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MANDIR. Hindu temple: place of worship Dedicated to one or many Hindu deities Japa - Individual silent or soft repetition of mantras. Delhi: Largest Hindu Temple Complex. London. Krishna Temple, Utah. PUJAS (Prayers, Songs, Rituals).

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  • Hindu temple: place of worship
  • Dedicated to one or many Hindu deities
  • Japa - Individual silent or soft repetition of mantras
pujas prayers songs rituals
PUJAS (Prayers, Songs, Rituals)
  • Create shrines in temples, in the home, and in outdoor public spaces.
  • Priests perform puja at sunrise, noon, sunset, and midnight.
  • Visiting a temple every day or even regularly is not mandatory so many worship at home.
family shrine
  • A photograph of god/gods, flowers, fruits, incense, perfume, a bell, an oil lamp, scripture
holidays diwali a row of lights
HOLIDAYS: DIWALI (A Row of Lights)
  • Hindu New Year (October or November)
  • Decorate streets and doorways with small clay lamps in anticipation of the coming of Lakshmi (prosperity and good fortune)
  • Lasts for five days
  • Clean homes, decorate floors with floor paintings made of rice flour
  • Wears finest clothes & offers gifts to neighbors
chaitra holi
  • Spring festival (March or April) celebrating coming of Krishna
  • Bonfires lit in the evening to empower the sun as it moves to longer and warmer spring hours
  • Sing and dance all night and extinguish fire with water at dawn
  • Water colored with dyes are thrown at each other, eat holiday foods and sweets
  • Lasts for 3 days
symbols aum
  • Means yes or will be
  • Said in the beginning of mantras or Hindu texts and at the end of reading the Vedas
sri yantra
  • 9 interlocking triangles (4 upward: masculine and 5 downward: feminine) meet at a point representing the interlocking of the two and representing all creation
the swastika
  • Good fortune, luck, well-being
the lotus
  • Represents beauty