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Question 1. Could the 2004 Athens Olympics have been a success without all of the networks and backup technologies?. 951647 楊宗諺. Athens Olympics Networks. Extranet Setup Olympic official website Network booking system Intranet Data storage system. Device. 10000 Work stations

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Question 1

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  1. Question 1 Could the 2004 Athens Olympics have been a success without all of the networks and backup technologies? 951647 楊宗諺

  2. Athens Olympics Networks • Extranet • Setup Olympic official website • Network booking system • Intranet • Data storage system

  3. Device • 10000 Work stations • 4000 printers • 900 servers • 300 Routers • 2000 switches • Numerous communication devices

  4. What kinds of problem may face without taking network technique? • About GMS (Game Management System),the following cannot be done: • Data verification of coach and paramedic • Pre-game identifying • Accommodation of athlete groups • Network booking • Game recording must be conducted by artificial process

  5. What kinds of problem may face without taking network technique? • About IDS (Information Diffusion System) • Athletes’ Biography are not available • Athletes’ history records are not available • cannot search game record by 4000 terminals • Insufficient information is provided by TV journalist for the press

  6. Why back-up technique necessary? • 5 bombings in Greece • 911 recently happened • Network attack

  7. Network security • Anti-virus system • Monitor system • Back-up system

  8. Back-up technique • Back-up of valuable information is achieved by redundancy data center • As system is intervened by computer crash, auto-recovery facilities can restore immediately • Two physical data center

  9. Major event during the 16 days in Athens Olympic • 5,000,000 Information technology security alarms • 425 rigorous alarms • 20 emergency alarms

  10. With Information Technology Rapid, convenient and less errors V.S. Without Information Technology Incur large amount of labor, resources and management costs

  11. Network and back-up • As network systems collapse, the whole game turn out to be in a chaotic since the excessive dependence on network. • Network with back-up technique and information security technology can help spectators capture scenes of whole games and can reduce the costs of organizers.

  12. Question 2 The 2004 Olympics is a global business. Can a business today succeed without information technology? Why or why not? 951652 卓楷斌

  13. Can a business today need information technology (IT) to become successful? • The answer is YES! • Why? • IT make business more successful • Most global business use IT to help business operate well and make profits

  14. Whyso many business need IT? • the main purpose of using it • Gain the competitive advantages • All the global business want to keep abreast of their competitors. • With the pressure of lagging behind, more and more business choose IT

  15. What are the competitive advantages that IT brings to business? • Improvement of products or services • Diversity of goods • Instance and efficient services • Smooth the business operation process • Efficiency of using resources • Reduce the cost of hiring labors • Break the restrictions of time and space • Reduce the production and delivery lead time • Change the way organizations communicate

  16. Is IT indispensable and essential for business nowadays? The answer is yes • But • Not all the enterprise with IT are successful • Inappropriate use of IT increase the risk of failure • Some fail examples • Global online retailer with IT •, Webvan,, Chinese Books Cyberstore,,

  17. Why some business with IT still fail? • Business with IT requires cost • Setup IT environment (physical facilities) • It also requires the cost of hiring new technicians • IT involves with more difficult problems • Most are management problems • Business need to be aware of these problems

  18. What is the correct attitude toward using IT for business nowadays? • The factors should take into account • Cost of introducing IT/ IS • Cost of maintaining IT/ IS • Business organization culture • Business operation process

  19. Question 3 Claude Philips said dealing with “crazy scenarios of what might happen in every area : a network problem, staff stopped in a traffic jam , a security attack … every-thing that might happen,” was the reason for so much testing. Can you think of other business that would require “crazy scenarios” testing?Explain. 951759 紀懷竣

  20. SLOGANBYATOSORIGIN • “There is no second chance to make up for the mistakes of Olympics.” • Jiang-sheng said:“Due to the fact that Olympics just take place in Athens one time, there is no second chance to postpone games for the malfunction of Information System.

  21. What Athen Olympics needs • Testing become a vital task • Design the security system in detail

  22. Testing become a vital task Backup Testing • Jean Chevallier and his 2000 ITtechnicians prepare for the worst accidents, just like backup all the data and system in the safe area under the circumstance system crush or earthquake. Network Security Testing • Assume any cases of illegal incursion • A virtual hacker group assaults with various tricks.

  23. Testing become a vital task(cont.) Practical Rehearsal • Doing the rehearsal and further testing • Jean Chevallier said, “Every one should coordinate with each otherto make good use of techniques for supporting the system. ” • Jean Chevallier said, There is only have 10% of time for system deployment and 90% of time for testing. No new skills are taken, so the biggest risk of IT system in Athen Olympicsis insufficient tests.

  24. Design the security system in detail- Tony Wheeler “To start from bit and char” Monitor System Testing • “Security” stems from the workers’ comprehension of system and its application. • “The most expensive one is monitor software, many kinds of devices will equip with different monitoring tools, about 90% budget will be used to do the “monitoring”, which includes network and physical invade monitoring. ” • “We also monitor every part of the network, not only ensuring the safety of network butprotecting the safety of all the athletes and spectators, this is a complex and important task.”

  25. Examples • NASA • Apollo 13 • DRDO • BMD System, Ballistic Missile Defense System • Metro taipei • Maokong Gondola

  26. Examples(Cont.) • Baxter International Inc • blood thinner • China mobile • Security bug • Russia • chernobyl disaster

  27. NASA -Apollo 13 • Apollo 13 - the third manned lunar-landing mission, part of Project Apollo under NASA • Two days after the launch, an explosion in a Service Module oxygen tank damaged the oxygen tank, resulting in a loss of oxygen and electrical power.

  28. NASA(cont.) -Apollo 13 • The crew shut down the Command Module, which remained fully functional on its own batteries and oxygen tank, and used the Lunar Module as a "lifeboat" for the return to earth. • Despite great hardship caused by severely limited power, cabin heat, and potable water, the crew successfully returned to Earth

  29. DRDO -Ballistic Missile Defense System • The Indian military successfully tested its Ballistic Missile Defense System for the third time on Friday Feb. 6 and has planned to make the System operational before 2012 • Its two previous test were also successful • The system is capable of intercepting inter-continental ballistic missiles and shooting down incoming ICBMs in the 5,000 km range.

  30. Metro taipei -Maokong Gondola • Metro TaipeiDriving wheel broke down • There have been three hundred tourists struck into wheeling cars for two hours during the summer dayuntil the wheeling cars are closed to be repaired. • The reason cause the accident is breakdown of corner big wheel. It makes repairman work around the clock to fix them, and there is still some testing process waited to recover the running of gondola.

  31. Baxter International Inc - blood thinner • In America hundreds of people have medicine allergy and Four people have died from it • Baxter has expressed, ”The Changzhou Factory Cape Biochemistry in China is the main supplier of Heparin active materials • America Food and Drug Administration take the factory for another similar one; thus, FDA has never checked the plant.Changzhou Cape biochemical company apparently has not been supervised by CPC, because the manufacturer is not authorized by Chinese Government

  32. China mobile -Security bug • Shandong branch of China Mobile, on the purpose of earning profits, sent large numbers of messages to expose commercial advertising which has been accused. • China Mobile has asked his provincial branches to conduct a thorough investigation into a litter message, and strengthen customer information security management. • At the security of customer information management, it will strictly limit permissions of customer authorization, and all the process should be recorded to ensure system security.

  33. Russia-chernobyl disaster • On 26 April 1986 01:23:45 a.m. reactor at the Chernobyl plant(Russia) exploded. • Further explosions and the resulting fire sent a plume of highly radioactive fallout into the atmosphere and over an extensive geographical area. • 400 times more fallout was released than had been by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

  34. The cause of the incident: • Indirect cause: • an unauthorized test which was an attempt to figure out what would happen if the power to the plant had failed. During that unauthorized test, many mistakes were made that lead to the explosions. • Vital mistake: • turning off the emergency coolant system. • an extremely high temperature produced molten metal • The metal then reacted with the cooling water to produce hydrogen gas and steam • explosion

  35. Conclusion • Athen Olympic is a special case, so Atos should avoid any accidents. Atos need to have some rehearsals, either predictable or unpredictable result will be taken into account so as to ensure the whole game will run smoothly. • Of course enterprise should work for maintaining network security and solving problems . Due to the limit of human resource, time, and cost, we should try to think about the scale of testing.

  36. The destinationof testing -Grenford J. Myers • Testing is a process of running programs • A good testing is to notice the mistakes which have never found before • A successful testing is noticing the mistakes which have never found

  37. How to decide the scale of testing? • Confirm testing requirement • Evaluate risks • Develop testing strategy • Ensure resources • Set up a time table • Make a testing plan

  38. Confirm testing requirement Purpose : create a report which is for testing purpose • Ensure what the testing requirement is • Results must be observable and can be evaluated

  39. Evaluate risks Purpose : maximize the efficiency and ensuring the priority of testing jobs • Confirm what the need of testing is • High risk of testing needs & useful function • Confirm the priority of testing

  40. Develop testing strategy PURPOSE:showing the way and the criteriaof testing to make sure the degree of complement and success of the test • decide and describe the methodology of test • Decide the criteria of test • Decide the exception

  41. Ensure resources Purpose : ensure the time of testing • Human resource(personnel and skill) • Testing environment (hardware and software) • Tool • Data

  42. Set up a time table Purpose : ensuring the testing time table and the monument (must practical) • Arrange testing jobs • Arrange testing schedule

  43. Question 4 Descript what the IS/IT in the real case is all about? 951728 黃欣蒂

  44. A customized suite of Atos Origin applications power the 2004 Athens Olympic Games : • Games Management Systems (GMS) • Information Diffusion Systems (IDS)

  45. What the system do? • Games Management System (GMS) manages the logistics behind the Games This is vital for ensuring that the athletes andmedia (1)have access to the venues they need (2)accommodation (3)able to get to events swiftly and on time

  46. GMS can separate into six part: Transportation System  Accreditation System  Sports Entries & Qualification System  Medical Encounters System  Arrival, Departure System  Protocol System

  47. Transportation System provides programming, planning and scheduling of transport services for the Olympic family and allocates the available transportation resources • Accreditation System controls the entire accreditation process - identifies the participants for various events, manages registration, assigns access privileges and grants security clearance

  48. Sports Entries & Qualification System collects data on each athlete and processes who is eligible to compete based on the qualification marks in the results system • Medical Encounters System gathers information relative to the different levels of healthcare generates reports and provides an online summary of each case history

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