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California Solar Initiative Program Forum Hosted by SCE PowerPoint Presentation
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California Solar Initiative Program Forum Hosted by SCE

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California Solar Initiative Program Forum Hosted by SCE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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California Solar Initiative Program Forum Hosted by SCE
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  1. Oct. 28, 2009 California Solar Initiative Program ForumHosted by SCE

  2. WelcomeBob Botkin, SCE

  3. California Solar Statistics & Weekly Data AvailabilityMolly Sterkel, CPUC

  4. CSI reaches quarter gigawatt milestone Program demand remains strong August was a peak month Q3 2009

  5. Monthly Received

  6. Steady Increase in Demand Volume

  7. Capacity

  8. Volume

  9. Incentive $’s

  10. More Than 50,000 Solar Interconnections Source: CPUC data request to PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, data through September 30, 2009. Note: MW figures are all reported based on the CEC-AC rating of solar systems.

  11. Solar Interconnections by Year *Prior to 2001, there were 259 systems, representing 1.2 MW installed **2009 data through 9/30/09 only.

  12. Q3 Updates on M&O/M&E • Marketing and Outreach (M&O) • New fact sheets, 2010 Go Solar California! calendar • New Web site by end of year • Measurement and Evaluation (M&E) • Cost-Benefit Study, NEM C/B • Public workshop on Nov. 20th • Process Evaluation • Impact Evaluation • Other evaluation studies coming in Q4

  13. Other CSI Q3 2009 Highlights • The CSI Single-family Affordable Solar Homes (SASH) program saw applications remain strong, and more residences have been identified as potentially program-eligible.  • The CSI Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) applications are robust • 139 applications totaling 7.13 MW of solar power within the program’s first year.  • The CSI Research Development, Demonstration and Deployment (RD&D) Program issued its first grant-funding solicitation, seeking breakthrough technologies in PV integration with the transmission and distribution system. • Second solicitation issued in October, bids due in January 2010 • Nov. 18th – Program Strategy Meeting • The Solar Water Heating Pilot Program (SWHPP) continues steady in San Diego • CPUC issued a Staff Proposal in July outlining a statewide CSI-Thermal Program, that would offer solar water heating incentives to both electric and gas customers, statewide in 2010.

  14. PowerClerkAndrew Yip, PG&E

  15. PowerClerk Topics • Review Current Submittal Process • Future Paperless Submittal Process • Future PowerClerk Features • Electronic Document Attachment • New Reservation Request Signature Page • Data Upload • Removal of Excel Version of Forms • Q&A 15

  16. Opportunities for improvement Review Current Submittal Process 16

  17. Removal of Excel Forms January 2010 Future Paperless Submittal Process 17

  18. Future Process Flow w/Document Attachment

  19. PowerClerk Document Attachment Preview Sample Paperwork Screenshot

  20. PowerClerk Document Attachment Preview Sample Coversheet for Mailing Documents

  21. New Reservation Request Signature Page Purpose • Provide Solar Contractors a readily available sheet to bring on visits to eliminate an extra visit Description • Contains customer, system, and site information that requires the Host Customer and System Owner to sign How it will be used • Reservation Request Signature Page is signed • PowerClerk Reservation Request Application is completed • Reservation Request Signature Page and other required documents is submitted via PowerClerk Electronic Attachment or postal mail

  22. Why New Paperless Submittal Process? Reduces Carbon Footprint of the program • PDFs will allow fewer documents to be printed • Eliminates shipping documents from one location to another -> Lowers Fuel Consumption Create efficiencies and reduce costs • Further improves turnaround time • Eliminate postage cost • Reduce administrative costs for preparing mail • Eliminate duplicate data entry from Excel forms 22 22

  23. PowerClerk Data Upload Feature What is it? • Allows external software programs to upload application data to populate CSI Reservation Request Forms If you answer yes to the question below, this may pertain to you • Do you enter information for your solar installations in a separate software program outside of PowerClerk? Purpose • Uploads the data from your software program into PowerClerk • Eliminates duplicate entry of data already stored somewhere else Is it mandatory? • No, this is completely voluntary 23 23

  24. PowerClerk Data Upload Feature What is currently available? • API Document • Draft XML Schema • Test Environment for API available Sept.15 How do I get started? • Have your programmer contact your Program Administrator • PG&E – Robert Chan, rkc0@pge.com • CCSE – Katrina Perez, katrina.perez@energycenter.org • SCE – csisupport@powerclerk.com 24 24

  25. Removal of Excel Version of Forms When • Tentatively January 2010 Purpose • Simplify application process by having a single starting point with PowerClerk • PowerClerk will have the most up to date forms

  26. Important Dates Document Attachment Feature • Testing in November 2009 • Estimated launch early December Data Upload Feature • Test environment currently available for software developers Removal of Excel-Based Forms • Tentatively January 2010

  27. What Comprises $/Watt Project Costs?Molly Sterkel, CPUCTim Treadwell, CCSE

  28. Average Solar System Costs, Based on Project Reservation Date

  29. The Top 1-3 contractors by completed volume account for 4909 projects, which is 24.9% of a total of 19,728 projects.

  30. The Top 4-6 contractors by completed volume account for 1538 projects, which is 7.8% of a total of 19,728 projects.

  31. <=10kW, Grouped by Reservation Request Review Date

  32. Completed projects 10kW and Under

  33. California Legislative Update on Key Solar BillsCurtis Seymour, CPUC

  34. Legislative Update

  35. Legislative Update (cont’d.)

  36. Q&ACPUC, All Program Administrators

  37. Closing RemarksBob Botkin, SCE