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Neighborhoods & behavior

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De’Janira Ford 12-21-10. Neighborhoods & behavior. Do Neighborhoods Determine Whether Some One’s Violent Or Not ?.

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A lot of people seem to think that where you live determines how you should act. I chose this topic because I feel not everyone thinks like this. I think that there’s all types of people living in all types of neighborhoods. Just because the city labeled an area as a “bad” doesn’t mean that everyone living there are drug dealers or drug addicts, or poor black women with 4 kids with all different fathers.


Lots of the most successful women and men started in “bad” and “poor” neighborhoods. So I picked this topic to get others opinions on this; and see whether they agree with me. With the success of this experiment hopefully Baltimore’s members wont automatically be judged wrongly.


Baltimore’s community is judged to easily. With the use of this experiment we are given data to determine if a majority of Baltimore judges themselves like everyone else does.


To prepare for my survey I had to get a interesting question that the public was willing to answer. I had to make my questions specific so people would understand completely. Then I had to pass everything out. No one had a problem answering my survey. I collected and tallied the answers, and made graphs of each question. Next I made a power point. Finally I uploaded my power point onto my wiki.

what type of neighborhood would you say most of baltimore s convicts come from
What type of neighborhood would you say most of Baltimore’s convicts come from ?

I've came to the conclusion that most people in Baltimore don’t think very highly of their city. They judge people by where their from. I think as a community we have to get better.


If I were to do this experiment again, I would pass the survey out to people outside of Baltimore to see how they think. I would also think of a better question that everyone can compare to.


Questions: I would research in the future:

  • What should Obama do about the rape rates in Baltimore?
  • What career would an ex-convict most likely take up due to different convictions ?