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The Egypt Game Bell Work PowerPoint Presentation
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The Egypt Game Bell Work

The Egypt Game Bell Work

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The Egypt Game Bell Work

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  1. The Egypt Game Bell Work

  2. Bell Work: Monday, October 3rd • Fill in your planner block. • It is now time for a notebook quiz. Answer the following questions on a sheet of notebook paper. • What was the EQ on Wednesday, September 28th? • What was the homework on Monday, September 26th? • Write down the student amendment you chose to put into place. • Write down the answer to number 2 from #3 on your running list. • Attach your study guide. • Once you have finished turn in your notebook quiz to your ELA tray and get out a sheet of notebook paper for your Main Idea Test. Remember: Name, Date, and Class Period in the UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER!

  3. Bell Work: Tuesday, October 4th • Fill in your planner block. (Bring $ for the book fair tomorrow if you want to purchase something.) • Define the vocabulary words on your Egypt Game Organizer. • Take out your pre-reading questionnaire (make sure it is complete) and be ready to discuss.

  4. Bell Work: Thursday, October 6th • Fill in your planner block. • Label today’s entry as journal entry #1 • Answer the following: (Save until after reading) • In the story, when Melanie meets April for the first time, she doesn’t know what to make of her. April shows up wearing false eyelashes, a fur stole, and her hair in a sophisticated upsweep. But, as they talk, Melanie uncovers the real April, and they become friendly. Write about someone who turned out to be different from your first impression. (Length: minimum 1 paragraph)

  5. Friday, October 7th • Fill in your planner block. • Take five minutes to study for your vocabulary quiz.

  6. Tuesday, October 11th • Fill in your planner block. • Chapter question check tomorrow. • Title: Journal Entry 2 • Length: 1 paragraph • #2: In the story, Melanie and April create ancient Egypt in the backyard of the A to Z shop. They become ancient Egyptian characters and create a temple and rituals. What time and place would you use to create a game? • After completing your bell work, then take out your graphic organizer and author’s craft notes. Put everything else UNDER your desk. When this is complete I will know you are ready to start class.

  7. Wednesday, October 12th • Fill in your planner block. • Read the story and answer the questions on your OWN PAPER!!!! • Take out your graphic organizer, chapter questions, and novel. Place everything else under your desk.

  8. Monday, October 17th • Fill in your planner block. • Title: Conflict (Journal Entry 3) • Length: 1 paragraph minimum • Write about a time when you and a friend had a conflict. What was it about? Did you resolve the conflict? How?

  9. Tuesday, October 18th • Fill out your planner block. • Journal Entry #4: List two examples of character vs. character conflict and two examples of character vs. nature from your favorite movie, book, or life experience. • After you have completed the bell work clear off your desk except for you chapter questions/graphic organizer, notes, bell work and your novel. • DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING ON YOUR DESK!!!!

  10. Wednesday, October 19th • Fill in your planner block. • Title: Characterization (Journal 5) • Length: Write down what you discuss. (5 minute discussion only) • Get with 1 partner and imagine April is your new friend in real life. Write words or phrases that would help you describe her to someone who doesn’t know her. (What does she look like? What kind of personality does she have? What does she like to do?)

  11. Thursday, October 20th • Fill in your planner block. • Journal Entry 6: At any time, something unexpected may ripple the smooth flow of our lives, our families, our traditions—even our games. In the story something terrible happens that affects the Egypt Game as well as the entire community. Write a paragraph about this event and its effect on the children and the community. • 1. How do the children know there is something wrong when Melanie’s mother calls them home? • 2. What is the terrible event that has occurred? • 3. What do the police suspect about the person responsible for the terrible acts that have taken place in the town? • 4. What impact does the terrible event have on the community and the Egypt Game?

  12. Friday, October 20th • Fill in your planner block. • Journal 7: Write down the story of The Three Little Pigs from memory. • After you have finished sit silently or read.

  13. Monday, October 24th • Fill in your planner block. • Turn in all word splashes if you have not done so already. • Make sure you have answered all questions from chapters 1-14. • The following should be filled in on your graphic organizer: • Setting, Conflict, Characters, Cause/Effect, Exposition, and point of view, if you have not filled it out then please do so. • Complete the graphic in pencil, just in case you need to change your answer.

  14. Tuesday, October 25th • Fill in your planner blocks. • Title: Journal # 8 • Answer the following in your Egypt Game journal: • What is a symbol? • What is symbolism? • List at least three symbols that come to mind and what they mean. (Don’t use the symbols below.)

  15. Wednesday, October 26th • Fill in your planner block. • Title: Journal # 9 Length: 1 paragraph • What is a mood or tone? What puts you in a good mood, bad mood, sad mood, or makes you melancholy?

  16. Thursday, October 27th • Fill in your planner block. • Journal # 10 • Choose one character from “The Egypt Game” and compare and contrast yourself to them. Use the STEAL method to characterize the character and yourself, then compare and contrast.

  17. Friday, October 28th • Fill in your planner block. • Title: Author’s Craft #11 Length: 1 paragraph • What is the importance of author’s craft in a novel? • After completing bell work clear off your desk and have the following ready: • HW from last night (STEAL comparison) • EG Packet and book

  18. Monday, October 31st • Fill in your planner block. • Title: Climax #12 Length: 1 paragraph • What is the climax of The Egypt Game? What hints in chapter 20 led up to the climax, in other words, how did you know something was about to happen? Who do you think the mysterious person is who called for help?

  19. Tuesday, November 1st • Fill in your planner bock. • Title: Journal #13: Resolution • Length: 1 paragraph • Infer how you believe The Egypt Game will end. Give specific details about what you think is to come for each of the characters in the story.

  20. Wednesday, November 2nd • Fill in your planner block. • Title: Mood and Tone Length: 1 paragraph • Describe the mood in the final chapter. • Give examples from the book that helped you figure out the mood and tone. • Once you have finished your bell work, brainstorm different childhood stories and the lessons you learned from those stories.

  21. Thursday, November 3rd • Fill out your planner block. • Title: Theme Length: Complete sentences • What do you think the theme of The Egypt Game is? Why do you believe this is the theme? Give me examples from the novel to show your support. • Complete the theme worksheet on your own paper!!!!!!!!! • Take out your EG packet and clear everything else off your desk.

  22. Friday, November 4th • Fill in your planner block. • Complete the writing activity on your desk. • It is okay if you do not know some of the vocabulary, but this still has to be completed. • We will go over this shortly.