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Palmistry. Life, Laughter, and Love found in the palm of your hand. Reading Your Own Palm.

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Life, Laughter, and Love found in the palm of your hand

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Reading Your Own Palm

If you go to a palmist and he starts reading the inside of you hand (your palm) first, you should know that he really isn’t a palmist. A real palmist first looks at the outside of your hand- the shape, length, fingers, nails, arc of the thumb, and many others characteristics before even getting a glimpse of your palm.

The shape of your hand l.jpg
The Shape of Your Hand

  • There are 4 shapes your hand can be in. These are square, conic, oblong, and spatulate.

  • Square hands represent business-like people who save and spend money at the same time. They are very logical and practical people who are usually successful in real estate.

  • An individual with a spatulate hand loves excitement and adventures. They are very flexible, and they intend to grow dull of what they have.

Shapes of the hand l.jpg
Shapes of the Hand

  • Oblong hands are the longest and thinnest hands. These hands represent someone sensitive and emotional. However, oblong hands are the hardest hands to interpret. This person is artistic and will be very successful in acting, singing, writing, painting, and dancing.

  • The conic or round hand represents a person who is very social and does talk a lot. Friends are essential to those with the conic hand, and they are very popular within their society.

Length of your fingers l.jpg
Length of Your Fingers

  • The length of your fingers make out the basic characteristics of you.

  • If you have short fingers, you are a logical thinker who does not like to waste time. You can sometimes be aggressive, but you try to make the most out of every situation. You believe in being control of your destiny.

  • If you have long fingers, you are a very sensitive person. You are filled with so many ideas, too much to prioritize sometimes. You need friends, and you have them. You will go on in life, but will always stop to smell the flowers.

  • Width of the finger also interprets your personality. The thicker the finger, the more earthy the individual. The thinner the finger, the more spiritual and controlled. Unless, the fingers are extreme in one way or another, a balance of all qualities is most likely.

Your thumb l.jpg
Your Thumb

  • The thumb indicates your ability to live life successfully with confidence and determination.

  • If you have an average length thumb, you are a person with balanced aims. You understand your abilities and work with them to reach your goal.

  • If you have a shorter-than-average thumb, you feel that life is too overwhelming to be kept in control, so life sometimes conquers you. You do not know how to express yourself, and that will hurt you.

  • If you have a longer-than-average thumb, you are always reaching for success. You are happy that you control yourself. You have many goals that you want to achieve, and you will definitely achieve them with the confidence you have.

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  • The thumb’s arc is also a determination of your personality. Try to separate your thumb from the rest of your hand as much as you comfortably can. If you have an extremely wide angle (ninety degrees or more), you are an extravagant person. You love to spend money, you are generous, and you’re a good friend. If you have a slightly narrower angle (up to sixty degrees) you love life but you’re not a party animal. You make decisions with careful judgment and thought.

The palm of your hand l.jpg
The Palm of Your Hand

  • Before reading your palm, you must know which line is where.

  • You can’t confuse one line with another, or your interpretations won’t be accurate.

Life line l.jpg
Life Line

  • The life line is one of the three most famous lines in palmistry. This line reveals energy and determination.

  • If your life line is long, deep, strong, and bold, you will have a long and happy life.

  • If you have a weaker or shorter life line, you have less physical strength and you need to take care of your health. You are easily stressed out, and so you need to find a way to relax.

  • Now, look at the direction of your life line. If it curves out in a wide arc, you are an outgoing and lively person.

  • If you have a narrower arc, you are private. You need quiet time to understand what’s inside of you. You don't show people who you really are, and you hide your feeling from people.

Head line l.jpg
Head Line

  • The head line indicates your mental processes.

  • Like all the other lines, a strong and deep line is a good sign. If you have this kind of a line, you focus and function well. You are able to complete your mental tasks. A straight or short head line says that you are practical and down-to earth. You are logical and your mind doesn’t wander.

  • A head line that curves downward or is long signifies a person who has many different ideas and approaches to life. You enjoy discussing these ideas . You thrive in complexity.

Heart line l.jpg
Heart Line

  • The heart line depicts emotion. If your heart line is deep and strongly etched, it is a good sign. You have strong emotions that are deeply felt. Love is important to you, and you enjoy expressing your feelings. If you have a swallower heart line, there’s a chance that you’re hiding your feelings. Maybe, you’re shy-but if you’re happy, don’t worry.

  • A deep, nicely curved line shows a person who’s not obsessed with Love. You are able to make a commitment.

  • An indication of a less romantic person is a heart line that is straight or curves downward.

The fate line l.jpg
The Fate Line

  • The Fate line indicates the approach to life and success as seen by the person. The lower the fate line starts in the hand, the earlier you will start setting goals for your future. The higher up on your hand this line reaches, the longer you will work toward success.

The sun line l.jpg
The Sun Line

  • The Sun line describes success from a talent or special ability. The longer and deeper the Sun line, the more longlasting the success. If you have a strong fate line and Sun line, you have much talent and you like to take control of your life as much as possible. You are confident and successful.

Marriage lines l.jpg
Marriage Lines

  • Marriage lines show the amount of successful relationships. As with the other lines, the stronger and deeper the line, the more successful and longlasting the relationship. Lines occurring close to the heart indicate earlier ties. The higher the line goes, the later the relationship will occur in life.

A reading l.jpg
A reading

  • Now that you have learnt most of your hand and its lines, you can successfully do a reading for yourself or someone else. Many people will deny what you say, but remind them that there are always some exceptions when reading someone’s palm. However, correct and true palmistry is quite accurate in determining someone’s personality and future ahead of them.