as you navigate through this powerpoint make sure you fill in the provided worksheet n.
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As you navigate through this PowerPoint, make sure you fill in the provided worksheet. PowerPoint Presentation
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As you navigate through this PowerPoint, make sure you fill in the provided worksheet.

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As you navigate through this PowerPoint, make sure you fill in the provided worksheet. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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As you navigate through this PowerPoint, make sure you fill in the provided worksheet. 20 th CENTURY ART of England and Mexico most noted artists. MEXICO – Introduction.

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mexico introduction
MEXICO – Introduction

Mexico has had a history of political unrest ever since its war for independence in 1810-1821. From 1821-1857, 50 different governments were in power. After 1857, the government continued to be unstable as liberals and conservatives fought for power. It was not until the 1940s that uprisings ended and the republic gained more strength. The events since 1810 led to a time of great turmoil, experienced by the artists and therefore reflected in their art.

mexico timeline 1810 1860
MEXICO – Timeline (1810-1860)

1810-1821: Declaration and war for independence

1846: Mexican-American war

1848: Loss of Texas and part of California to the US

1853: US purchases land on the border

1858: Benito Juarez takes power in a liberal reform period

mexico timeline 1860 1910
MEXICO – Timeline (1860-1910)

1862: the Battle of Puebla and the French take control of Mexico

1867: Assassination of the Archduke and end of French control.

1877: The Porfiriato (Porfirio Diaz takes complete control after election)

1910-1920: Mexican Revolution

mexico timeline 1910 1920
MEXICO – Timeline (1910-1920)

Important leaders:

1911: Porfirio Diaz (exiled), Francisco Madero (assassinated)

1913: Francisco León de la Barra, Pedro Lascuráin, Victoriano Huerta (arrested)

1914: Francisco Carbajal, EulalioGutiérrez, RoqueGonzález Garza, Venustiano Carranza

1915: Francisco Chazaro, Venustiano Carranza

1917: Creation of the modern constitution

1919: Assassination of Emiliano Zapata

frida kahlo mexico
Frida Kahlo - Mexico
  • Mexican painter
  • Married to artist Diego Rivera
  • Suffered from illnesses including polio
  • Active communist
  • Paintings represented her pain and suffering in life

Diego en Mi Pensamiento (Diego in My Thoughts), 1943

diego rivera mexico
Diego Rivera - Mexico
  • Mexican muralist
  • Married to artist Frida Kahlo
  • Active communist
  • Painted murals in many locations including the US

Part of the mural La Gran Tenochtitlan, (The Great Tenochtitlan) 1945

jos clemente orozco mexico
José Clemente Orozco - Mexico
  • Mexican painter
  • Promoted politics through art
  • Most common theme was human suffering
  • Illustrated The Pearl by John Steinbeck

Zapata, 1930

rufino tamayo mexico
Rufino Tamayo - Mexico
  • One of the few Mexican artists who did not paint to support politics
  • Painted “the real Mexico”
  • Known for his individuality and unique style

Dos Hermanos (Two Brothers), 1987

england introduction
ENGLAND – Introduction

In contrast to Mexico’s history full of political issues, England’s history from 1810-1920 was concentrated on the industrial revolution and the advancement of technology to improve lives. While England did participate in several wars including World War I, the government was stable. England had six kings and queens during this time period. Instead of reflecting politics, there would be a whole new theme to the art produced at this time.

england timeline 1810 1860
ENGLAND – Timeline (1810-1860)

1812-1815 – War of 1812 (US, France)

1837 – Queen Victoria assumes the throne

1845 – Irish Potato Famine and immigration to the US

1851 – The Great Exhibition (A fair displaying the products of the continuing industrial revolution)

1854-1856 – Crimean War with Russia

england timeline 1860 1910
ENGLAND – Timeline (1860-1910)

1860 – First public toilet (movement for sanitary conditions in cities)

1863 – Opening of the Underground

1868 – Discovery of disinfectants

1876 – Elementary education required

1877 – First public electric lighting

1883 – First electric railway system

1902 – Boer War with Dutch in Africa

england timeline 1910 1920
ENGLAND – Timeline (1910-1920)

1914 – Beginning of World War I

1918 – End of World War I

1920 – Ireland gains independence

ben nicholson england
Ben Nicholson - England
  • British abstract painter
  • First artwork was a Peter Pan poster for J. M. Barrie
  • Met Picasso
  • A famous work is the White Relief, painted wood with circles and right angles

White Relief, 1933

henry moore england
Henry Moore - England
  • British sculptor and artist
  • Best known for abstract sculptures of humans, usually lying down
  • One of the key people who started English modernism

Reclining Figure, 1939

francis bacon england
Francis Bacon - England
  • Irish painter
  • Used bold colors and graphics to show human suffering
  • Controversial for themes of torture and death

Figure in Frame, 1950