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Supplemental Instruction

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Supplemental Instruction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Supplemental Instruction
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  1. SI Supplemental Instruction Michael Frizell, Director, Student Learning Services

  2. Total Visits for Fall 2009 • Subject Area Tutoring: 690 • MTH:  258 • CHM:  87 • PHY:  68 • Unknown/Unclassified:  63 • ACC:  49 • BIO:  47 • BMS:  40 • ECO:  25 • REL:  23 • SPN:  19 • CSC:  5 • MGT:  2 • Latin:  2 • GLG:  1 • JRN:  1 • Math Drop-In:  1515 Writing Center: 2448 Online Writing Center: 183 (started at midterm) TOTAL: 2631 IN COMPARISON: Fall 2008 – 1879 visits Increase of 752 visits Fall 2006 and Spring 2007 – 2732 visits FA09 – 100 less visits Fall 2005 and Spring 2006 – 1735 visits TOTAL VISITS: 4836

  3. Supplemental Instruction is…

  4. Key persons involved with the SI program

  5. Breaking the Dependency Cycle

  6. Repeating Failed Processes

  7. SI Supplemental Instruction: What are its advantages and how is it done? Faculty Guide Book pages 1, 2, 3 Supplemental Instruction

  8. SI Supplemental Instruction Introduction Created in 1973, SI is now used in over 2500 colleges around the world.

  9. SI Supplemental Instruction Part I Advantages of Supplemental Instruction Faculty Guide Book pages 5-12

  10. The Faculty Role in SI:Faculty Guide Book Pages 5 & 6 • Allow time during the first week of class for the Leader to introduce self and SI as well as conduct a survey • Allow Leader to make weekly announcements • Post SI Session Schedule on BlackBoard (if applicable) • Promote SI • Order desk copies of texts • OPTIONAL: Tips to Promote Attendance • Create a short study guide or other material for SI Session • Offer extra-credit for the first two weeks of SI Sessions • Make a brief visit to an SI Session • SI Leaders are mandated to meet with faculty, preferably WEEKLY, but I leave it to your discretion.

  11. SI Supplemental Instruction Students look to other students for help instead of relying on the tutor all the time. This helps break their dependency on tutoring.

  12. SI Supplemental Instruction It’s cost efficient. We are able to tutor more students with the same number of tutors. COST OF SI PER STUDENT, SP09- $ 0.07

  13. SI Supplemental Instruction It allows tutors to focus on one subject, so they don’t have to juggle multiple classes at the same time. Faculty Guide Book pages 11 & 12

  14. SI Supplemental Instruction Tutors don’t have to repeat the same thing for each student. All students from one course will be there at the same time, so they can all hear it together.

  15. SI Supplemental Instruction Students benefit from a diversity of ideas and points of view.

  16. SI Supplemental Instruction Students learn to work as a team with people of different backgrounds and personalities.

  17. SI Supplemental Instruction Students can springboard ideas off each other benefitting from valuable feedback.

  18. SI Supplemental Instruction Students can help each other overcome their weak areas.

  19. SI Supplemental Instruction The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else.

  20. SI Supplemental Instruction Students explaining to other students helps them to overcome their doubts and validate their understanding of the material.

  21. SI Supplemental Instruction Part II Guidelines for conducting a Supplemental Instruction Session Faculty Guide pages 13 & 14

  22. SI Supplemental Instruction The SI Leader is to act as a facilitator not an instructor or Teaching Assistant. Faculty Guide Book pages 15 - 20

  23. SI Supplemental Instruction Let the students know you’ll be tutoring them as a group Let the students know you encourage each individual’s input Arrange seating and notes in a way that encourages interaction and visibility Encourage participation

  24. SI Supplemental Instruction Wait for students to answer the question. It’s important to be patient and let students formulate as many answers as they can on their own.

  25. SI Supplemental Instruction Provide direction, not dictatorship Keep the discussion focused on the class material and moving at a pace appropriate to the skill level of the students in the group.

  26. SI Supplemental Instruction Help make the session as productive as possible by avoiding spending time on irrelevant topics, avoiding arguing between students, and avoiding repetition of concepts already covered.

  27. SI Supplemental Instruction SI Leaders are told to: Encourage interaction by having students answer each others questions Guide the conversation, but remember to limit how much you talk Ask open-ended questions Ask the students to vote on an answer, instead of giving a blanket “yes” or “no” response

  28. SI Supplemental Instruction Ask probing questions. For example if a student got a wrong answer for a question, ask them why they thought their answer was correct and how they got that answer. Rephrase questions that do not yield comments

  29. SI Supplemental Instruction Don’t always clarify with an explanation; use silence. Encourage students to answer questions, right or wrong. If you are unsure of whether one student’s explanation is understood by others in the group, ask one or two of them to explain in their own words.

  30. SI Supplemental Instruction Don’t allow individuals to dominate participation. Try to involve everyone in the learning activity; try to draw non-participants into the activity. Be respectful

  31. SI Supplemental Instruction • Summary of Supplemental Instruction Training • Advantages of SI • Discuss some of the advantages mentioned and clarify if necessary • Guidelines for SI Leaders • Discuss some of the guidelines mentioned for conducting a productive SI session and clarify if necessary Provide closure when the session comes to an end. Ask the students what they learned, what they need further clarification on, or what they would like to cover in the next session. Summarize the ideas presented in sessions

  32. SI Participants…

  33. Academic Disciplines Using Supplemental Instruction National Data, Fall 2003 – Fall 2006, 37 Institutions, 1003 Courses, n = 119,009 Students

  34. Study Skills & Other Presentations • For Departments, Classes, and Organizations, I offer workshops in: • Note-Taking • Test Taking & Anxiety • Standardized Testing • Essays and Writing • Motivation • Personal Essays • APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. • Custom Topic for the Course!

  35. SI Supplemental Instruction References: The websites for these institutions: American River College, CA Austin Library System Gallaudet School for the Deaf, Washington, DC Georgia Military College Owensboro Community College, KY Three Rivers Community College, CT