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Palmistry Services & Training in Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali PowerPoint Presentation
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Palmistry Services & Training in Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali

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Palmistry Services & Training in Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali
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Palmistry Services & Training in Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali

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  1. Palmistry Gyan Palm reading is a personal experience which uses lines and mounts on hand to link the intentions of our heart with the reasoning of our mind. They give us a step by step recording of an individual’s life from birth to death. Palmistry remains unrelated to worldly events, environment or any external conditions. Mobile no 9988460713

  2. Our hands contain patterns of power. A persons health, diet, daily life encounters and many other inner perspectives are also recorded. These patterns are made up of lines on hand, mounts or various other markings. Our hands are a reflection of our soul, they tell us about ourselves. By the time we are born, we bring a map of our life in our hands. This map is a recording of our life till death. Using this map and our gift of free will, we can become masters of our own destiny. Mobile no 9988460713

  3. Each hand is unique and different. Before we start off , it is necessary to know which hand represents our past or potential, and which is the hand of our future. Basically when a person is right handed, then the left hand is regarded as the hand we are born with and the right hand is how we make of life with the setbacks and opportunities that we are handed. Mobile no 9988460713

  4. LINE OF LIFE The line of life is probably the most important and supreme line on the hand. It not only foretells us longetivity but also other important aspects of our life. The main aspect that this line shows is the persons life energy force vitality and zest. Mobile no 9988460713

  5. Line of Heart The line of heart is known as the curve of creativity and represents our emotional life. It also indicated whether a person is warm and giving or introverted and cold. Emotions change or fluctuate continually, as they are experiences of our creative self. Mobile no 9988460713

  6. Line of Head The line of head reveals our mental capacity and intellectual prowess. This line also shows the extent and depth of a persons reasoning power, memory, career potential and common sense attributes of the person. The perfect line of head which is rarely seen is slightly curved in the middle . Mobile no 9988460713

  7. Line of Fate The line of fate is also known as the line of Saturn, because of where it ends. The line of fate gives us information about career and work prospects also. The strength of this line determines our chance of achieving a decent standard of living based on the goals we have set for ourselves Mobile no 9988460713

  8. Line of Marriage Marriage lines in palmistry are actually known as the lines of union. They indicate the potential for an important relationship in a persons life, and the age at which it will occur. It is not necessary that the line may lead to marriage, but it can be said that a relationship will make a profound impression on the person at that time. Mobile no 9988460713

  9. Break In line Normally a break in line indicates unpleasant interruptions. A clean break denotes something ending. • Break in life line : A break in life line indicates a complete change in life, such as new career or home. A break here also shows a change from tradition or lifestyle that the person was born into This is the only line where a break is not seen as a disruptive sign. • Break in head line : A break in the head line usually means that the mental constitution, intellectual prowess of the person will be affected during that period of his life. It can also signify obstructions or hassles in adulthood if present in the middle of the head line. If a break is present in the ending part of the line, then it signifies depression in that period. • Break in heart line : A break in the heart line usually means bad health with respect to the heart condition or it could also mean emotional upsets or break off with loved ones. • Break in fate line : A break in fate line usually means some hardship or redundancy in career or difficulty in work life. A break in the middle section of this line basically means change of career or lifestyle. Mobile no 9988460713

  10. Chain and Grille in palmistry Chain : Whenever a chain appears on a line it weakens that particular part. A chain also introduces indecision. The longer the chain, the longer the time period of bad luck . Grille : A grille on any part of the palm dissipates energy. A grille induces confusion and uncertainty at these times. Basically a grille despites progress. Mobile no 9988460713

  11. Forked Line •A forked line indicates that there are two paths to take. It represents a division of interest. Here a tendency to contradict ones self is shown. •Forked life line : A forked life line indicates that the person will be restless and indecisive in their old age. •Forked head line : A forked head line indicates that the person can have multiple points of view. It also shows combined intelligence, imagination and business ability. •Forked heart line : A forked heart line is a good sign. It signifies balance between emotions, common sense and physical pleasure. •Forked fate line : If the fate line is forked, then this is a sign of conflict within one's own self. Mobile no 9988460713

  12. Islands An island basically indicates a stress period. It shows some problems in the functioning of the persons life until the island ends. Islands on line : Whichever lines have islands present on them, will represent a sign of weakness and stress until the islands are over. Islands on fate line : Islands present on fate line indicate a period of difficulty in working life and career. Islands on head line : Here the islands indicate mental stress and tension for the person. Islands on heart line : In this case an island depicts heart weakness and problems, problems in love life could also be indicated. Islands on life line : Islands on life line weaken it for the duration of the islands. Here Islands can indicate weakness in health and energy of a person. Mobile no 9988460713

  13. Tassels TASSELS : They represent a time of break down. When this sign appears on a persons palm, they must calmly take some time out to figure out what to do. Mobile no 9988460713

  14. Square A square is a very good sign on the palm / hand, which signifies protection. Another thing that the square signifies is the positive overcoming the negative. •Square on line : If a square is found on a line, then it means that the square will provide protection and repair from any ill aspects present in that area. Here the square will help in overcoming the negative effects given off by markings like breaks, islands and dots in a line. Mobile no 9988460713

  15. Triangle Triangle on palm, hand : A triangle on the palm or hand generally denotes harmony peace and good fortune. It also denotes increase in learning of intellectual and creative talents at that time . Triangle on line : A triangle anywhere on a line is a good indication. If a triangle is present on a particular line, then it indicates that positive characteristics of that line will greatly improve and increase w.r.t fortune and harmony in life. Mobile no 9988460713

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