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Mr. Niall Douglas. Week 4: International Business. Highlights of My Background 1/2. I have worked in the following sectors: Information systems used by the British National Health System (NHS) Mobile phone hardware and software systems Missile guidance systems

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Mr niall douglas

Mr. Niall Douglas

Week 4: International Business

Highlights of my background 1 2
Highlights of My Background 1/2

  • I have worked in the following sectors:

    • Information systems used by the British National Health System (NHS)

    • Mobile phone hardware and software systems

    • Missile guidance systems

    • Was the Chief Software Architect of the EuroFighter defence aircraft’s test benches – working with EADS, British Aerospace etc.

    • Taught at university and post-secondary levels

    • Also run my own consultancy firm which does a little bit of everything from research to import/exports!

Highlights of my background 2 2
Highlights of My Background 2/2

  • I hold the following qualifications:

    • BSc Software Engineering

    • MA Joint Honours in Economics & Management

    • MBS Business Information Systems

      • Won the National Student Entrepreneurship Award

  • I am currently taking (part-time):

    • MRes Educational & Social Research

  • I have lived and worked in UK, Spain, Canada.

    • Had to work in Spanish – so I honestly get how hard doing Business in English is for you guys!

Teaching method 1 2
Teaching Method 1/2

  • Business has always needed initiative, taking measured risks, teamwork and planning

  • Modern Business needs fluency in quickly absorbing complex English documents

  • Modern Business needs “thinking on your feet” – proaction, not reaction

  • The best way of learning English is doing

  • The best way of learning Business is also doing

    So we are going to learn English by doing Business.


Teaching method 2 2
Teaching Method 2/2

  • By the end of your time here I hope (in order of priority):

    • That your self-confidence in doing Business through English will be much better

    • That your Business English vocabulary will have significantly improved

    • That you will have improved your knowledge of the near-future Business environment in Europe


Teaching structure 1 4
Teaching Structure 1/4

  • When I will be teaching you:

    • Week 4 (14th-18th Feb): International Business

    • Week 6 (28th Feb-3rd Mar): International Law

    • Week 10 (28th-31st Mar): Advertising, Marketing, Banking, Finance

    • Week 12 (11th-14th Apr): The European Union


Teaching structure 2 4
Teaching Structure 2/4

  • Each week has a Group Project related to the topic of the week

  • This project will be due 11.20am-12.20pm each Thursday

  • It will take the form of giving a presentation in English to the class

  • The class will vote on who gave the best presentation each week

  • The group who wins gets a prize!


Teaching structure 3 4
Teaching Structure 3/4

  • Each night you will be given a piece of Business writing which presents evidence useful for your Group Project e.g. facts, figures, arguments.

    • It will have a comprehension and vocabulary based task which is examined the following morning

  • Your group must use this evidence to build a Business proposition to beat the other groups


Teaching structure 4 4
Teaching Structure 4/4

  • The rest of the class time we will be analysing Business videos, readings, case studies

  • But remember: you are the customer, and I am your employee!

  • If you want something different, or something changed – just ask!


Task 1 you and business
Task 1: You and Business

  • Answer these questions:

    • Why did you decide to study Business? (50 words)

    • What do you hope to do when you graduate? (50 words)

    • Do you think that English will be important in your life after you graduate? If so, why and in what ways. If not, why not? (50 words)

      Don’t forget to write your name at the top!

Task 2a practice reading
Task 2a: Practice Reading

  • Each person reads one paragraph from the article “France’s lost decade”

Task 2b french competitiveness
Task 2b: French Competitiveness

  • Discuss the article on “France’s lost decade”

  • How much do you think it ought to cost a company to employ a worker?

  • Do you think that France is good at doing Research and Development (R&D)?

  • Do you think that France should copy Germany (industrial specialisation) or copy Britain (services specialisation)? Or should it do something else? If so, what else should France do?

  • Do you think it is true that there is “a culture of entitlement” in France? If so, does it make France uncompetitive?

Group task international business
Group Task: International Business

Random Group allocation:

  • Camille Paris, RachidaSadoun, Leslie Foissier, Maxime David.

  • Tanguy Trouche, Jeremy Thurel, Anne-Charlotte Maggio, Louis Charpigny

  • Hubert Julien, SitraSoubramanien, ClemenceFremaux, Romain Blanchet

  • Julie Rousselet, Steven Desplanques, ManonSolviche, Calvin Ecoue, AlexandreHoltzmann

Coffee break
Coffee Break

  • Enjoy your cigarette!

Task 3 analysing business presentations
Task 3: Analysing Business Presentations

  • Dragon’s Den UK intro

  • What is this show about?

Task 3 analysing business presentations1
Task 3: Analysing Business Presentations

  • Watch and listen to the first half of the business proposition

  • It will be played twice, so don’t worry if you miss it the first time!

Task 3 analysing business presentations2
Task 3: Analysing Business Presentations

  • What is their business proposition?

  • What were their projected financial figures?

  • What value did they say is in their business?

  • Who are their main competitors?


Task 3 analysing business presentations3
Task 3: Analysing Business Presentations

  • Watch and listen to the second half of the business proposition

  • Again, it will be played twice

Task 3 analysing business presentations4
Task 3: Analysing Business Presentations

  • Describe the competitive situation for their business. What are their advantages and disadvantages?

  • Why do you think that the Dragons thought the investment worth the risk?

  • Do you think that the Dragons tricked the entrepreneurs, or did they “incentivise” them?


Task 4 group task for this week
Task 4: Group Task for this week

  • Discuss the reading for tonight

  • Discuss the group task for the week

Task 4 group task for this week1
Task 4: Group Task for this week

  • Groups should join together and design a work plan

  • I will move from group to group to see how you are getting on