Week 1 welcome back
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Week 1 ~ welcome back!!!. Tuesday September 3 rd JA #1 Why AP Language & Composition? Then list 3 goals and how you will set about attaining them:. Objectives: 1) greetings!!! Hello – I can find a temporary seat and wait for directions 

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Week 1 welcome back
Tuesday September 3rdJA #1 Why AP Language & Composition? Then list 3 goals and how you will set about attaining them:

  • Objectives:

  • 1) greetings!!! Hello – I can find a temporary seat and wait for directions 

  • 2) I can hand in my summer work after scoring it on the rubric and then as a way of introducing myself and a record of my attendance ( 90 second maximum) (35 minutes)

    • I will Introduce myself

    • I will tell the title of the book that I read, and I will select a journal entry to share with the class

    • I will mention the movie that went with it and how the book and movie are connected

    • I will tell the class about the editorials I followed

    • I will answer one question and then hand in my work to Mr. Norton

  • 3) I can make a daily journal: then copy the date and question to the journal ~ then I can write a response to it (5 minutes)

  • 4) I can share my answer and listen to others’ answers to the journal prompt (3 minutes)

  • 5) I can get to know Mr. Norton through the stereotyping exercise and then by what he shares with us about himself (10 minutes)

  • 6) I can complete the who I am card – and have it ready for tomorrow & the info card

  • 7) I can bring my textbook and a “fun” book to read to class tomorrow.

  • 8) I can do take away (TA) #1: I can show it to Mr. Norton as my ticket out the door.

Week 1 welcome back

Funsies…Anagrams: An anagram is a word, name or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another, using each original letter only once.The best anagrams manage to link the new word, name or phrase to the original one in some way, such as when ‘listen’ becomes ‘silent’

  • A gentleman =

  • Elegant man

  • Debit card =

  • Bad credit

  • Eleven plus two =

  • Twelve plus one

Wednesday september 3 rd ssr 1 i can do ssr 10 min and record my response 5 minutes
Wednesday September 3rdSSR #1 I can do SSR (10 min) and record my response (5 minutes)

  • Objectives:

  • I can hand in my info about me as I come in the door

  • I can do SSR and then record my response (15 minutes)

  • I can read and listen and discuss the syllabus and class expectations (10 minutes)

  • I can understand and ask questions for clarification about the 3Ps of grading and behavior (6 minutes)

  • I can sign the syllabus agreement

  • I can sign up for Remind.com(2 minutes)

  • I can have the Vocab completed before Monday 9/9 – see next slide (4 minutes)

  • I can create an advertisement of a classmate, having a draft and outline due tomorrow and a final draft due Friday – I can be ready to present it on Friday. (3 minutes)

  • I can read with the class and take effective notes on pages 1 – 3 of the textbook (why take notes? Which things are noteworthy?) (6 minutes)

  • I can read pages 3 – 11 of the textbook – making notes as evidence of my understanding and questions as evidence of my learning due tomorrow

  • I can find a political cartoon and answer the assignment prompts from page 12 for tomorrow

  • I can enter take away #2: (5 minutes)

Remind com

  • This tool is for homework reminders!

  • 1. Download the Remind app. It’s free!

  • 2. Enter the class code

  • @aim4a5

  • Or visit this link:

  • www.remind.com/join/aim4a5

  • Or Enter this phone #

  • (415) 534-6033 @ aim4a5

Do the following for each word
do the following for each word:

  • a) write a guess of what the word means based on context clues --this is the only part we do in class--the rest you will do on your own time.

  • b) a dictionary definition, enclosed in quotation marks

  • c) a non-linguistic representation (a picture or a symbol to help you to remember the meaning of the word)

  • d) an original sentence using the word, providing ample context clues

  • I will give a quiz every two weeks, over the words covered. Any old words are also fair game to re-appear.

  • Format of quizzes: 15+ sentences that have blanks and must be completed with the vocab words (word bank generously provided).

Vocab list 1
Vocab list 1

  • Connotation

  • Lexicon

  • Plethora

  • Query

  • Repartee

  • Empathy

  • Futile

  • Imply

  • Peruse

  • rescind

Funsies jokes

  • Why do bees hum?

  • Because they don’t know the words.

  • Why do birds fly south for the winter?

  • Because it’s too far to walk.

  • What goes up slowly and comes down quickly?

  • An elephant in an elevator.

Thursday september 4 th ja 2 why are rules necessary how are they established and maintained
Thursday September 4thJA #2 Why are rules necessary? How are they established and maintained?

  • Objectives:

  • I can respond to the journal: then copy the date and question to the journal ~ then I can write a response to it (5 minutes)

  • I can share my answer and listen to others’ answers to the journal prompt (3 minutes)

  • I can determine how to divide my notebook or have notebooks – next slide (3 minutes) *** AND How to format my heading on my papers!!!***

  • I can start my grammar notes from pages 698 – 703 and do exercise 1 from page 703 for tomorrow (10 minutes)

  • I can share my political cartoon with my neighbor, explaining my responses to the assignment, and I can be ready to share with the class if called upon to do so. (10 minutes)

  • I will hand in my political cartoon.

  • I can meet with my partner and review and apply the ideas from pages 3 – 11 and do a protocol of the draft for the classmate ad and have it done for tomorrow, ready to share. (10 minutes)

  • I can understand the objectives of the picture me poem and have it completed by Tuesday. (2 minutes)

  • I can do take away #3. (5 minutes)

Notebook s divisions
Notebook(s) divisions

  • Journals

  • take aways

  • Vocab

  • writing workshop

  • Grammar practice notes

  • Writing composition style notes

  • Argument rhetoric notes

  • Synthesis paper notes

  • Analogies

  • MC reflections/strategies

Example of a heading for mr norton s class
Example of a heading for Mr. Norton’s class


Joe Student

Mr. Norton

Advanced Placement

January 26, 201x

The Title of My Paper or assignment

This is where the paper begins. Notice that it is indented. This example is from Packer and Timpane (401). Of course I would provide a works cited page if this were a real paper.

The top of the next page upper right would be Student 2 for the name. Every page including works cited will follow this format. See pages 207 – 236 in text book, and page 269 for APA styling.

When you go to college – find out and get a great personal copy of a book on formatting for research.

Evaluation protocol
Evaluation protocol =

  • I can review my partners draft silently – no questions, no comments, I will do it silently – no comments (laughter okay when appropriate)

  • I will use the following protocol in writing: - praise/like – 2 statements that begin with, “I liked” or “What was effective, or well done is” – you may add a because qualifier to it - ask 2 questions about the presentation - make a suggestion or two on how it could be improved

  • I can exchange my protocol responses

  • I can write a response to each protocol response my partner made.

  • I will take turns discussing/clarifying protocol responses

  • I will consider the responses in revising my project and will hand in my partner’s responses with my final project.

Funsies puns

  • Let’s talk about rights and lefts. You’re right,

  • so I left.

  • Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a

  • banana.

  • When a clock is hungry it goes back

  • four seconds.

Friday september 5 th ja 3 free write friday fwf 8 minutes
Friday September 5thJA #3 Free Write Friday (FWF) (8 minutes)

  • Objectives:

  • I can do SSR #2 (8 min) and record my response (5 minutes)

  • I can hand in my ad of a classmate

  • I can do a critical analysis of my own ad of a classmate based on answering the review slides that follow – random selection give to me (8 minutes)

  • I can review exercise 1 of page 703 w/ my partner, then in consensus we will hand it in (7 minutes)

  • I can read pages 11 – 12 with the class and then do the analysis of Priam’s speech (8 minutes)

  • I can bring in an op.ed on Tuesday, after reviewing the essentials covered in chapter 1 so far making notes (next slides) (8 minutes)

    • practicing SOAPSTone with it

    • and highlighting at least 3 compound sentences in the piece

  • I can have the MC mini practice done before class on Monday

  • I can watch the Lou Gherig speech and consider what makes it so GREAT (http://youtu.be/-uXsPvf9zq4) (3 minutes)

  • I will not forget to have my vocab ready for Monday too

  • I can do take away #4 (5 minutes)

Rhetoric the basics
Rhetoric – the basics

  • Rhetoric defined by aristotle is “the faculty of observing in any given case the available means of persuasion” to appeal to an audience.

  • Elements of rhetoric

    • Context – the situation, occasion of time and place, biases, and events

    • Purpose – the goal of the speaker/writer

    • Clear focused statement – the thesis, claim or assertion

Aristotelian triangle
Aristotelian Triangle

  • Subject

    • Knowledge (self and others)

    • Evidence

    • development

  • Speaker/writer

    • persona

  • Audience

    • Who

    • Where

    • media




Strategic choices how to persuade
Strategic Choices (how to persuade)

  • Ethos

    • Shared values

    • Speaker’s reputation

    • Impression

    • Tone

    • Reason for audience to care

  • Logos

    • Clear main idea – the frame of the argument

    • Consideration of assumptions

    • The presentation of counter arguments

      • Concede

      • refute

  • Pathos

    • Connotations

    • Emotions

    • Polemics – passion for position

Soapstone the piece review next slide then
SOAPSTone the piece – review next slide then

  • The Speaker of the text

  • The Occasion of the speech

  • The Audience (both present and after it was distributed)

  • The Purpose that Lincoln had in delivering it

  • The Subject matter discussed

  • The Tone of the piece

Op ed on ice bucket challenge and lou gherig
Op-ed on Ice bucket challenge and Lou Gherig

  • http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/huppke/chi-ice-bucket-challenge-20140819-story.html#page=1

Funsies riddles

  • What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

  • Short

  • What word begins and ends with an ‘e’ but only has one letter?

  • Envelope

  • What has a neck but no head?

  • A bottle