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Explore Golden Temple Amritsar – Place of Peace and Power PowerPoint Presentation
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Explore Golden Temple Amritsar – Place of Peace and Power

Explore Golden Temple Amritsar – Place of Peace and Power

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Explore Golden Temple Amritsar – Place of Peace and Power

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  1. THE GOLDEN TEMPLE Amritsar, India Places of Peace and Power

  2. What is the Golden Temple famous for? Harmandir Sahib is called as the Golden Temple. It is located near an artificial pool. Although built in 16th century, the temple has been rebuilt several times. This temple is open for all religion and creed. The temple complex holds a few buildings including clock tower, office, museums, main sanctum, langar and other. The free community kitchen inside the temple feeds more than 1,00,000 people every day. The pool is believed to have spiritual power to purify a body. Some people fill bottles with the water to take back to their home. The water is purified periodically. The main sanctum holds the scripture of the religion as the main deity.

  3. Karah Prasad You can find many architectural elements in this temple like frescoes, floral designs, mural painting and others. Visitors are offered a delicacy made with flour called Karah Prasad. There is a tree inside the temple, which is said to be the location to cure leprosy. People take a dip in the pool and walk to the tree for blessings. The museum of the temple holds many displays of Sikh tradition. The ground floor has historic Sikh element like comb, kartar, sword, chakkars and others. The underground museum has elements of Sikh history. Several rituals take place in the temple throughout the day.

  4. Top Activities To Enjoy Inside Golden Temple  Visit early in the morning to enjoy the opening ritual. The book is taken from the bedroom and carried in a palanquin to the sanctum. You can find many rituals during this event.  If you stay back until the closing time, you can watch the closing ritual of taking the book back to the room.  Visit the community kitchen to enjoy a humble vegetarian meal. You can also take part in helping in the kitchen.  Take a dip in the pool. There is a shelter for those who wish to change clothes after bathing in the pool.  Visit the museum, clock tower and other attractions inside the temple complex. Suggested Tour : Explore Golden Triangle Tour with Golden Temple Amritsar

  5. How To Reach? The city is an important destination in Punjab. The city holds the busiest international airport of the state. Tourists can also enter India via Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai airport and find connecting flight to Amritsar. From the airport, you can find many transportation options to reach different part of the city. Amritsar has a busy railway station, which receives trains from different parts of the country. If you are choosing to visit Amritsar via road transportation, you can find public and private buses from many major cities around and inside Punjab. The city is located on G T Road and is well connected with other regions with road network. Thus, it is easier to find cabs too, from surrounding regions and other states.