Why SEO Is Important For Your Business ?
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Why SEO Is Important For Your Business ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEO helps the search engines to figure out what each page of the website is about, and how it may be useful for the users.Here are the six reasons why SEO is important for your business.\n

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Why SEO Is Important For Your Business ?

As we all know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is

basically a set of rules that are to be followed by website or blog owners to

optimize their web sites for various search engines and thus improving their

search engine rankings. An important aspect of SEO is to make a website for

both users as well as search engine robots to understand easily. Although

search engines have become advanced much but they still can't see and

understand a web page in the same way a human see. So SEO helps the search

engines to figure out what each page of the website is about, and how it may

be useful for the users.

Below are the six reasons why SEO is important for your business:

SEO Is Not Costly But An Investment:

SEO is considered as an investment with a high return. In SEO using Web

analytics data, you may observe that the certain keywords having great

conversion rates for which you rank below on Google and helps in Lifting your

rank to the top page of search results, where most clicks are done, can also

provide a huge return on your modest investment into SEO. That’s why SEO

has been considered important if you get it right.

SEO improves your online visibility:

Nowadays there are several peoples who are searching for the products and

services that your business offers, but do they know that you brand exits? So

without a prominent position in the search engine results, your business will

be almost invisible to the online audience. So having a good website is an

excellent step toward gaining market shares online, but your website also

needs to be ranked well in the search engine results.

SEO brings traffic to your website:

The amount of people that uses search engines is increasing day by day; in fact,

Google alone processes more than 138 million searches every hour. So when

you’ve developed a prominent search engine ranking through SEO, a large

number of people who search for the terms and keywords that relate to your

business will click on your website when the search results appear. If you have

done SEO right, it will bring a virtually endless traffic to your website.

SEO Will Help People Find Your Website:

Since a website is the first point of contact with your audience online. It can

generate leads, sales, qualify prospects and attract the potential new

customers, partners and even investors. But unless people can find it, your

website is good for nothing. SEO plays an invaluable role here as SEO helps in

getting your business found and noticed.

SEO Drives Offline Sales:

Good SEO starts with the decision of smart purchasing. Today, more sales

offline are driven by research initiated on the Web. A study in 2008 found that

86% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses from which to buy


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