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Do you know that...

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Do you know that...
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Do you know that...

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  1. ... There are one million youth in japan who locks themselves in their bedrooms? ... More than 500 million people are using social network websites? ... The number of people living by themselves than people living as a part of a traditional nuclear family increasing? Do you know that...

  2. stepOUT is a social networking platform helps you to explore life. • TECHNOLOGY • The researches on wearable technologies and smart devices • FEATURES • Accesible network from everywhere • Location and status updates • Creating a database consists of individuals, places and cities itself • BENEFITS • Againts social apathy and virtual world addiction • Meeting people with similar interests and expanding their real network • Provide possibilities for people to experience new aspects of life • Promoting cities

  3. Aslı Çetin, Design Lecturer “ When we analyse technology from past to future, we can see how people became more isolated individuals. Social life via internet is virtual.” Dilara Candemir, Architecture Student & Blogger “ The term “socialization” is being evolved and now, we can observe changes in our social daily life.” Murat Güngör, Electric-Electronic Engineer “Technology is a basic need in people’s life and it always has a rational explanation. It’s true that tecchnology is evolving day by day but that does not mean that the real issues in life will change.”

  4. Burçin Gezen, Photographer & Visual Communication Student “In the future, there will be no major innovations and changes in terms of technology.” Eun Hae Kim, Medical Student “Internet limits people physically.” Virtual freedom provided by the internet usage results in dissocialisation in real life. What we want to do about this problem is solving it by using internet itself.

  5. We aspire to interview with Okan Bayülgen, an important figure from Turkish social media. Apart from many movies he acted and directed, he also presents a late night talk show in which he invite guests to discuss actual social issues. • Our questions to Okan Bayülgen: • Do you believe that the technology limits people, and their lives, or vice versa? Why? • In 20 years, how will technology affect and manipulate the social lives of individuals? • In 20 years, what are the developements you expect in terms of technology and its effects on people’s lives? Is there anything you wish to happen in 20 years, or is there anything you expect but do not want to happen in the mean time?