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COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE. IN SCITEX CORPORATION. Scitex Corporation Ltd . Established in 1968 Designs, develops, manufactures, markets and supports products and systems for the digital preprint and digital printing markets Annual Revenues of $700 millions

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  2. Scitex Corporation Ltd. • Established in 1968 • Designs, develops, manufactures, markets and supports products and systems for the digital preprint and digital printing markets • Annual Revenues of $700 millions • Employs 3500 people, 1300 of which in Israel

  3. Competitive Intelligence in Scitex Collection, analysis and dissemination of relevant information on an on-going and proactive basis throughout the company

  4. Objectives of competitive intelligence • Better customer understanding - • Better industry understanding - • Better solutions offered • Improve strategic planning • Identify opportunities and threats • Gain competitive advantage • Avoid surprises!

  5. Who uses competitive intelligence • Corporate management • Product management • Project leaders, marketing managers • Distribution units • Production, R & D, logistics, ...

  6. INFO Information gathered on... • Industries • Markets • Companies • Products • News • Technologies

  7. Information sources • Business information from general press and news agencies • Financial reports and stock exchange announcements • Market research companies • Stock holders’ news groups on the internet • Hiring adds in the news papers • Companies official web sites • Exhibitions

  8. Competitive intelligence structure • Corporate level • Information & Marketing Services • Intellectual property • Divisions level • Sales support • Product / marketing managers

  9. Information & Marketing Services • Gathers the information needed to support strategic decision making at corporate level • The information is being gathered on a regular basis and upon management special requests • Gathers: • Business and financial information on all companies related to Scitex’ business • Market and industry related reports and reviews

  10. Outputs of the Info & Mktg Services • Forwarding of current information to management • Reports to management on specific subjects upon request • Publishing of all data on the Information Resource Center

  11. Information Resource Center • Part of the Scitex InfoCenter on the company intranet • Open access to all employees • Updated daily • Contains all of the data obtained by the IMS

  12. Information Resource Center • Business Information Center • Business news, weekly news summary, and business analysis of all related companies • Digital Library • Library of market researches, articles of interest and a data base of journals • Patents - All Scitex registered patents • Links - To web sites of competitors, associations and universities library • Seybold archive

  13. Intellectual Property • Gathers information on patent registration and trading • Provides information on competitors research efforts and directions • Forwards the information to the management and the relevant technical people

  14. Sales support • Gathers information on competing products and their performance • Provides information about sales strategy and customers preferences • Provides salesmen with tools through the Scitex Enterprise 2000

  15. Scitex Enterprise 2000 • Serves all of Scitex sales force through the company’s extranet • General industry information • Articles and customers that praise Scitex products • Tables comparing Scitex products with competing products • Information on the competition’s weak points • Scitex promotional material

  16. Product / marketing managers • Gathers information on industry trends and new product launches • Provide requirements for future product development

  17. Where is the information hidden? • 80% of the information on industry, market and competition exists within the company: • Customers • Salesmen • Distributors / Dealers • Personal support • Logistics

  18. Uncovering the hidden information • Scitex conducts formal competitive intelligence training to all employees with external contacts • These employees are expected to pay more attention to the information they encounter • Employees are more sensitive to the information they give away

  19. Summary - CI in Scitex • Widely used and practiced • Open attitude - information is accessible to all employees • Efficient - Information is delivered ‘on the fly’ through the InfoCenter and Enterprise 2000

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