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Why Online Payment Manager is Perfect for Your Business

Naka24. by. IT SOLUTIONS. Why Online Payment Manager is Perfect for Your Business. (And Why QuickBooks POS Is Not).

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Why Online Payment Manager is Perfect for Your Business

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  1. Naka24 by IT SOLUTIONS Why Online Payment Manager is Perfect for Your Business (And Why QuickBooks POS Is Not)

  2. Naka24 introduces Online Payment Manager, an innovative, web-based application to help store managers control and track payments received and inventory flow. OPM is accessible from anywhere, turning any workstation into an online cash register. OPM is designed for use with any standard barcode scanner, receipt printer, touch-screen monitor, credit card reader, and cash drawer, but it can also be used with just a mouse and keyboard.

  3. After a secure login, an unlimited number of users are able to sell products, collect dues, check product inventory, print a price list, reprint receipts, or produce periodic activity reports. Security features limit access rights of users. In contrast, Quickbooks Retail Pro POS allows only 5 local users on the system, and no two may execute the same function at the same time. Five additional users doubles the cost of the software to $2,800. Source: www.intuit.com

  4. Users are asked to scan or key in the barcode of the item they are selling. Then he/she can adjust the quantity, apply a discount, or consult a product list on this screen. The touch-screen number pad shown above, combined with barcode scanning greatly reduces the time required for each transaction. Quickbooks POS does not offer touch-screen or barcode printing functionality. Source: www.intuit.com

  5. Payments can be made by cash, check, credit card, or gift card. Upon completion of the sale, a receipt may be printed on a receipt printer or any locally networked printer. In addition, receipts can be accessed at anytime in the future locally by the cashier or remotely by a manager. Quickbooks requires a proprietary laser printer and does not allow for network printing, limiting a store’s transactions to one machine. Source: www.zdnet.com

  6. Online Payment Manager is a stable SQL/ASP.net web application and runs in Internet Explorer, using very little system resources and freeing users to complete other tasks. Current clients report, as of August 2005, OPM has never crashed. Quickbooks Retail Pro requires a copy of the newest version of Quickbooks running at all times, just to load the software! Due to this system resource hog, Quickbooks Retail Pro crashes twice a month on average, according to current users. Source: www.cnet.com

  7. Product inventory and pricing lists are intuitively designed, with an easy to use “add” function. Vendors are free to create innumerable categories of products and services. The most common complaint with Quickbooks is that it is extremely difficult to navigate. Ziff-Davis, publisher of PC Magazine, said the same in their review. Source: www.pcmag.com

  8. As it is web-based, Online Payment Manager allows managers the freedom and flexibility to check the books remotely anytime, day or night! With Quickbooks Retail Pro, the manager is forced to go on-site to check something as simple as daily receipts. Source: www.intuit.com

  9. With Online Payment Manager, all clients receive year-round tech support from the experts from Naka24 IT Solutions. If there’s a problem, we’re local, so we’re ready and available to get problems fixed fast. Intuit supports their software for a paltry 90 days*. At that point, they charge $110 an hour to fix their own bugs within their own software. Source: http://www.intuit.com

  10. Hear what current users are saying about Online Payment Manager: “I like the fact that I'm not tied down to one computer and one location.  I can run a transaction through at any computer. Its always working, and if the computer I'm on isn't, I can go to the next one.  It has never crashed.” -Christine B. Receptionist

  11. More about Online Payment Manager… • “Of course its easy to use.  I like the fact that its web-based - that way the staff can always cover for each other ... one person being busy doesn't matter. Its much more user friendly than the other systems I've used. The report detail level is extremely in-depth. I love the fact that day by day, week by week, month by month, I can pull up an exact number of what was sold and who it was sold to. I can keep an accurate and accountable record of sales trends. The ability to track customer purchases like that ... it helps me increase the bottom line” • -Steve B. • Business Administrator

  12. More about Online Payment Manager… “I like the scanning functionality of it. I click and it appears, its that easy. Its so simple for new employees to learn - its completely self-explanatory, and it saves me time. Instead of learning complicated software, I can actually get work done! I also like the touch screen environment - it’s really convenient.” -Sarah C. Receptionist

  13. Hear what other users are saying about Quickbooks: “I spent months entering data (expected for any startup business) to find out that the program couldn't do what we wanted it to do(we were told by CompUSA and Quickbooks support that it would meet our requirements). Tech support is way, way, way too expensive. We were quoted $110 per hour. Since Quickbooks POS doesn't allow full exporting features, all of the data entry went to waste. In addition, The data entry isn't done through a true relational database system. This makes the data and the data-entry very redundant. Save yourself months of agony and stay away from this product.” Source: http://reviews-zdnet.com.com/4864-6405_16-9850129.html?messageSiteID=7&messageID=843091&tag=843091&cval=843091&ctype=msgid

  14. More about Quickbooks… “After buying the system, computer, printer, and the labor for data entry for inventory it wound up being $4000. And I have hardly anything to show for it. The purchase and voucher system is horrible. It is hard to navigate. You can not customize anything to suit your needs. The system deletes PO's if they are received after the cancel date, not giving the system administrator the option of override or issue a warning. The customer database is not that great either, you can not add email address, or sort by attributes other than locality. I would not recommend this to anyone. We are going to try and return this system and start over with something new. I am a small business in a small town with a horrible economy. I can not afford the overhaul of a complete new system. The old cash register is looking better each transaction that is made through POS. My advice: WISH THIS QUICKBOOKS POS UPON YOUR COMPETITION!” Source: http://reviews-zdnet.com.com/QuickBooks_Point_of_Sale/4864-6405_16-9850129.html?messageSiteID=16&messageID=843064&tag=uonext&cval=843064&ctype=msgid

  15. More about QuickBooks… “My biggest frustration has been its limitation to print tags. It will not let you print on bar code printers. Not even ink jets. It only prints on Laser printers. I tried calling tech support and they want us to pay tons of money ($110 an hour) even if the questions are pertaining to the bugs in their own software. After a lot of time invested, it still does not feel worth it. Quickbooks should have been better than this, to put their name on this product.” Source: http://reviews-zdnet.com.com/4864-6405_16-9850129.html?messageSiteID=7&messageID=843093&tag=843093&cval=843093&ctype=msgid

  16. Naka24 IT Solutions thank you for your interest in the revolutionary Online Payment Manager. We hope you have found this brief overview informative and interesting. To learn more about this and our other products… E-mail: products@naka24.com Online Demo: opm.naka24.com

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