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Academic Advising Day

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Academic Advising Day - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Academic Advising Day
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  1. Academic Advising Day Group Pre-Advising Session (Junior Class) Prof. George Pins February 12, 2008

  2. Topics for Juniors? • How do I do a degree audit? • How do I find an awesome MQP? • How do I find an REU or summer internship? • BME careers (BS/MS, Grad. School, industry) • Graduate School • Other???? Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  3. How do I do a degree audit? • 4 year plan – helpful for detailed scheduling • • BME Tracking document – to figure out what you need to graduate - Fill it in EACH semester! • • Electronic audit to Registrar’s Website • Login through student tools • Known bugs Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  4. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  5. How do I schedule in all those courses? • Course schedules: • (Course schedule for current ’07-’08) • (Preliminary schedule for ’08-’09) • Watch out for category II classes (check course schedules, review ’07-’08 schedule) Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  6. How do I find an awesome MQP? ATTEND: BME Department MQP Fair Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2008 Washburn 229, 5 PM Send project sign-up sheet to Prof. Rolle Go to: for project listings • Propose your own idea and group? • Think of background courses and experiences that you’ll need for your MQP • Analysis/design skills - FEM/CAD, Circuits, materials • Lab skills - wet lab, cell culture, testing • Writing • Aim to have Project by end of C or D terms…. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  7. How do I find a job or research internship over the summer? • REU and summer internships are great, but competitive (see: • Check under student resources • REUs: • Career Development Center information sessions • Summer Internships and Cooperative Education • Given by CDC on academic advising day • Check • Check our MassMEDIC or Mass Biotech. Initiative for Massachusetts companies or • When: REUs (NOW!!!!! May are closed!!!), Internships/Co-ops (Late C or D terms) • Jobs: BEGIN IN SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!! Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  8. What can I do with a BS, MS, and PhD? • Undergraduate (BS) Degree (Biomaterials example) • Device/Implant Design and Development Team • Biomaterials Selection/Feasibility Assessment • Clinical, User Interface • QA/QC/Regulatory/Sales • Laboratory Technician • Graduate School • Masters (MS/ME) Degree • Team Leader/Program Manager • Research and Development • Doctoral (PhD) Degree • Director of Research and Development • Academic Research Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  9. When do I sign up for the BS/MS program? • Go to site: • Apply spring of Junior year or Fall Senior year • Completely SEPARATE from admission to the graduate program • Get signatures of instructors of 4000-level courses you’d like to double count – before you take the course Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  10. What is the difference between and M.S. and an M. Eng. degree? • M.S. requires a thesis and is generally considered more scholarly and hands on than the M.Eng. (M.E.). • The M.E. does not require a thesis but requires additional coursework - it is generally viewed good technical degree. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  11. Graduate School Applications • Begin in the Fall, GREs are VERY important for highly competitive programs • Personal Statements / Recommendation Letters • See: • For letters, ask faculty that know you and/or you did well in their classes Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  12. What do I need to do before meeting with my advisor to get the most out of our meeting? • Fill out a proposed course schedule for upcoming year • Fill out a BME tracking document and tentative 4 year plan • Any questions you have – about MQP, summer jobs, career planning, etc. • Degree evaluation • See tracking document • Links and forms • Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  13. Other Questions ??? Worcester Polytechnic Institute