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AMSA Supervisor Education Program Online Application PowerPoint Presentation
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AMSA Supervisor Education Program Online Application

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AMSA Supervisor Education Program Online Application

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  1. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. AMSASupervisor Education ProgramOnline Application Ross Whitelaw MRW Computer Systems, Inc.

  2. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. ChallengeSupervisor Education Program • Replace old standalone application with an on-line application, allowing users, including participants, administrators and AMSA leadership access on the Internet through the ACSA Website. The application is to include a database of questions and answers located on Website server: • That has the ability to: • import questions from external database or text files; • edit questions on-line by authorized users group; • restrict access by group depending on function of group; • categorize questions by legislation, act or standard, etc.  That has the ability to produce an exam that: • Is based on the questions and answers stored in the database; • Has the ability to shuffle questions & answers when individual exam is created; • Has a time limit that is sufficiently long enough to allow participants sufficient time to complete the exam. 

  3. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. Challenge (continued)Supervisor Education Program • That has to mark and score exam automatically and: • Send results to user groups identified by leadership in AMSA; • Issue passing grades and notifying appropriate administrators; • Who, in turn, can print and distribute certificates as required. • That has the ability to retain a table of certificate holders and: • Send notification of expiry to administrators as well as internal reporting for member organizations. • That has the ability to create statistical reporting based on usage of application and database tables. • That has the ability to easily access appropriate legislation, regulations, codes, standards, etc. within the application or appropriate links to other Websites.

  4. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. MoodleSupervisor Education Program • Moodle was chosen as the underlying engine of our program because of it’s acceptance by educators throughout the world. • An added benefit is that it is open source software and is available at no cost with contributions made welcomed. AMSA has contributed to the Moodle community • Moodle (abbreviation for ModularObject-OrientedDynamicLearning Environment) is a free sourcee-learningsoftware platform, also known as a Course Management System, Learning Management System, or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). As of October 2010[update] it had a user base of 49,952 registered and verified sites, serving 37 million users in 3.7 million courses.[3] • Moodle was originally developed by Martin Dougiamas to help educators create online courses with a focus on interaction and collaborative construction of content, and is in continual evolution.

  5. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. Potentials with MoodleSupervisor Education Program • Capable of being used for Multiple Courses • Mine Emergency Response Course • Could house individual courses from member companies • Great place to store: • Documents for access by members only • Incident Bulletins • Incident analysis • Schedules • Example:

  6. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. Database of QuestionsSupervisor Education Program • Questions and answers from previous program were converted to numerous text files. • Questions and answers in the files were modified to a format that the new program understood. • Subject text and page and/or manual reference were added to each question. • Questions and answers were imported into various groups of questions based on requirements various supervisors must meet and which reference various acts, regulations, codes and standards.

  7. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. UpdateSupervisor Education Program • As of May 30th, 2012: • 815 Users have been given access to SEP by their mine administrators. • 528 have opened at least one of the exams.

  8. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. Access through the WebsiteSupervisor Education Program • Access to the SEP site can be through the AMSA home page:

  9. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. Access through the Website (continued)Supervisor Education Program • Access to the SEP site can be through the AMSA Supervisor Education page:

  10. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. Access through any other meansSupervisor Education Program • Access to the SEP site could technically be through other means, but it doesn’t matter how you access it, you come to this:

  11. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. SecuritySupervisor Education Program • There are only two ways to get access to SEP: • Someone who already has access at a higher level must submit a user’s name to the database. • Once someone has access during one session on the internet, the user name and passwords are remembered and someone else could use that computer to gain access. Once the browser is closed, the user name and password are forgotten. • User information includes administrator, company and mine location. This allows for cross checking to ensure that all users are appropriately registered.

  12. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. RolesSupervisor Education Program Current Roles:

  13. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. Menus depend on RolesSupervisor Education Program • Webmaster

  14. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. Menus depend on RolesSupervisor Education Program • Mine Administrator

  15. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. Menus depend on RolesSupervisor Education Program • Authenticated User

  16. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. AdministratorsSupervisor Education Program • Len Broad - Lehigh Cement • Jennie Brooks - Ledcor • Bonnie Roul - Grande Cache Coal • Chris Chapman - Paintearth/ Sheerness • Fred Kuzmic - Coal Valley • Brad Hulbert - Obed • Cory Michie - Teck Cardinal River • Tim Wolf - KMC • Doran Jones - Genesee • Dan Lloy - Highvale • Maurice Robichaud - Graymont • Dale Delueg - Graham Earthworks • Matthew Jones - Lafarge - Exshaw • Angela Kucek - Sherritt Coal (corporate)

  17. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. AdministratorsSupervisor Education Program – Morning, November 18, 2011 • Denis Vezina – Keyano College - dZ000001 • Janet Somerville – Keyano College - Js000001 • Sarah Richard – KMC Mining - sR000001 • Sheila Gill – KMC Mining - sG000001 • Craig Lamb – Imperial Oil - Kearl - cL000001 • George Berridge – Syncrude - gB000001 • Tracy Bourassa – Syncrude - tB000001 • Vivian Wong – Suncor - vW000001 • James Smith – Suncor - jS000002 • Jennie Brooks – Ledcor - jB000001

  18. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. AdministratorsSupervisor Education Program – Afternoon, November 18, 2011 • Bruce Wheaton – Aecon - bW000001 • Danny Turner – Aecon - dT000001 • Scott Rose – Hammerstone - sR000002 • Craig Lowrie – Graham - cL000002 • Annick Schumacher – CNRL - aS000001 • Sandra Russell – CNRL • Christine McCullagh – Shell Albian - cM000001 • Steve Nash – Shell Albian - sN000001 • Nancy Payne – Shell Albian - nP000001 • Laila Goodridge – North American - lG000001 • Melanie Plowman – North American - mP000001

  19. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. AdministratorsSupervisor Education Program – Afternoon, May 31, 2012 • Brenda Curtis – Syncrude – bC000001 • Naomi Cormier – Syncrude – nC000001 • Brad Haugen – Syncrude – bH000001 • Shauna DeBock – Teck –

  20. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. Edit your own User Profile • Change your password • Check your information for accuracy • Add anything you like in appropriate fields. • While the ability in the program is there, do not enter too much information.

  21. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. Some Issues Supervisor Education Program • Valid expiry dates from both old and new program – do we need a separate database for retention? • Do we need a tutorial for users? • There is no lockout on password retries. • Any administrator can change any password. • Nuisance with incorrect e-mail addresses in database. • Individual administrators not automatically notified when student completes and exam. • Individualized reports for administrators lacking. • When people move from location to location, what protocol is used to ensure the database is kept up to date.

  22. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. Discoveries Supervisor Education Program • Some administrators have "taken" exam under their regular e-mail address and discovered that there is no record of their taking the exam, just previewed. Yet, when you check individual record, scores and completion dates are present. • When you use the same login on two different computers so that you can review reading material on one and answer questions on the second, the app will not save your work.

  23. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. Check Individual Record Supervisor Education Program • Go into the AMSA SEP main page. Click on “Required Exams” in the centre column. • Click on “Grades” under Administration in the left column. The resulting report is in Surname order. • Go to the page you would assume the name was on, you might have to then go to previous or next page depending on position of person’s name. • Scroll to appropriate name. You’ll see the person’s mark(s) across the row.   • Click on their name and you’ll get their employee (etc.) information. • Click on the ”Activity Reports” tab and you’ll get a report of his ore her grades and the date(s) and time(s) the exam(s) were submitted. • You have a set of tabs that you can use: • Outline Report (default) – reveals grades (right responses/total responses available) and Date and time of final attempt • Complete Report – as above with all attempts listed by date • Today’s Logs – Student’s activities in the exam area for today • All Logs – Student’s activities in the exam area since first access. • Statistics – not currently being used. • Grade – not currently being used. • You can use your Web browser’s print option for a hard copy of a report.

  24. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. Certificate Procedure Supervisor Education Program 2) Student logs in and complete modules as required. Modules are determined by each site’s management. Exams must be completed within 180 days. 1) Site Administrator sets up Student Account 4) Site Administrator notifies AMSA Administrator of student completion. AMSA administrator verifies completion of all exams on website grading chart. 3) Student notifies Site Administrator when exams are completed.

  25. MRW Computer Systems, Inc. Certificate Procedure (cont.) Supervisor Education Program 5) AMSA Administrator prints certificate and enters student into tracking sheet. 6) Certificate is sent to AMSA chair for signature. 7) AMSA chair sends certificate back to site Administrator. General Manager or site rep signs certificate. 8) Signed certificate is delivered to student.