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Academy of Management Journal

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Academy of Management Journal. Academy of Management Meetings August, 2008. Background Data about AMJ. Well established 50 th -year anniversary issue appeared in December 2007 Influential Consistently among the top 5 journals In terms of impact factor scores Widely cited

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academy of management journal

Academy of Management Journal

Academy of Management Meetings

August, 2008

background data about amj
Background Data about AMJ
  • Well established
    • 50th-year anniversary issue appeared in December 2007
  • Influential
    • Consistently among the top 5 journals
      • In terms of impact factor scores
  • Widely cited
    • In business publications (e.g., Wall Street Journal; Business Week)
      • As well as by scholars
background data continued
Background Data--Continued
  • AMJ publishes
    • Empirical work
      • With strong theoretical contributions
        • Testing theory, extending theory, or building theory
          • That is relevant to managerial practice
  • AMJ publishes
    • Six issues annually
amj s context
AMJ’s Context
  • AMJ
    • Is one of 4 journals published by the
      • Academy of Management
  • AMJ
    • Is a “big tent” journal
      • Publishing eclectic research
        • As partially represented by the Academy’s Divisions & Interest Groups
what is amj s editorial mission
What is AMJ’s Editorial Mission?
  • “The mission of the Academy of Management Journal is to
    • Publish empirical research
      • That tests, extends, or builds management theory
        • And contributes to management practice”
  • All empirical methods are welcome
    • Field, laboratory, meta-analytic, qualitative, quantitative
      • And combinations of several methods
more on what amj seeks to publish
More on What AMJ Seeks to Publish
  • “Authors should strive to produce
    • Original, insightful, interesting, important
      • And theoretically bold research”
  • AMJ seeks to publish this type of research
    • In both the micro & macro areas
more on what amj seeks to publish credit to micki kacmar
More on What AMJ Seeks to Publish (Credit to Micki Kacmar)
  • As a management journal, AMJ is attracted to
    • Papers addressing
      • Broad, current & important management issues
  • Strong theoretical component
    • Should frame the questions being asked
    • Emphasize the variables selected
    • Clearly predict the results
more on what amj seeks to publish1
More on What AMJ Seeks to Publish
  • The sample needs to be appropriate for the questions that are asked
  • The data should be valid & reliable
  • Measures must map directly to the theory
    • Conceptual definitions & the operational definitions must mesh
  • Results must be strong & logically explained
  • The discussion of the results must show clear links to management theory & practice
how can i learn more about what amj publishes how to publish in amj
How Can I Learn More about What AMJ Publishes & How to Publish in AMJ?
  • From the Editors’ entries
    • These entries offer valuable information regarding
      • How to publish in AMJ
        • As well as what is published in the Journal
  • From the Editors’ entries
    • Are available on the AMJ Web site
      • And in each issue
what is amj s review process
What is AMJ’s Review Process?
  • Papers are submitted as per the instructions in the
    • Information for Contributors’ section at the front of each issue & on AMJ’s Web site
  • The editor assigns each paper to an action editor
    • One of 8 associate editors or to her or himself
  • Action editors have decision-making responsibility
amj s review process continued
AMJ’s Review Process--Continued
  • The editor
    • Chooses three reviewers for the double-blind review process
  • After reviews are completed & submitted to the Manuscript Central system
    • The action editor writes the decision letter
  • Sixty days is the target time for receipt of an editorial decision
what feedback can i expect from amj
What Feedback Can I Expect from AMJ?
  • AMJ’s team (editorial review board members, associate editors, the editor, the managing editor & ad hoc reviewers)
    • Prides itself in providing feedback that is
      • Timely
      • Constructive
      • Supportive
      • Developmental
      • Professional
what do the numbers look like
What Do the Numbers Look Like?
  • The number of papers submitted to AMJ
    • Is large (over 800 new submissions annually)
  • The geographic diversity of authors & their institutions
    • Is increasing
  • AMJ
    • Now handles close to 1000 papers annually (including R&Rs)
      • The acceptance rate is around 6-8 percent
the editorial team
The Editorial Team
  • The current editorial team is
    • Peter Bamberger (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology)
    • Jason Colquitt (University of Florida)
    • Duane Ireland (Texas A&M University) (Editor)
    • Micki Kacmar (University of Alabama)
    • Dave Ketchen (Auburn University)
    • Elizabeth Morrison (New York University)
    • Mike Pratt (Boston College)
    • Gerry Sanders (Rice University)
    • Wenpin Tsai (Penn State University)
how can i become involved with amj
How Can I Become Involved with AMJ?
  • AMJ uses a meritocracy system
    • Excellent Ad Hoc reviewers become editorial board members
    • Excellent editorial board members become associate editors
  • Quality and timeliness are the key criteria
    • Used to evaluate reviews
  • To get started
    • Contact an associate editor or the editor
      • Express an interest in completing Ad Hoc reviews
        • Provide details about your research interests when doing so
what else might i want to know about amj
What Else Might I Want to Know about AMJ?
  • AMJ is a large, complex enterprise
  • AMJ operates with individuals
    • Committing their time & energy on a totally voluntary basis
  • AMJ’s core strength is that the collective body
    • Cares deeply about the collective good
  • When you are called to serve
    • Cherish the chance to give to the collective body
concluding remarks
Concluding Remarks
  • Academy of Management Journal wants to
    • Publish the highest-quality, empirical research
    • Provide value-creating reviews/feedback for all authors
    • Continue to be extremely attractive
      • As an outlet for interesting, important, & bold empirical research
    • Contribute to the creation of knowledge stocks
    • Effectively serve the needs of
      • Scholars in multiple disciplines
      • Academy of Management members
    • Be your journal of first choice for high-quality empirical research
    • Remain as a “must-read” for management scholars