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Daniel Gonnella

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Daniel Gonnella
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Daniel Gonnella

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  1. Daniel Gonnella Virtual Workplace & Remote Access Technologies 21 March 2007

  2. Agenda • Introduction – Business Purpose • Virtual Workplace Overview • Other Benefits of Virtual Workplace • Is It Popular With Employees? • Limitations

  3. Business Purpose Introduction Business Continuity Mission Statement: Our mission is to protect the Firm from significant business disruptions by fostering a culture of resiliency in all of our business operations through the deployment of lightweight, flexible, and portable solutions.

  4. What is Virtual Workplace? It’s not this…

  5. What is Virtual Workplace? www.atis.org virtual workplace:Synonymvirtual office virtual office: A work environment in which employees work cooperatively from different locations using a computer network wikipedia.org A virtual workplace is a workplace that is not located in any one physical space. Rather, several workplaces are technologically connected (via the Internet) without regard to geographic boundaries. Employees are thus able to interact and work with one another in a collaborated environment regardless of where they are in the world.

  6. The Trend Toward Virtual Workplace “… companies are no longer talking about "work at home" programs, rather, they are speaking about "working anywhere, anytime, and with anyone."

  7. Why Virtual Workplace?Pandemic Flu – Coming to a Theater Near You… • A global pandemic would cause major business disruptions, and could have a devastating effect on the economy • Social distancing will be required to contain a pandemic • The traditional model of business continuity that relocates staff to a recovery site does not apply to a pandemic • A pandemic is the ultimate “denial of access” event • Deployment of virtual workplace technologies extends the boundaries of our business institutions, therefore mitigating business disruptions that could result from “denial of access” events • Early deployment of these technologies is key to minimizing business disruptions as well as minimizing the effect on our economy

  8. Lehman’s Virtual Workplace Technology Deployments • PC Access • Tocket “Classic” – Allows a user to run specific applications securely, from a remote PC via any internet connection. The ability for a trader to enter new orders in trading systems is expressly prohibited. • TocketPC – Allows authorized users to remotely control their Lehman desktop PC in its entirety. By its nature, TocketPC allows complete access to all desktop applications, including front office trading systems and market data • Telecommunications • Call forwarding – Allows authorized IP phone users to forward their phones to remote locations – unanswered calls will ultimately route to personal answering machine / voicemail • IP-based trading turrets – installation of a physical turret in the user’s home • Soft turret – PC-based representation of a turret that bridges private lines to a phone number that you specify – allows turret users to remotely place and receive calls through the Lehman Brothers turret system without installing proprietary equipment off-premises • ePhone/vPhone – Installation of a remote IP phone in the employee’s home • LehmanLive Telephone – A remote access application that allows users to remotely place and receive calls through the Lehman Brothers telephone network without installing proprietary equipment off-premises • Thin Client – Installation of a terminal that provides dedicated access to LehmanLive in the user’s home – can provide multiple-monitor capability

  9. Corporate Office

  10. Home Office

  11. Virtual Office

  12. Virtual Office

  13. Virtual Office

  14. Virtual Office

  15. Increased Usage Indicates Popularity Usage Statistics – TocketPC

  16. Remote Working Limitations • It should be noted that there are some critical functions that cannot be performed from home, such as: • Building engineering and maintenance • Physical security • Medical center operation • Critical operations functions involving printing (e.g. checks) • Technology operations • Operations requiring dedicated “hard-wired” terminals (e.g. bank terminals) • While working from home is technologically feasible, there could be issues that should be addressed: • Compliance • Security • Supervision • Record retention • Availability & authenticity of counterparties

  17. Think Outside the Box - Beyond the Limits of Your Firm Lehman Brothers is pioneering an effort to create an industry-wide directory and contact system that would contain alternate contact information, enabling business partners to remain connected without the need for expensive technology solutions

  18. Conclusion Virtual Workplace Benefits - Business Continuity & Beyond • Denial of Access mitigation & recovery • Republican National Convention • NYC Transit Strike • Flexibility • Provides flexibility for work schedules - FWAs • Enables immediate access anytime, from anywhere • Diversity enhancement • Enhances work/life balance • Extends the brand of the Firm as an “employer of choice” • Reduced time to market • Offshoring or outsourcing functions • New locations (mergers/acquisitions) • Business partners/clients • Temporary consultant assignments

  19. Questions / Thoughts