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1. The Question

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1. The Question What is needed for a healthy pond habitat? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Lesson designed by D. Long HVS/Oakland University 2004 2. The Task

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1 the question
1. The Question

What is needed for a healthy pond habitat?

1234567 8 910

Lesson designed by D. Long HVS/Oakland University 2004

2 the task
2. The Task

Your school has just received a special grant from the Wildlife Society. With this money, a beautiful new pond will be built in the back of your school. Your task is to be a “Pond Explorer” and find out as much information as you can about what is needed to make a healthy pond habitat. You will need to find out the kinds of plants and animals that would live in a pond. What is necessary for these living creatures in order to survive?

1234567 8 910


3. The Lesson

To learn all about ponds and the plants and animals that live there, click on the frog to go to a website that describes the layers of a pond. Read the information over with your partner. When you are done, click on the lily pad to learn about pond plants and animals. Then go to page 4.

Click here

Click here

1234567 8 9


4 the student activity
4. The Student Activity
  • Click on the turtle below to go to the website, Create a Pond.
  • With your partner, create your own pond that includes animal and pond plants from all levels of the pond, including the surface, the mid-water, the bottom and the pond margin.

Click here


1234567 8 9

5 assessment
5. Assessment
  • Get the drawing paper from your teacher.

2. Create your own healthy pond by drawing and labeling all the plants and animals that live there. Use crayons or colored pencils.

3. Be sure the drawing includes all the levels of a pond.

4. Write a description of what plants and animals you have used. Explain why they were chosen.

5. Finally, explain why your pond is a healthy habitat for the creatures that live there.

How will I be graded on my project?

1234567 8 9


6 checklist
6. Checklist

Print out a copy of this checklist. Then check off each item to make sure you have completed it. Put your name on the paper and turn it in to your teacher.

  • Your pond drawing includes plants and animals from all the levels of a pond.
  • Your drawing is neatly labeled.
  • The drawings are neatly colored.
  • Your written description of the pond is complete and includes all the plants and animals you drew.
  • You have stated why these plants and animals are needed for a healthy pond habitat.
  • Your writing is neat, with all words spelled correctly and in complete sentences.
  • You used capital letters and punctuation where needed.

1234567 8 9


7 enrichment differentiation
7. Enrichment/Differentiation
  • The United Streaming video, Animal Profiles: Frogs, explains the life of a frog. This adds additional information for student understanding of pond inhabitants.
  • Have students explore pond plants and animals more in depth. The Enchanted Learning website http://www.enchantedlearning.com/biomes/pond/pondlife.shtml has printouts for labeling as well as good information on pond creatures.

1234567 8 9


8 standards benchmarks
8. Standards & Benchmarks

Science-Michigan Core Curriculum

Describe the basic requirements for all living things to maintain their existence


Language Arts-Michigan Core Curriculum

Use reading for multiple purposes, such as enjoyment, gathering information, and learning new procedures (1.E.1).

Identify and use mechanics that enhance and clarify understanding. (8.E.1).

Identify and use resources that are most appropriate and readily available for investigating a particular question or topic.(11.E.2).

Technology Curriculum

Basic Operations and Concepts

Use input devices and output devices to successfully

operate computers, VCRs, audiotapes, and other

technologies. (1.1).

1234567 8 9


9 teacher tips
9. Teacher Tips

You may want to break this lesson into a two day activity.

Partner students together for the Student Activity and Assessment but have each student complete and write their own pond description.

Good Read-Alouds:

Cherry, Lynn. A River Ran Wild. San Diego, CA: Harcourt, 1992

Cole, Joanna. A Frog’s Body. New York, NY: Morrow, 1980.

Rosen, Michael J. All Eyes on thePond. New York, NY: Hyperion,1994.

1234567 8 9



Graphics: All pictures were obtained from Microsoft Office Clip Art Online.




United Streaming:

Animal Profiles: Frogs. (1991) Rainbow Educational Media.