Protection mechanism in pon zhicheng zhang 2010 12 14
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Protection Mechanism in PON Zhicheng Zhang 2010.12.14. Outline. Background Protection network architectures in the ITU-T r ecommendation Some novel protection architectures Architectures in tree-type WDM/TDM PON Architectures in ring-type WDM/TDM PON Conclusion and thinking. Background.

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Protection mechanism in pon zhicheng zhang 2010 12 14

Protection Mechanism in PONZhicheng Zhang2010.12.14



Protection network architectures in the ITU-T recommendation

Some novel protection architectures

Architectures in tree-type WDM/TDM PON

Architectures in ring-type WDM/TDM PON

Conclusion and thinking


  • As the bandwidth and services are evolved drastically in the access networks, preventive periodic test and protection from a failure without service disruptions become more and more important.

Four architecture s
Four Architectures

This approach offers an economical yet limited protection

Only the feeder fiber is protected

Cost and power budget is high

Costly and high restore time

Tdm pon protection
TDM PON Protection

Novel 1:1 dedicated link protection architecture

Two geographically disjoint fibers exist to protect against FF cuts.

Every two adjacent ONUs form a pair to realize dedicated protection.

More cost efficient

Wdm pon protection
WDM PON Protection


Four wavelengths in each wavebands

A,C are for upstream and B and D are for downstream

Protection with acs monitor
Protection with ACS Monitor

ACS: Access Control System

CPD: automatic switching that will be controlled by ACS

Activate section in ACS: responsible for sending generation of activation of signal

Mechanisms of protections
Mechanisms of Protections

Green: normal

Purple: a breakdown at working line

Yellow: breakdown at working line and protection line

Blue: breakdown at both working line and protection and also breakdown at working line neighbor

Protection in ring type pon
Protection in Ring-Type PON

  • Long-reach, ring type WDM/TDM hybrid PON

  • 2.Over 1 Tbps data flows through a ring fiber

Achitecture 1 a simple passive protection structure
Achitecture 1--A simple passive protection structure

  • Use fiber 1 with no fault

  • When fiber 1 has a fault, this makes LOS(loss of signals) of all OLT receivers high. Then detect these and go to "Use fiber 2 with fiber 1 fault".

  • 'clear signal' --fault clear, the status goes to "Use fiber with no fault".

  • 'LOS signal'--the status goes to "No Use fiber with all faults"

  • 4.wait a 'clear' high

Olt and rn structure and simulation results
OLT and RN Structure and Simulation results

This method takes about 10.5 ms for the protection in the real situation.

Architecture 2 using an electrical switch
Architecture 2--Using an electrical switch

  • 1+1 protection can be made of a coupler in a Tx and a switch in a Rx.

  • 1:1 protection can be made of a swtich in a Tx and a 1:1 coupler in a Rx.

  • The downstream uses 1:1 protection and the upstream uses 1+1 protection to make the passive protection.

Protection mechanism in pon zhicheng zhang 2010 12 14

1. Less 1 ms recovery time

2. Require some amplifiers

because the link loss is over 30 dB

Architecture 3
Architecture 3

At OLT, the optical splitter combines the upstream traffic(US) and divides the optical power of downstream traffic(DS) to both lines.

Survivability for double failure
Survivability for Double Failure

When double failure happens, the capacity of the network use both line 1 and 2 at the same time provides survivability to the network.

Conclusion and thinking
Conclusion and Thinking

  • Most papers focus on restore time.

  • In PON, especially in WDM/TDM hybrid Pon, ONUs have different reliability requirements. Protection mechanism based on differentiated reliability requirement.


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