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The Louisiana Purchase

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The Louisiana Purchase. By Ryan Bilger & Jarred Ring. Early Louisiana History. Originally colonized by France Given up to Spain after French and Indian War Treaty of Fontainebleau Americans still allowed to settle in Spanish Louisiana.

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the louisiana purchase

The Louisiana Purchase

By Ryan Bilger & Jarred Ring

early louisiana history
Early Louisiana History
  • Originally colonized by France
  • Given up to Spain after French and Indian War
  • Treaty of Fontainebleau
  • Americans still allowed to settle in Spanish Louisiana
quasi war xyz affair early controversy between united states and france
Quasi-War/XYZ Affair: Early Controversy Between United States and France
  • Quasi-War: Unofficial warwhere French ships attacked American ships in 1797
  • XYZ Affair- French government bribing American government for an end to the quasi-war; 1797-1798
  • Caused massive uproar among anti-French Americans
treaty of san ildefonso
Treaty of San Ildefonso
  • September 30, 1800
  • Louisiana given back to France from Spain
  • Spain supposed to get a French kingdom in Italy, but it was never handed over
  • Treaty supposed to be secret; still found out about by Americans, and the Senate was notified by Thomas Jefferson
slave rebellion in st domingue
Slave Rebellion in St. Domingue
  • St. Domingue- French colony in present-day Haiti
  • Led by Toussaint L’Overture
  • Napoleon sent over 40,000 soldiers to fight rebels
  • French soldiers decimated by yellow fever, forced troops to withdraw
  • Most French defeated in 1802
napoleon s desire to sell louisiana
Napoleon’s Desire to Sell Louisiana
  • Loss of St. Domingue diminished Napoleon’s opinion of Louisiana
  • Thought it was useless without St. Domingue as a jumping-off point
  • Wanted to ease tension with United States after XYZ Affair
  • Prepared to offer territory to American diplomats in France
jefferson appoints negotiators
Jefferson Appoints Negotiators
  • Livingston appointed “Resident Minister at the Court of Napoleon” in 1801
  • Monroe appointed “Envoy Extraordinary” in 1803
  • Jefferson notified the Senate of these positions in a January 1803 message
  • Both would negotiate the treaty with Napoleon
the offers for louisiana
The Offers for Louisiana
  • Monroe was to offer $9,375,000 to buy New Orleans and Florida
  • Napoleon offered entire Louisiana Territory for $22,500,000
  • Monroe and Livingston counter-offer $8,000,000
  • Napoleon offers $16,000,000, Americans offer $12,000,000
louisiana purchase treaty
Louisiana Purchase Treaty
  • France agrees to sell Louisiana for $15,000,000; price confirmed in First Convention
  • Rate of 6 cents per acre
  • First signed by Livingston and Monroe for the United States in April 1803
  • Louisiana Territory and all French public/government buildings included
louisiana purchase treaty cont
Louisiana Purchase Treaty (cont.)
  • Over 800,000 acres of land added
  • Gave U.S. access to the Mississippi River, but France and Spain were still allowed to import; economy boost
  • Money for purchase loaned from a British bank
  • Treaty passed by Congress on October 20, 1803
louisiana purchase immediate aftermath
Louisiana Purchase Immediate Aftermath
  • U.S. occupied Louisiana in December, 1803 after Spain gave it over to France days before
  • Napoleon’s North American empire was gone; he eventually lost his European empire as well
  • Spain angered by what France had done, but they had no power to change it
louisiana purchase immediate aftermath cont
Louisiana Purchase Immediate Aftermath (cont.)
  • Lewis and Clark explored the territory from 1805-1806
  • Development would displace many natives, as well as change the lives of French and Spanish in the area
louisiana purchase today
Louisiana Purchase Today
  • Land is now home to many species of animals
  • New cities built/further developed in LA territory e.g. St. Louis, MO; Kansas City, MO; Omaha, NE
  • Land makes up all or parts of 15 states
  • Contains some of Yellowstone National Park
thomas jefferson did he overstep his bounds
Thomas Jefferson- Did he overstep his bounds?
  • During negotiations, he didn’t have the power to buy the land
  • Nothing in the Constitution about land acquisitions
  • Jefferson himself said he didn’t have the authority; knew it was important acquisition, so he went through with it
    • Eventually given authority by Congress to acquire Louisiana Territory in Oct. 1803
  • Lasting impact on Federal Power
impact on federal power
Impact on Federal Power
  • Purchase seen as beginning of expansion of federal power
  • Strengthened federal government; gave them more power to do what they wanted
  • Constitution interpreted more loosely by future governments
  • Examples of growing federal power’s impact throughout history:
    • Federal power vs. states’ rights argument during Civil War
    • Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal
    • Barack Obama’s healthcare reform