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DRA Health Services

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DRA Health Services. By: Deavor Austin. Product.

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dra health services

DRA Health Services

By: Deavor Austin

  • The needs that DRA will provide is an sleep study test for customers 18 and over that it will make it more convenient for patients to get tested for sleep apnea by providing a portable watch that can be taken home rather than remaining at the sleep lab.
  • The product that we provide is unique compared to other products provided by the medical centers because it’s a portable device which means it accompanies the patient, and makes them feel relaxed while testing which results in a accurate reading for the doctor or whomever may be interpreting the readings. It also is unique because its one of the only type that is provided currently on the market.
  • It also is beneficial because it helps to meet the financial needs of the clinic and physicians from the returns the physicians receive from the pay-out of the insurance companies.
  • The customers that this product will effect are people who have symptoms of sleep apnea, have a family history of sleep apnea or anyone who has any type of sleeping disorders, and the physicians that are using the device to test the patients.
  • The profiles of most of my customers are physicians that have a doctorate degrees such as; family practice, internal medicine, and endocrinology based backgrounds, and patients who want to receive the test to catch early symptoms of sleep apnea.
  • The establishment of most of my customers are either their own personally owned clinics or the homes of the customers receiving the test.
  • The buying habits of most of my customers are they prefer buying high value products at a low cost.
  • The needs of my customers is something that complies with their financial needs, meets the needs of their clinic, and something that helps meet the needs for treatment of the patients.
  • The competition that the company faces is all medical centers that have sleep labs, and also people within the region or state that conduct the same type of businesses especially in the local metro Jackson area and surrounding areas.
  • Strengths
  • Easy portability
  • Accessible
  • Quicker and more efficient
  • Product knowledge
  • Clinical knowledge
  • Strong relationships

3. Weaknesses

  • Malfunctions with the technology
  • Inaccurate readings
  • Size of the company

4. The way my competition may view my company as an opportunity to increase their profit, and grow their clinic or they can view it as a threat and feel intimidated that it’s a business that will take away from their ability to profit.

  • The suppliers of my product are two suppliers which are Itamar medical devices which is based out of Dallas, Texas. And Ansar Testing which is based out of Nashville, Tennessee.
  • The primary business practices are to focus on development and distribution of products to the distributors
  • The relationships that I expect on a business level are relationships that are and lengthy and collaborative relationships which in return will produce more relationships among people within the same business venture.
  • The location of my company is based primarily in the Southeast region of the United States which mean I primarily cover the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee.
  • The location cost of using my product ranges from $200-$1000.
  • The legal limitation within my company are very scarce for the primary reason of I'm the primary, and only distributor that has rights to distribute my services to the physicians and patients within the southeast region. However there is one legal limitation that says that the test can not be administered to anyone under the age of 18.
physical facilities equipment
Physical Facilities/Equipment
  • I personally do not own any personal facilities because many of them are clinics owned by physicians already.
  • The product I provided is owned by my company, and many times it is either rented by the physicians or they will buy the device directly from my company and just provide the company with the pay-outs of the insurance company.
  • The maintenance of my product is done primarily by myself or the technicians of my company or it is sent to the manufacturer if it’s a more serious problem.
human resources
Human Resources
  • The availability of the services of my company are basically coherent to that of the clinics which means I provide services 6 days a week 8A.M.- 8P.M. most holidays with the exceptions of Christmas, and Thanksgiving.
  • My company does provide the employees with training on how to operate the devices and how to correctly interpret the readings to report to the physicians
  • The cost of my product is $0 because everything comes from the pay-out of the insurance company, but my employees are paid $50 per patient the clinic administers the test to plus the bonus received from the pay-out of the insurance company.
legal regulatory environment
Legal/ Regulatory Environment
  • The only thing that is required on a legal level within my company is to have ownership of a business license, and also certification of knowing how to operate the device
  • The only government agencies my company deals with are Medicare, Medicaid, and all major insurance providers.
  • The only liabilities that exist within my company are that I will be responsible for any thing that happens to a patient while using my device , and I will be responsible for any maintenance that is required for my device.
cultural social environment
Cultural/Social Environment
  • There are no cultural or social issues that exist within my company because the service that I provide is to the physicians, and patients and to make sure the pay-outs are distributed equally.
international environment international issues
International Environment/ International Issues
  • The only International issue that can occur within my company is if I had to directly buy my device from the main office which isn't a major problem, but would be a difficulty because the main office is located in Israel.