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  1. VIDEO IN COMMERCE MIKE ROGGE: Senior Engagement Manager (Digital Media) PAUL TOMSIC: Senior Solutions Engineer (Commerce)

  2. Who We Are Mike Rogge Sr. Engagement Manager - Media Paul Tomsic Sr. Solutions Engineer- Commerce

  3. Embrace video, and do it in a hurry, lest you be left behind. Embrace Video And Do It In A Hurry – lest you be left behind

  4. Consumer Expectations 36% 52% of consumers expect to be able to watch videos on manufacturer websites expect to be able to download content such as manuals and how-to guides for complex products (source: Forrester)

  5. Video volume and concentration on the RISE 32% 32% >1000 VIDEOS 36% < 10 VIDEOS of all online retailers using video have 1,000 or more videos on their site 14% 11-100 VIDEOS 18% 100-1000 VIDEOS (source: ReelSEO)

  6. Video in Commerce is on the RISE 10 of the IR’s Top 50 are the sites with the most indexed videos, including the #1 retail site. #1 95,000 est videos #28IR 2010 rank #2 72,635 est videos #1IR 2010 rank #3 30,000 est videos #25IR 2010 rank #4 18,000 est videos #11IR 2010 rank #5 11,198 est videos #32IR 2010 rank #6 9,000 est videos #42IR 2010 rank #7 7,870 est videos #21IR 2010 rank #8 4,070 est videos #48IR 2010 rank #9 3,625 est videos #22IR 2010 rank #10 3,617 est videos #35IR 2010 rank (source: ReelSEO)

  7. Consumers are driving demand for video 13% Increase 420 Million view of retail videos in Q1 2011; 13% higher than Q4 2010 Sunday Sky’s: The State of Video in eCommerce Report

  8. Use Video to Engage At All Points in the Purchase Funnel

  9. Casual Browsers Awareness Engagement Action Path to Conversion

  10. Video Increases Engagement Growth of Videos Watched 57% of online video viewers say they enjoy watching a video next to an article, suggesting the power of video in a content marketing effort. (source: Content Marketing Institute)

  11. Video encourages shoppers to linger Nowadays, consumers want to know more about the products they buy and the companies they engage with. The retailer also found that to keep viewers interested, each video needed to be a mix of entertainment, education, and engagement consumers want to know more about their products and companies they engage with. Retailers found that to keep viewers interested, videos need to be a mix of entertainment, education, and engagement

  12. Engage Consumers (source: Gucci) Simple navigation Easy click to purchase

  13. Live Events Are Your Friend Embedded “magazine” right in the NYT iPad app (source: New York Times & Ralph Lauren)

  14. Interested Shoppers Awareness Engagement Action Path to Conversion

  15. Aide in Conversion 30% 90% Marks and Spencer’s agency, Adjust Your Set, tracked an average sales uplift of 30% across categories where product video supports the sale…. With some categories seeing conversion uplift of more than 90%where video was used. (source: Forrester)

  16. Familiar, ease-of-use The products mentioned in the videos are called out in a separate box, with prices and links to product pages and eCommerce sites. (source: Marks & Spencer)

  17. Inform Consumers Buying without being invasive Clean straight forward video complete with instructions Easy navigation (source: Mark&Spencer)

  18. Existing Buyers Awareness Engagement Action Path to Conversion

  19. Helpful Videos Illustrate Tasks “Littlewoods and use videos to creatively illustrate the return process more clearly for their customers. Though not inexpensive, this high-touch feature could provide a personal feel to a key interaction for these customers.” (source: Zappos & Forrester, “WebSite Functionality Benchmark 2011”)

  20. Be Respectful User-initiated video User-initiated video

  21. One-size does not fit all

  22. Key Take-Away • Work Out Objectives In Advance • Build Brand Awareness • Start Small To Prove Value • Contain Traffic To Your Site

  23. Your Video Delivery strategy QUALITY • EFFORT • Get as many eyeballs as possible without complexity. • By limiting complexity you reduce costs. • Consumers are not receptive to poor quality. • Long startup times and rebuffering events lose eyeballs. • Higher bit rates gain eyeballs.

  24. Devices? Players/applications? Formats? Codecs? Containers? Protocols? Oh my!

  25. Progressive download vsStreaming • No automatic multiple bit rate (MBR) • Usually encoded to least common bit rate • entire file downloads • - Seek is slow

  26. Use Multi-Bit-Rate http chunked content to solve bandwidth challenges Pick bitrate based on actual moment by moment bandwidth and rendering conditions 1.2mbps 1mbps 600kbps 600kbps 300kbps 300kbps Varied bottlenecks – Broadband & Mobile Networks Internet Optimized Experience

  27. Separate content preparation for each streaming format ( For Live & On Demand!) Disparate security mechanisms The Problem with streaming – complex & redundant workflows 2400k 1200k 600k 300k Encoder RTMP MBR - Flash 2400k 1200k MBR Smooth HD 600k 300k Encoder MSFT MBR – Apple HLS 2400k metadata 1200k 600k 300k Encoder HLS

  28. Common set of On Demand Assets (multiple bit rates) serve multiple output formats Common input Live Stream (multiple bit rates) serve multiple output formats Simplifying workflow MBR - Flash 2400k 1200k MBR Smooth HD 600k 300k Encoder MBR – Apple HLS

  29. Simplify Adaptive Streaming One broadcast input to multiple devices Opportunity to take mezzanine files and reach all customers Ideal Delivery flow -- future MP4 FLV F4V X X 600kbps 3.5Mbps 900kbps Transcoding or X 50k Progressive MP4 3.5Mbk 900k 600k Output in Multiple Formats

  30. Measure, analyze, refine, and succeed • Collect and analyze real-time quality and traffic information • Collect and analyze information on asset consumption • Get data for all streaming targets • Make sure to gather data on both Live & VOD

  31. Security

  32. Conclusion • Target multiple devices to capture the largest audience • Use http streaming to deliver the best quality • Measure, analyze and refine strategy Paul – ptomsic AT Mike – mrogge AT

  33. Putting Your Feedback to Work Please take the time to provide your feedback by accessing the session evaluation through the Edge App. Schedule  Date  Session  Evaluation If you have not downloaded the app you can by accessing it through your app store. #akamaiedge