beyond linear narrative augusto baal enters norrath n.
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Beyond Linear Narrative Augusto Baal Enters Norrath PowerPoint Presentation
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Beyond Linear Narrative Augusto Baal Enters Norrath

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Beyond Linear Narrative Augusto Baal Enters Norrath - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Beyond Linear Narrative Augusto Baal Enters Norrath. Katie Whitlock. " Play is older than culture”. It is inherent in our nature. Used to transcend reality, breaking from the mundane to experience the extraordinary.

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play is older than culture
"Play is older than culture”
  • It is inherent in our nature.
  • Used to transcend reality, breaking from the mundane to experience the extraordinary.
  • Huizinga points to "dressing up" as the highest level of this, suggesting that the donning
  • of disguise or mask equals perfection of play – “becoming another being”.
  • The culture of play remains strong within our society.
  • The manner of play is changing, adapting to the mediatized culture of the present.
  • For Rushkoff, video game is a "mediated dream space," which allows individuals to join in fictional realities to play "dress up" and to pursue a hero's quest unavailable in modern society
  • The video game player of today is a performer. He/she is actively engaged in an interactive state that is both physical and mental, playing a character. Narrative, however simplistic, houses this performance in a virtual world, a performance space that can allow an unlimited creative freedom.
games versus stories
Games versus Stories
  • This is the essential difference between game designers and storytellers:
  • The game designers see the universe - everything! - as a gigantic physical system that need only be simulated with sufficient fidelity to achieve any goal.

Early Industrial games use film structures: which ignores the dimension of interactivity available to gaming and the use of an emotionally evocative dramatic experience.

  • Later games emerge that use Post-Aristotelian theater narratives: create interactive fantasy systems i.e. MMORPG, WOW.
  • Rather than following Aristotelian rules of drama, these massive worlds parallel thewritings of another, more modern, theatre theorist - Augusto Boal.
  • Introduce social relationships in games:
    • Dungeon “like” Role playing games
    • online communities
      • MUDs (text based)
      • MMOs add AI in games
    • Games became situational: a simulacrum of the real-world (or a fantastic version of)
spect actor
  • A meld of audience and actor
  • An active participant in drama
  • Influencing the narrative
  • Altering the narrative to suit the individual's ideas.
  • Theater becomes at the cross-road of narrative and action
  • It becomes a place of revolution via democratic theater

Massive multiplayer games are unique in that they depend upon the community to survive, just as Boars Forum relies on society to thrive.

  • Thecommunity is the reason to play the game as its presence and involvement alters the experience.
  • The player becomes a part of the game and its virtual community, joining a social network that gives the player agency, a capacity for change in every action and choice.
  • Player immersion
  • Hyper reality

As technology continues to improve and becomes further enmeshed in everyday life, the potential grows for gaming to extend its presence.

  • This connection between real life and gaming will further Boal's concept of the Forum by providing a place for the exploration ideas and narratives.
  • With the integration of computers and cell phones, virtual worlds hold the potential to become active theatrical forums in which individuals become characters in ever-changing narratives that are influenced and shaped by the people