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Lab Safety. Write the words in white. 1. Goggles- Should always be worn when using chemicals . They will protect your eyes from splatters or spills.

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Lab safety 1782214

Write the words in white.

1. Goggles-Should always be worn when usingchemicals. They willprotect your eyes from splatters or spills.

Lab safety 1782214

2. No Eating or Drinking-You run the risk of ingesting (eating/drinking) poisons. Also make sure you wash hands when you finish doing a lab.

Lab safety 1782214

3. Chemical Contact:Be very careful if your teacher warns you. If a dangerous chemical touches your skin clean it off FAST!!!

Lab safety 1782214

4. Smelling Chemicals:Never smell the chemicals directly. Waftingis moving the smell of the chemical from the container to your nose. It is safer because the scent it is not as strong.

Lab safety 1782214

5. Dispose Lab Materials Correctly:Make sure you understand what to do with all of your supplies and howchemicals should be cleaned up after an experiment.

Lab safety 1782214

6. No Horseplay/ Goofing Around:Horseplay cancause spills, fires, broken containers, damaged equipment, and injuries to lab partners.

Lab safety 1782214

7. Fire Safety:Be careful around any open flames. Watch hair, clothing, papers, and other lab materials. Locate the fire blanketand remember to stop, drop, and roll.

10 chemical safety
10. Chemical Safety

• Read all labels twice before removing a chemical from the container.

• Never touch, taste, or smell a chemical unless instructed by the teacher.

• Transfer chemicals carefully!

11 clothing protection safety

This symbol appears when substances used could stain or burn clothing. Extreme caution should be taken.

12 poison safety

This symbol appears when poisonous substances are used.