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Louisiana Purchase

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Louisiana Purchase. BY : Student Period ____. Back Round Information!. In 1803 two men, named Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were sent to explore water pathways to the P acific Ocean. They were sent by Thomas Jefferson.

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louisiana purchase

Louisiana Purchase

BY: Student

Period ____

back round information
Back Round Information!
  • In 1803 two men, named Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were sent to explore water pathways to the Pacific Ocean.
  • They were sent by Thomas Jefferson.
  • While the two men were exploring on horse back, and boat they found many new things:

-some being species, Indian tribes, and the rocky mountains.

  • The journey was nicknamed The Corps of Discovery.
lets begin the journey
Lets begin the Journey
  • Lewis and Clark and nearly 50 men began

to make there journey up steam on the

Missouri River in a 55 foot long keelboat.

  • Lewis and Clark made a great team, while

Clark stayed on the boat to mark the course and making maps, Lewis was ashore studying the rocks, and animals and plants.

  • They left in May and by July they had traveled more than 500 miles up the river and they have yet to meet any Indian tribes.

- They were prepared for any situation with the Indians. They hoped they would be friendly and able to make peace with them, But incase they weren’t they were armed.

more of the journey
More of the Journey
  • In August they meet there first Indian Tribes

- The Oto and Missouri Indians, which went over well

  • By the end of that mouth Lewis and Clark were at the eastern part of the great lakes.
  • September 1804 the group got into there first stand off with the Teton Sioux, but both sides pulled back.
  • For the winter mouths they stayed on the Mandan.
  • Next traveling from North Dakota, to “grizzly Country” which the Indians had warned them about.
  • Now in May the group finally saw the Rockies one of there biggest finds.
finally ready to return
Finally ready to return
  • Between May and November they found many things but finally the ocean was found.

- Lewis was quoted as saying “ Ocian in view! O! the joy”

  • After spending the winter along the Pacific they decided to begin the trip home.
  • When they finally got home in September they were considered heroes!!
new animals they found
New Animals They Found!

Lewis and Clark found so many new animals and in such large quantities. But now those animals are never seen so much, and some are even extinct or on the verge of it.

Some animals they found:

Grizzly Bear mountain lion Wolverine

American Bison coyote elk

plants lewis and clark discovered

The Cottonwood wild grape vines

sage purple coneflower

Needle grass

Plants Lewis and Clark Discovered!

Are only some of the few that Lewis and Clark found along there journey to the Pacific and back. But now a day we have different names then they named them.

the groups guide
The Groups Guide
  • Sacagawea was hired as an interpreter not guide but she ended up doing a little of both.
  • She also acted as a sign of peace to other native American tribe the would meet along the way which would be a very big help, andpregnant the entire time with her husband fur trader Toussaint Charbonneau.
  • Later in life when Sacagawea died William Clark adopted her two children, Jean Baptiste and Lisette.

Some Hardships:

-Lack of privacy


-Disagreements between the men

-Getting lost

-Poor weather


- Deaths Because of Nature


Successes along the journey:

- One of the main successes was all the information gained from the trip out West.

- We also received a better, friendlier relation with the Native Americans of the new owned territory.

- A great perception of the land and Geography of the unknown land.

  • “the Lewis and Clark journey log”


  • “Species at risk”


  • “Sacajawea”