Students surrounding teacher.


Movies for

Learning English Over CAU Campus LAN

3 multilingual e dictionary
3. Multilingual e-Dictionary
  • I often use Kingsoft Dictionary, which is an e-tool for bilingual translation between Chinese and English and accessible at
  • It is very easy to use when settled in a PC or laptop, with menu including:

- historical record of seeing about some words

- precise search of a word

- management of dictionary files

- etc.


Kingsoft Dictionary: explanation of a word

English word


Chinese word


Kingsoft Dictionary: function window for

system parameter selection

Chinese characters







Logos Portal

  • The Logos Group, a world leader in multilingual information management services, is able to offer clients an extensive range of services covering translation, software localization and engineering, and localization of web content.
  • Its Multilingual translation portal can be selected with English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and more, and accessed at

Multilingual Computing

  • MultiLingual Computing & Technology is the leading industry magazine for Web site globalization, international software development and language technology. Published eight times a year, it is read by more than 20000 people in 52 countries who have technology-based multilingual needs. ...

EC Dictionary

  • In 1992, the European Community issued Directive 92/27/EEC. It stipulated the inclusion in every medication package of full information leaflets, written in understandable language, in the Member States of the EC.
  • As the then 12 Member States of the EC, using 9 different languages, were expected to comply with the EC Directive, a glossary of medical terms in nine languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek and Danish) was required.

EC Dictionary

  • To maintain homogeneity, the translators requested definitions of the terms. An English definition of each of the 1,830 medical terms was therefore provided.
  • Thus, each English scientific medical term was provided with a scientific equivalent in each of the nine languages.
  • This project began in September 1993 and completed in April 1995.

EC Dictionary

  • A user-friendly software interface as an Internet application of the Dictionary is installed at the World-Wide Web server of the University of Gent, Belgium.
  • The methodology developed for this project in the field of medication information might be applicable to similar projects in other fields of consumer information.

How will be about APAN’s

multilingual dictionary ?


Thank you

for attending!

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