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California Solar Initiative Update PowerPoint Presentation
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California Solar Initiative Update

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California Solar Initiative Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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California Solar Initiative Update. Content. Incentive Rates, Trigger Tracker Applications Received Marketing/Outreach Update TOU Requirement Metering Requirements Phase II CSI. 1. CSI Incentive Rates. Incentive structure: Rebates automatically decline based upon reservations reserved

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Presentation Transcript
California Solar Initiative Update

Self-Generation Incentive Program

  • Incentive Rates, Trigger Tracker
  • Applications Received
  • Marketing/Outreach Update
  • TOU Requirement
  • Metering Requirements
  • Phase II CSI


Self-Generation Incentive Program

csi incentive rates
CSI Incentive Rates

Incentive structure:

  • Rebates automatically decline based upon reservations reserved
  • Higher rebates for non-taxable entities

Self-Generation Incentive Program


Self-Generation Incentive Program


csi applications received as of 5 31 07
CSI Applications Received (as of 5/31/07)


Self-Generation Incentive Program

csi applications received by customer class
CSI Applications Received by Customer Class


Self-Generation Incentive Program

marketing outreach
Marketing & Outreach

Upcoming Solar Events/Workshops:

  • June 15: CSI Workshop for Solar Installers
          • Location: Pacific Energy Center, San Francisco
  • July 9:CSI Workshop for Solar Installers
          • Location: Pacific Energy Center, San Francisco
  • August 10:CSI Workshop for Solar Installers
          • Location: Pacific Energy Center, San Francisco
  • September 24-27:Solar Power 2007 Convention
          • Location: Long Beach, CA

Watch our web page ( for more event postings


Self-Generation Incentive Program

time of use tou rate requirements update
Time of Use (TOU) Rate Requirements Update
  • Starting in January 2007, CSI customers are required to take electric service under applicable TOU tariffs
  • The CPUC is expected to issue a decision on June 7th that would allow customers a choice between TOU and non-TOU rates until more solar-friendly TOU rates are developed
  • Customers who were required to take service under a TOU tariff will be allowed to switch to a non-TOU tariff and will receive a credit for any difference in charges
  • The Legislature is working on emergency clean-up legislation that will postpone the mandatory TOU requirement until more solar-friendly rates are developed


Self-Generation Incentive Program

meter requirements
Meter Requirements
  • All Systems Must Have Metering & Performance Monitoring
    • Meters are separate from utility revenue meters
    • Must have 5-yrs of performance monitoring service
    • Subject to certain exemptions (See Table 16 in CSI Handbook)
  • Meter Costs
    • Customer must bear all costs for metering and 5 years of data communication and performance monitoring service
    • Costs not to exceed 1% of system costs for 30kW and below, 0.5% above 30kW (See Table 16 for exemptions)
  • EPBB vs. PBI Accuracy Requirements
    • EPBB < 10 kW: +/- 5% accurate (inverter meters allowed)
    • EPBB > 10 kW & AllPBI: +/- 2% accurate


Self-Generation Incentive Program

meter requirements10
Meter Requirements
  • Additional 2% Meter Requirements
    • Must provide Certificate from manufacturer for accuracy test
    • Must be capable of recording 15-minute interval data
    • Must have remote communication capability
  • All Meters Must Be Listed by CEC
    • Must state that meter is eligible for 2% requirement
  • Meter Warranty Requirements
    • 2007: One-Year Warranty
    • 2008+: Five-Year Warranty

Self-Generation Incentive Program

csi handbook
CSI Handbook


Refer to CSI Handbook, Section 2.8 and Appendix B

Self-Generation Incentive Program

meter data requirements
Meter Data Requirements

Two Separate Data Streams:

  • Performance Data to Customer
    • Daily, hourly or “real-time” performance data to customer
    • Data maintained by Performance Monitoring & Reporting Service (PMRS) provider per Handbook requirements
    • Only PMRS providers listed with the CEC currently eligible
  • PBI Data to Program Administrator
    • Monthly kWh produced 15-min. interval data
    • Submitted via approved “Performance Data Provider” (PDP)
    • Program Administrators developing PDP requirements
    • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 867 format (proposed)


Self-Generation Incentive Program

meter installation options
Meter Installation Options
  • Customers may contract with utility or qualified 3rd party providers.
    • Can use any qualified provider for the meter installation, so long as the meter is CEC-approved & installed to NEC and applicable local codes.
    • We recommend using experienced meter installers for safety & reliability reasons. (See CPUC web site for certified Meter Service Providers)
    • Customer responsible for installing meter socket for utility-provided meters.
  • Customers should decide early in the process who will provide meter, MDMA & PMRS services to avoid delays, minimize cost and ensure compatibility.


Self-Generation Incentive Program

meter requirements update
Meter Requirements Update
  • Petition to Modify submitted on March 5th (PG&E, SDREO, CalSEIA, PV Now, Vote Solar Initiative, SMA America)
  • If approved, Petition would modify CSI as follows:
    • All EPBB customers allowed to use inverter meters.
    • Remove cost cap for all PBI customers & confirm 2% meter requirement for all PBI, regardless of size.
    • Remove requirement for PMRS providers to be independent of solar vendors & installers.
  • Awaiting CPUC action

Self-Generation Incentive Program

meter pmrs links
Meter & PMRS Links
  • Eligible Equipment, MSP’s, MDMA’s, and PMRS Listings
    • Eligible Meters – Listed on CEC website:
    • MSP – Listing on CPUC website:
    • MDMA – Listed on CPUC website:
    • PMRS – Listed on CEC website:


Self-Generation Incentive Program

csi policy perspective
CSI Policy Perspective
  • CSI Phase II Topics
    • Affordable Housing/Low Income
      • Single Family Low Income PD expected in August, 2007
      • Multifamily Low Income PD expected by end of 2007
    • RDD&D – draft Proposal issued; PD expected by August
    • Measurement & Evaluation – No action yet
    • CSI Marketing, Education & Outreach
      • Interim Ruling issued to allow for activities prior to final Phase II decision; PD expected before end of 2007
  • CSI Program Forum – June 29th, Irwindale (SCE)
  • Non-PV Solar Technologies – PA Proposal submitted June 1
  • SDREO Solar Water Heating (SWH) Pilot Program
      • $3M Pilot Program approved for San Diego area only (July launch)


Self-Generation Incentive Program

pg e contact information
PG&E Contact Information
  • Website:
  • Email Address:
  • Contact Person:

Program Manager, Telephone: (800) 743-5000

  • Fax: (415) 973-8300
  • Mailing Address:

PG&E Integrated Processing Center

California Solar Initiative Program

P.O. Box 7265

San Francisco, CA 94120-7265


Self-Generation Incentive Program

website resources
Website Resources
  • PG&E Solar Website:
  • PG&E CSI Website:
  • CPUC Solar Website:
  • Locate Solar Installers:
  • CEC PV Eligible Technologies:


Self-Generation Incentive Program