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Competitive intelligence

http://www.aqute.com/competitive-intelligence/ Using exhaustive secondary and primary research, Aqute delivers factual, detailed competitive intelligence. We are rigorous and methodical, and we deliver the best competitive intelligence possible.

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Competitive intelligence

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  1. Competitive intelligence case study - software

  2. Fighting the rise of an unfamiliar competitor • When a leading software provider noticed an unfamiliar competitor from Mexico pitching against it with growing frequency, they asked Aqute to analyze what they were up against. • A global software vendor had recently lost a sales pitch on its US home turf to a Mexican competitor, previously only known to their own Latin American division. They also noticed increasing activity from that competitor, and a new office in Spain. Something was going on, but it was not clear what. How big a threat was this competitor going to be in the US? And was Europe their springboard to expanding out of Latin America?

  3. Collecting raw information • Aqute set to work in the US, Mexico and Spain. Our local analysts hit the ground running to find contacts, inspect physical locations and search official document filings that were not online. • During a first phase of secondary research, we created a basic profile of the competitor: financial information, key clients, sector focus and evidence of geographical expansion. • We also swept the internet for any evidence of interactions between the competitor and its ecosystem: most obviously social media trails, but also case studies, presentations and contract templates. Aqute trawled through the LinkedIn profiles of 500+ employees for clues, including data about the size of client contracts and sales teams. • Finally, Aqute implemented a wave of primary research to track down some of the competitor’s customers and interview them about why they had made that choice.

  4. Quantifying the threat • Based on meticulous analysis of specific data, Aqute delivered a comprehensive review of the threat from this competitor: • How serious a competitor was this? A leader in their home market, but with weaknesses that made them unlikely contenders on the global stage. • Were they planning formally to enter the US market? No, but they did plan further speculative forays. • Were they planning formally to enter the European market? Yes, as a first step from regional to global vendor. • We told our client who would lead the global expansion, when it would happen and how much investment was behind it.

  5. Neutralizing a competitor • Competitive intelligence allowed our client to neutralize their competitor. We produced a battlecard explaining why the competitor would be a bad choice for US buyers. Our client launched a counter-strategy in Mexico to distract the competitor from US expansion. And in Europe, they opened their own Spain office to counter any marketing benefit that the competitor might have when they launched shortly afterwards. • In short, we helped our client defeat this competitor.

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