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Pooya industry Development

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Pooya industry Development. Touching Technology, Improving Life www.pooyaenergy.com. Pooya Energy Industry Development. Pooya Energy Industry Development. 1- PooyaEnergy has authorized by energy Ministry to establish 1000Mw power plants through Taban Energy company in the next 3 years

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pooya industry development

Pooyaindustry Development

Touching Technology, Improving Life


pooya energy industry development1
Pooya Energy Industry Development

1-PooyaEnergy has authorized by energy Ministry to establish 1000Mw power plants through Taban Energy company in the next 3 years

2- Three major energy industry companies in Iran are involving in CHP projects. Mapna company Co., OTC Company and PooyaEnergy Company

3- Energy Saving Management

pooya energy industry development2
Pooya Energy Industry Development

4- Procurement for Refinery and Petrochemical Plants

5- Offshore and onshore rigs procurement

6- Bio Technology activities for Medical purposes

taban energy cont
Taban Energy (Cont.)
  • Taban Energy’s main focus is on:
  • 1- Taban Energy is the only representative of SCHMITT ENERTEC (Germany) and PERKINS (ENGLAND) in Iran
  • 2- Developing and implementing system solutions for producing on site energy such as combined heat and power plants (CHP) fuelled by natural gas
caspian energy co
Caspian Energy Co.
  • Caspian Energy Co.’s main focus is on:
  • Process Design and Optimization
  • Heat Exchanger Networks
  • Co-generation and Site Utility
  • Systems
  • Low-Temp. Liquefaction and Gas
  • Separation
  • Water and Waste Water Minimization
  • GHG Emission Reduction in
  • Processes
  • Renewable Energies
  • Environmental Protection
sepehrandish trading
SepehrAndish Trading
  • Trusted Trading group in Middle-East, East Asia and Europe
  • Procurement oil and gas equipments and components
  • Financing and investment electrical energy; Power plant, CHP, Winds and Solar projects
  • Import and Export of oil, gas and power plants equipments and components
international bio implant ibi
International Bio Implant (IBI)
  • The pioneer company in development of technologically innovative bio-implants for several of surgical indications
  • Expert in manufacture and clinical recovery application of bio-implants
  • Pioneer in the latest advances in amniotic collagen membrane products
international bio implant ibi1
International Bio Implant (IBI)

Laboratory and Production Complex :

13 Golesorkh Street, Mahestan Blvd, Shamsabad Industrial Zone, 35Km of Tehran-Qom highway, Tehran-Iran

novin new technology development
Novinnew technology development
  • EPC, EP and E contractor in Oil and Gas industries
  • Widely access on foreign partners and specific companies
  • Advisory international law team to present solution for international and economical problems and sanctions
  • Having the best engineers and specialists teamwork which will be flexible for any new business
pooya it group
Pooya – IT Group
  • Some of IT Group specialties:
  • Stock Trading Software
  • Help Desk Software
  • Database and Analysis
  • Store Management Software
  • inventory management system software
  • 3-D Design and Virtual reality
  • Game Development
  • E-Learning
  • Advertising & Design
pooya industry development1
Pooya Industry Development

Head Office : No. 5, First Alley, Hormozan Ave., ShahrakeGhods, Tehran -Iran

Tel. : +98 (21) 88371507-8

Fax: +98 (21) 88574574


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