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Military Installation Soft Spots PowerPoint Presentation
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Military Installation Soft Spots

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Military Installation Soft Spots - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Military Installation Soft Spots Project Update for the Governor's Military Affairs Commission Kevin O'Berry Arizona Commanders Summit Coordinator ACS Focus is Sustainment Air and ground encroachment Environmental concerns Native American relations Range and airspace utilization

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Military Installation Soft Spots

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military installation soft spots
Military Installation Soft Spots

Project Update

for the

Governor's Military Affairs Commission

Kevin O'Berry

Arizona Commanders Summit


acs focus is sustainment
ACS Focus is Sustainment
  • Air and ground encroachment
  • Environmental concerns
  • Native American relations
  • Range and airspace utilization
  • Range enhancement programs
  • Community relations
  • Any other issues of common concern

Promulgate an environment of cooperation among all Arizona military installations to better sustain military facilities, ranges and airspace, and ensure the highest possible level of training operations

critical elements overview
Critical Elements Overview

As determined by the individual installations

  • Soft Spots study originated with GMAC
    • Installations tasked to determine core mission essentials
    • Identify problem areas
      • Vulnerabilities = "Soft Spots"
    • Enable strategic planning toward mission sustainment
    • ACS elected to facilitate task
  • Critical Elements
    • Core operational mission elements
    • Fundamental to the purpose of the installation
    • Susceptible to pressures external to the installation
    • May change over time
external pressures
External Pressures





  • Encroachment - land or airspace
    • Interference to air routes and communications
    • More rapid resource depletion (water)
    • Light pollution
    • Public safety
      • Hazard zones
      • Weapons safety footprints
    • Quality of life
      • Noise complaints
      • Sonic booms
  • Frequency spectrum competition
  • Environmental compliance
    • RCRA, CERCLA, CAA (water, superfund, air sheds . . .)

Encroachment Types

critical elements color criteria
Critical Elements Color Criteria

GREEN: Mission capable. Little or no impact to operations. Minor restrictions may exist. Work-arounds are available. Few, if any, resources required for mitigation.

YELLOW: Mission capable, with restrictions. Up to moderate impact to operations occur on a regular basis. Regular restrictions exist that may require significant planning/resources for mitigation.

RED: Mission failure and loss imminent. Severe restrictions exist that prevent operations to the degree required. Action required to develop and implement mitigation measures.

  • Current and Forecast status indicators
    • Current is 0 – 2 years out
    • Forecast is beyond 2 years
soft spots 1
Soft Spots - 1

D-M AFB: The ability to takeoff, land and conduct multiple traffic patterns in either direction at Davis-Monthan AFB

AZ ANG: The ability to fly instrument approaches at Luke Aux-1


D-M AFB: The ability to access and operate freely throughout the LATN areas

CURRENT (0 to 2 yrs) FORECAST ( > 2 years)

Luke AFB: The ability to fly instrument approaches at Luke Aux-1 airfield

soft spots 2
Soft Spots - 2

Silver Bell: The ability to takeoff and land heading 30, 21, 12 with live & training munitions and equipment at Silverbell Army National Guard Heliport

Florence: Ability to conduct small arms live fire training and qualification at Florence Military Reservation (FMR)

Silver Bell : The ability to access and utilize Silverbell Terrain Flight Training Areas and Terrain Flight Routes, including night vision device training

Florence: Ability to conduct indirect live fire training at FMR

Florence: The ability to conduct Explosive Ordnance Disposal training at Florence Military Reservation

CURRENT (0 to 2 yrs) FORECAST ( > 2 years)

luke afb aux 1
Luke AFB Aux-1
  • 15 Miles NW of Luke AFB
  • Established in 1941
    • 1105 Acres
      • 400 DoD owned
      • 705 leased
  • Instrument approach training
    • 13,000 approaches/year
    • Reduces congestion at Luke
    • Enhances safety
    • Reduces relative noise


Luke AFB

aux 1 airfield footprint
Aux-1 Airfield "Footprint"
  • 10,000 acres within high noise and accident potential zones
    • Unincorporated land
    • Half is privately owned
aux 1 sustainment issues
Aux-1 Sustainment Issues
  • External pressures
    • Incompatible development within high noise and accident potential zones
    • Unchecked growth will result in closure of Aux-1
  • Mitigation History
    • City of Surprise General Plan amendment
      • Land use restrictions in "airport preservation areas"
    • Governor's Military Task Force recommendations
      • Provide protections to Aux fields
    • HB 2141 & 2140
      • Permissible land uses in high noise and accident potential zones
      • Military Installation Fund
  • Current snapshot
    • Growth continues in high noise and accident potential zones
      • Examining associated legal issues
d m afb airfield ops
D-M AFB Airfield Ops
  • 355 WG 3 x A-10 SQ / AATC
  • 563 RQG MC-130 / HH-60
  • 305 RQS HH-60
d m airfield sustainment
D-M Airfield Sustainment
  • External Pressures
    • Non-compatible development inside the 65 Ldn
      • Noise complaints
      • Safety Concerns
    • Empowerment of Military Community Compatibility Committee (MC3) which provided operational and regulatory change recommendations to the state, county, city and the DoD via D-M AFB
  • Mitigation History
    • City of Tucson adoption of airport Environs Zone land use codes
      • Joint Land Use Study (JLUS)
    • Departure corridor land acquisition
    • D-M’s enaction of MC3 recommendations creating new Military Community Relations Committee (MCRC)
  • Current Snapshot
    • MCRC establishes an "unchartered" ability for Tucson citizens to directly influence the future viability of D-M's missions and operations
latn sustainment issues
LATN Sustainment Issues
  • Crucial to A-10 pilot training and A-10 Combat Aircrew Readiness
    • "Train as you fight" concept
    • Emulates combat employment operations
  • External Pressures
    • Land development under LATN areas requiring creation of noise sensitive area restrictions
  • Mitigation History
    • Regulatory operational procedure - Avoid all people, livestock, buildings and vehicles by 1/2 mile and 1,000 feet
    • In addition - Establishment of "no-fly" noise sensitive areas
      • 2 – 4 mile radius and up to 10,000 feet
  • Current Snapshot
    • Number of "no-fly" areas continues to increase
fmr sustainment issues
FMR Sustainment Issues
  • Importance
    • More individual training at home, vice mobilization locations
      • Reduces costs and keeps soldiers at home longer
  • External Pressures
    • Residential development causing noise/dust sensitive areas
  • Mitigation History
    • Not required – FMR was out in the "boonies"
    • Buffer areas established through state lands leasing
  • Current Snapshot
    • Limited ability to influence future use of state lands
    • Lease costs escalating
silverbell army heliport
Silverbell Army Heliport
  • WAATS AH-64A
  • 1/285 AH-64D
  • Peace Vanguard AH-64D
silverbell army heliport19
Silverbell Army Heliport
  • Major helicopter training site
    • Environment provides highly realistic combat training
  • External Pressures
    • Residential growth around Silverbell and in training areas
      • Will hinder ability to depart to the northwest
      • Light pollution impacting night vision goggle training environment
    • Increased flight activity at Pinal Airpark causing congestion and safety concerns
  • Mitigation History
    • Engagement with local jurisdictions
  • Current Snapshot
    • Growth and development continuing
      • Noise complaints expected to increase
    • Class D airspace with control tower desired for safety of flight
  • Commonalities
    • Installations & training areas originally far from urban areas
    • Incompatible development creates quality of life issues
      • Noise impact
      • Safety concerns
    • Residential encroachment will continue
  • Civilian developments should be buffered from the military mission
  • Military footprint and impact will grow with next generation weapons systems
questions or comments
Questions or Comments?

It is up to us, now, to lay the foundation for future sustainment of Arizona’s military institutions