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Teacher Training Boot Camp

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Teacher Training Boot Camp - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teacher Training Boot Camp
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  1. Teacher Training Boot Camp

  2. Cell phones on vibrate/mute Minimize unrelated chit chat to avoid distractions Have a enjoyable and productive learning session Reminder


  4. Cosmetology Teacher of the Year Award Ms Joan Briggs

  5. Great Wall of China

  6. General guidelines Change management Generational differences Delivering a great presentation Teaching methods Enhancing Powerpoint presentations New milady Products Objectives

  7. General Guidelines • Maintain an appropriate attitude as an educator • Dependability and flexibility • Time Management / Organizational Skills • Teamwork • Communication Skills

  8. Winning Personality and Positive Attitude as an Educator • Maintain an open mind • Make the best of what you have • Do not live in fear • Focus on the future • Share pleasing remarks

  9. Dependability and Flexibility

  10. Time Management / Organization • Set Goals • Establish Objectives • Identify Priorities • Analyze Time Use • Plan your Time • Relax

  11. Cooperation and Teamwork Stumbling Blocks Dynamic Team Empathy Honesty and Integrity Reliability Goodwill, Positive Attitude Trust and Openness Willingness and Energy Neatness and Order Cheerfulness Open, Clear Communication Courtesy • Selfishness • Dishonesty • Unreliability • Hostility • Suspicion • Laziness • Untidiness • Trouble Making • Poor Communication • Rudeness

  12. Be an Excellent Communicator • Develop habits of listening and the willingness to listen to students • Allow students to complete their thoughts • Give time to students to process • Keep the focus on the student • Demonstrate that you are listening with supportive mannerisms and body language

  13. Do you embrace change? Do you resist change? Why? Coping with change

  14. To make different. To transform. To give a different position or direction. To make a shift. To undergo modification. To pass from one phase to another. Change is defined as…

  15. About the future. About getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. About how to make great things happen in your school. A never-ending cycle happening over and over again. Change is…

  16. The industry is changing! 21st century education is learner centered, not educator centered. Why is change necessary?

  17. Size Entering the workforce (boomers retiring) Marketing & Buying Power Generational Differences

  18. Give lots of activities with several steps Use the most up-to-date technology and references available Tie course or program goals in with economic gain Get creative or allow them to be creative with presentations Instructional Activities(Gen Y)

  19. Powerful Openings Deliver Content Strengthen Content Close with Impact Dynamic Presentation

  20. C – Consider the topic R – Research the topic E – Examples for clarification A – Analyze your learners T – Teach with poise E – Enjoy and be enthusiastic C – Consider the topic R – Research the topic E – Examples for clarification A – Analyze your learners T – Teach with poise E – Enjoy and be enthusiastic

  21. Demonstration and Practice Group Discussion Window Paning Mind Mapping Projects Workbooks/Handouts Case Studies Concept Connectors Stories/Anecdotes Mnemonics Energizers Experiments Humor Games Teaching Methods

  22. Open up a PowerPoint slide Click “Insert” at the top of the menu bar Select “Movie” Select “Movie from file” Find the file in the respective folder Embedding video into a presentation (from a file)

  23. Find a video on the web and copy the link Open a PowerPoint slide Select “Insert” from the top of the menu Select “hyperlink” from the dropdown box Paste the hyperlink in the “address” box Type the title as you want to appear in your slide Click “Okay” Note…………it only works when you’re online Milady Embedding video into a presentation (Hyperlink)

  24. Should already have image(s) saved to your computer Open a PowerPoint slide Select “Insert” from the top of the menu Select “Picture” Select “From File” Find your image and click “Insert” Inserting Images into a presentation

  25. “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”William Arthur Ward

  26. What Resources does Milady have to support you?

  27. Milady Standard Cosmetology2012 Edition Metric edition Magazine layout and design Updated infection control and sanitation information Left-handed procedures Live models

  28. Student Resources Theory Workbook Practical Workbook Study Guide: Essential Companion Exam Review Online Licensing Prep Situational problems Haircutting Haircoloring and Chemical Texture Services Student CD CourseMate

  29. Haircutting SupplementANDHair Coloring and Chemical Texture Services Supplement

  30. Instructor Support Course Management Guide Course Management Guide on CD Instructor Support Slides on CD Interactive Games on CD Student CD-network version DVD Series Haircutting Instructor Resource on CD Haircoloring and Chemical Texture Services on CD Haircutting DVD Series Haircoloring and Chemical Texture Services DVD Series

  31. Milady standard Makeup • Metric Measurements Included • Hundreds of Images to Support Learner • Spotlight Profiles • 3 Day, 3 Week, 6 Week or 10 Week Standalone Program • Can be used with Cosmetology or Esthetics Program

  32. Milady and NPGroupwishes you great success!Gerard McAveyDirector of Marketing and Traininggerard.mcavey@cengage.com