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Daniel Daniel

Daniel Daniel Dentistry - dentists are highly qualified professional in Halifax.

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Daniel Daniel

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  1. http://danieldanieldentistry.com/

  2. About Us: Dr. Daniel • Since 1999 Dr. Daniel has been transforming people’s smiles and their lives. After practicing in Calgary, Alberta, Dr. Daniel opened his own Halifax-based practice, Daniel Daniel Dentistry, in 2005. • Dr. Daniel has a gentle touch and an eye for aesthetic perfection. This combination of skill and attention to detail produces stunning results. • When Dr. Daniel isn’t creating smiles, he coaches his colleagues in areas such as practice transformation, adhesive dentistry, communications and case presentation skills.

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  4. 10 Interesting Facts about Your Teeth • Few People Have a Complete Set of Teeth • Fluoride isn’t Always Good for Dental Health • Enamel is Your Body’s Hardest Substance • Tongue and Lip Piercings aren’t Good for Your Teeth • Sugar isn’t the Only Reason of Teeth Damage • Your Mouth Has More Than 700 Bacteria Types • Teeth are like Fingerprints, Visible Teeth are the Tip of the Iceberg

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  6. Test Drive Your Smile” Technique! • Your smile is one of your most attractive assets. It’s an important part of making a good or bad first impression. • It’s not just about how you look – it’s about how you feel. When you have stained, chipped, crooked or missing teeth, not only does it affect your smile, but your confidence suffers as well. • Imagine how a new smile could change your life. See yourself looking younger, more attractive and confident. • With so many advancements in cosmetic dentistry and affordable financing options, you no longer have to live with your smile. • We can make your dreams come true and make sure you have the smile you’ve always wanted by taking it for a “test drive”!

  7. Contact us Address Daniel Daniel Dentistry6417 Lady Hammond RdHalifax NS B3K 2S4 Phone: (902) 404-3369 1-866-668-8999 Fax: (902) 404-4368 Email: smile@danieldanieldentistry.com http://danieldanieldentistry.com/ Stay Connected

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