accelerators and other things
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Accelerators and other things

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Accelerators and other things. Roger Barlow Manchester Christmas Meeting 2005/6. Accelerators: PEPII and TURTLE. Poster at PAC05. Where do BaBar backgrounds come from?. Wake Fields. Beam particles passing through an aperture produce image charges and currents

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accelerators and other things

Accelerators and other things

Roger Barlow

Manchester Christmas Meeting 2005/6

accelerators pepii and turtle
Accelerators: PEPII and TURTLE

Poster at PAC05

Where do BaBar backgrounds come from?

Roger Barlow

wake fields
Wake Fields
  • Beam particles passing through an aperture produce image charges and currents
  • Image charges and currents push beam particles around
  • Big concern for Linear Collider

Roger Barlow

wake fields1
Wake fields

Predict experimental results if 5th order used

Roger Barlow

more wake fields
More Wake Fields

Circular Aperture:Kick on one particle due to another

(mrmr’mWm(s)Cos m-’)

Wake effect can be coded as

m(trailing particle)xAperture(s)x(Leading slice)

What about rectangular aperture??


Roger Barlow

babar splitoff software
BaBar splitoff software


Try out simple implementation of Debbie Bard’s photon/splitoff Neural Net discriminator

All cluster-pair masses (E>0.5 GeV) and those for which either has quality<0.5

Roger Barlow

babar analysis
BaBar analysis

t± 3p±p0n over to Tim

– who promised a talk!

Roger Barlow

babar grid utilities wrapper for unmemorable ldap
BaBar Grid - utilitiesWrapper for unmemorable ldap

bash-2.05b$ BbgWho

Names of BaBar VO members


Artem Trunov

Walter Toki

Dr J A Nash

Dominique Boutigny

bash-2.05b$ BbgWhere

List of all sites available to the BaBar VO

====================================== with 10 CPUs available with 88 CPUs available with 3 CPUs available with 20 CPUs available with 1145 CPUs available


Roger Barlow


Sets up the user interface even in a grid-free environment (e.g.SLAC)

[noric08]~/analysis25 > grid-proxy-init

grid-proxy-init: Command not found.

[noric08]~/analysis25 > source BbgUtils/BbgCERNUI

your operating system is sl3

your shell is tcsh

[noric08]~/analysis25 > grid-proxy-init

Your identity: /O=Grid/O=UKHEP/ Barlow

Enter GRID pass phrase for this identity:

Roger Barlow

babar grid

Idiot-proofing James’ easyroot: analysis of TauUser ntuples using the local BaBar farm via the grid

We have disk space and CPUs and the knowledge and the need…

Roger Barlow

babar statistics
BaBar Statistics

As of Dec 05 - joint convenor of BaBar Statistics Working Group (with Ilya Narsky). Rôle in encouraging good practice

Roger Barlow

asymmetric errors
Asymmetric Errors
  • Shows bias resulting from combination of 2 typical asymmetric (Poisson) results using 8 different methods
  • ‘Standard’ method is clearly not the best
  • See PHYSTAT05

Roger Barlow

d ln l 1 2
D ln L=-1/2?
  • Error estimates for a lifetime measurement from a small number of results
  • Solid line is correct. Dashed line is usual. Dotted is Bartlett Approximation

Roger Barlow

  • How I spent the Xmas break..
  • To appear in PHYSTAT05 proceedings

Roger Barlow


R and D towards a very high granularity Silicon/Tungsten ECAL for the Linear Collider

Also HCAL designs being considered

Very nice detector

Mainstream design

Manchester in at the start

Roger Barlow

bid to pparc
Bid to PPARC
  • Went to PPARC in February
  • Asked for £2.5M over the next 3 years for 5 workpackages
  • Iterations between committees
  • Emerge with delayed scheme costing £2.7M over the next 4 years
  • EuDet makes up a lot of the shortfall

Roger Barlow

workpackage 4 thermal mechanical
Workpackage 4: Thermal+Mechanical
  • Manchester with Roger Barlow in charge
  • Work with École Polytechnique (and Lyon?)
  • Glue studies (literature + ageing). Radiation?
  • Thermal simulations – need information on design details
  • Thermal measurements to validate simulations + cooling design
  • Assembly robot: pattern recognition and placing for 24,000,000 pads

Roger Barlow

In the UK CALICE project we WP4, the Thermal and Mechanical Work Package, and part of WP2, the DAQ package.

Roger Barlow

calice mechanical
CALICE - Mechanical
  • Work started (Ray Thompson, Julian Freestone)
  • Literature being looked at
  • Glue currently used is Epotech E4110 (used by GLAST)

Thermal Cycling: we have the programmable oven

Roger Barlow

hepp eps
  • Finished term as IoP HEPP group chair
  • 3 good conferences (Durham, Birmingham, Dublin)
  • Started new no-losers HEPP prize for Particle Physics
  • Re-started Newsletter (help from Christina)
  • Vibrant series of half day conferences (including Manchester last November)
  • EPS conference HEPP2007 on the way

Roger Barlow

next year
Next Year

The mixture as before plus:

  • Accelerator projects: Super B, ATF2, FFAG
  • Statistics: BaBar SWG + Banff workshop. Asymmetric Errors
  • CALICE: Get busy (+ Dave Bailey)
  • BaBar Grid: now in demand

Roger Barlow