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More About Aqute Competitive Intelligence

http://www.aqute.com/competitive-intelligence/ Competitive analysis of strengths and weaknesses can tell you what your competitors will do next, where they will try to undermine you and where you can hit /nthem back. It is a compass as you navigate the competitive race.

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More About Aqute Competitive Intelligence

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  1. AquteCompetitive Intelligence

  2. Competitive benchmarking • Your company does not have all the best answers. • Other businesses will do some things better. So learn from them. Their manufacturing processes might be better. Their customers might be happier; their supply chain more streamlined. • Now, with competitive benchmarking from Aqute, you can find out and add competitor strengths to your portfolio. Adopt best practice and improve more quickly, more cost-effectively, with fewer mistakes. • Competitive benchmarking can help find: • How your competitor finds its talent • How they prototype products quickly • Why customers are happier with them than you • How they spend less on infrastructure yet perform just as well • How they negotiate better rates with suppliers.

  3. Marketintelligence • Market intelligence sets the context in which to take your competitors apart. Supply-side market intelligence tells you who competes with you and how successful they are. Demand-side market intelligence tells you about their customers. • Market intelligence is all about where you are today and where you go tomorrow. You can only fight for market share if you know your share of the market. Market intelligence calculates the value of your market. So that you know the size of the prize and how well you're stacking up in the race for it. • Let us find your market share. We will size the whole market, including all key competitors. We build market sizing models from the ground up, based on individual companies. We build from the top down, too, based on estimates for the whole sector. Then we match up the resulting models for an accurate market view. • At Aqute, we know there is little value in analyzing markets everyone else has measured, like TV sales or online advertising. Instead, we specialise in unique markets, like online horse betting, small business software or Kazakhstan.

  4. Product development • Product launches need analysis from multiple angles. What's already been tried? What currently exists? How do you model the impact of your entry? Face it, you need to get your launch spot-on. It could be your one chance to enter the market. Aqutewill deliver a foundation on which you can make sound decisions. • Market landscape • Market participants • Competing products • And you can use our competitive intelligence to assess what your competitors plan to launch. Maybe they have joined a new industry association, filed a patent, or opened a new office in Helsinki. The clues are all there. • Consistently monitoring these leaks warns you early of competitor product plans. We will help you map a competitor’s product roadmap. All the small details that together make up the compelling evidence.

  5. Competitor sales strategy • Knowing your competitors' sales pitch and pricing structure can give you an edge. Before going to market with your sales plan, find out how they sell. Competitive intelligence can give you highly detailed information – about what competitors tell their customers, and how they close sales opportunities. We'll also make intelligence about pricing, packages, service levels and CRM readily available. • The result will be better positioning. You can anticipate gaps in your offering and pre-empt competitors' claims. We'll help dislodge competitors, too. We'll tell you who they are, what customers like about them and where they're failing. • Specific competitor analysis • Overall market analysis

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