Roundworms segmented worms
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Roundworms & Segmented Worms. 5 th Grade. Roundworms. *live in any moist environment: --the beach --forest soils --Antarctic sands --pools of super hot water . Did you Know ? About a million roundworms live in each square meter of damp sand.

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*live in any moist environment:

--the beach

--forest soils

--Antarctic sands

--pools of super hot water

Did you know about a million roundworms live in each square meter of damp sand
Did you Know? About a million roundworms live in each square meter of damp sand

Roundworm digestive system
Roundworm digestive system both ends

  • Food enters the roundworm’s mouth and exists through an opening called the anus at the far end of the tube

One way digestive tract is more efficient why
One-way digestive tract both ends is more efficient….why?

  • It enables the animal to absorb a large amount of the needed substances in foods

Segmented worms
Segmented Worms both ends

  • Earthworms

  • Leeches

  • Sea-floor worms

Segmented worms1
Segmented Worms both ends

Segmented worms2
Segmented Worms both ends

  • Have bodies made up of a series of rings separated by grooves

  • Have bodies made up of many linked sections called segments

  • Also have a one-way digestive system

Segmented worms closed circulatory system
Segmented Worms – both endsclosed circulatory system

Closed circulatory system – blood moves only within a connected network of tubes called blood vessels

Closed circulatory system v open circulatory system
Closed Circulatory System both endsv Open Circulatory System

Earthworms in the environment
Earthworms in the Environment both ends

  • Earthworms tunnel through the ground for a living

  • They must stay in moist soil or damp air to keep their skin moist ---they breathe through their skin

Benefits to gardening
Benefits to Gardening both ends

  • Earthworm tunneling loosens the soil, allowing air, water and plant roots to move through

  • Earthworm droppings make the soil more fertile

  • Earthworms bring nutrients to the surface of the soil through their waste

Observe the mealworms and pass them around the class
Observe the Mealworms and pass them around the class both ends

  • What type of worms are they?

  • Are they nocturnal or active during the day time?

  • Where do they live?

Surprise mealworms are not worms
Surprise! Mealworms are NOT worms both ends

  • Some organisms that LOOOK like worms are actually larvae

Mealworms: both ends

  • Live in cool or damp places

  • Could live in your cupboards –they are attracted to grain!

Life cycle of a mealworm
Life Cycle of a Mealworm both ends


Roundworms segmented worms

Mealworm Life Cycle both ends

  • Egg 7–14 days

  • Larva 30–90 days -- 5 molts occur

  • Pupa 10–20 days

  • Adult 5–10 days Bran Apple

  • The cycle continues.