Citing your research
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Citing Your Research. i -Search Paper: Search Results. Organize Your Cards. Separate your information cards into piles based on main idea or topic. Examine Sample Part 3. Direct Quotations.

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Citing your research

Citing Your Research

i-Search Paper: Search Results

Organize your cards
Organize Your Cards

  • Separate your information cards into piles based on main idea or topic.

Direct quotations
Direct Quotations

According to the information in the Encarta encyclopedia, many Americans, besides me, have asthma and that number has increased dramatically in the last 20 years. The encyclopedia states, “ More than 17 million Americans suffer from asthma, with nearly 5 million cases occurring in children under age 18. In the United States, asthma causes 5,500 deaths each year… Among all Americans, the prevalence of asthma increased more than 60 percent between 1982 and 1994” (1). The management of asthma is a health issue for many people besides me…

Direct quotations first time
Direct Quotations – First Time

  • Give source information to show your fact is credible

    In the article “Bermuda’s Mystery” by respected oceanographer Casey Glass, Glass explains that “we may never know the exact reason behind the disappearances since there are so many factors at play” (Glass 2).

Direct quotations second third etc
Direct Quotations – Second, Third, etc.

However, not all experts seem to agree that the Bermuda Triangle is a problem. Glass writes, “The US coast guard maintains the disappearances are insignificant” since air traffic is so heavy in the area (Glass 4).

Paraphrased information
Paraphrased Information

Numerous substances can trigger an asthma attack of coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Allergens constitute the largest category of triggers (Abramowicz).

Paraphrase where to put citation
Paraphrase – Where to put citation

  • If you have multiple facts from the same source in a row, put the citation at the end.

    When it comes to the treatment of asthma, two instruments are commonly. The first is called a peak flow meter. This is a tube about six inches long; its purpose is to measure your ability to push air out of your lungs. When you exhale into it, you can determine if your lungs are working at their capacity. If they are not, you know it is time to take some medication, often with a metered-dose inhaler (Peak Flow Meters).

Paraphrase maybe introduced
Paraphrase – MAYBE introduced

  • The Science Channel delineates five main Bermuda Triangle theories: human error, crazy weather patterns, magnetic fields, Atlantis, and aliens (“Bermuda Triangle Theories” 1).

  • A scuba diver in the 1970s claims to have found a mirrored pyramid in the area around the Bahamas (“Bermuda Triangle Theories” 3). While the Atlantis theory is fascinating and would be a blast if it were true, I don’t feel it likely.